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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Progress Continues at Point Lepreau

More good news on the Point Lepreau Refurbishment. 

Atomic Energy of Canada now saying 37 per cent of calandria tubes have been installed in the plant's reactor. 

Refurbishment Director Rod Eagles says things are on schedule to finish by the new deadline of Fall 2012. 

Workers now preparing for the next phase of the refurbishment, which involves installing pressure tubes.

No Luck For the Sea Dogs

Close but no cigar - the Sea Dogs will be on the road to Gatineau as they come up short at home, losing 3 to 2 in game 5 of the President's Cup finals.

The team managing to tie up the game 2 to 2 in the second period but a Gatineau goal with 10 minutes left in the 3rd period sealed the Sea Dog's fate.

Sea Dogs Head Coach Gerard Gallant says the nerves of winning the President's Cup in front of a sold-out crowd got to the team.

He says it's a dangerous situation as Gatineau now has momentum.

The Sea Dogs lead the series 3 game to 2 as they travel to Gatineau for game 6 on Sunday.