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Friday, December 3, 2010

Woman Hit By Vehicle In The North End Is Recovering In Hospital

A City woman recovering in hospital after being hit by a vehicle during rush hour in the North End yesterday.
Darryl Connell tells CHSJ News his wife Bonnie was walking home from work when she was hit at the corner of Adelaine and Metcalf.

He says she was standing at the corner when she saw one driver motioning for another driver to proceed and thinking it was meant for her, she started walking and that is when she was hit.
Bonnie Connell has a dislocated shoulder,bruises to her knees and a fluid buildup around her heart.
No charges will be laid as City Police says the collision was accidental.

Not Too Worried About The One Per Cent Cut

The Mayor of Rothesay says 1 per cent reduction in grant money from the province will not have any impact on their budgeting process.
Bill Bishop tells CHSJ News he does find it frustrating that the Quispamsis gets double the amount of funding they receive.
He says they have been trying to find out from the two previous provincial governments with no satisfactory answer.

Quispamsis Mayor Murray Driscoll understands the reduction is necessary as the Provincial government is trying to curtail spending.
He says maybe it's a one time things and they can overcome it in their budget process.
Driscoll says his town supports the Province's efforts to reduce costs.

25-year-old Man Dies In Workplace Mishap

Worksafe NB and RCMP still looking into an industrial mishap in Blacks Harbour resulting in a death.

25-year-old Adam Wade Harris was working for Dominion Refuse Collectors loading an industrial dumpster onto a truck when the dumpster swung sideways hitting him.
Worksafe NB seizing equipment while trying to determine what happened and if it was because of the operator or a procedural or mechanical problem.

New Numbers Released To Bolster Case For French School In Valley

(Meeting of Parents For French Elementary School In The K-V)
                          (File Photo)

Parents who are pressing their case to have a francophone elementary school built in the Kennebecasis Valley have new numbers to bolster their case.

A school development planning committee has determined such a school would need enough space for at least 342 students.

Plenty of support was voiced before the provincial election including from Blaine Higgs, the M-L-A for Quispamsis who was appointed Finance Minister but now there's only talk of cutbacks.

Marc Mathurin, President of Parents for a Francophone School in the Valley, tells CHSJ News they have been trying to set up a meeting with the new Education Minister Jody Carr to no avail so far.

Mathurin points out the K-V is the largest region in the province without a francophone school.

Armed Robbery And Attempted Armed Robbery In North End

There was an armed robbery in the north end and attempted armed holdup last night and police have made an arrest with a little help. The holdup occurred at Daly's convenience store on Taylor Avenue.

A 20 year old man, wearing a hoodie and armed with a weapon, assaulted the 23 year old clerk hitting her in the head a number of times. She was bleeding and needed medical attention.

The suspect was tackled outside the store by a passerby and was held down until police arrived. He suffered a head wound in the struggle to get away and now is in the lockup awaiting a court appearance on several charges including an attempted armed robbery that occurred at Sandy's Convenience Store on Sandy Point Road.

Police are also investigating to see if charges will be laid after a woman was struck by a car during the afternoon rush hour at Adelaide and Metcalf Streets. She was taken to hospital with undetermined injuries.