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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Endangered Plant Lives In Dipper Harbour

Charlotte County is the only home for an endangered species.

Paula Noel, Program Manager of the Nature Conservancy of Canada tells CHSJ News about the delicate plant with bell shaped purple flowers.

It's called Van Brunt's Jacob's Ladder and it's a plant that was thought to be extinct in the province.

The plant was re-discovered by a botanist in Dipper Harbour in 2005, and it's only other known location is in Utopia.

Noel says it grows it wet areas, near streams and lakes.
The NCC is asking anyone who has seen the plant to report the sighting.

If you see the plant, you can email them at or call 1-877-231-4400.

For more info, click here

Possible Pipeline Could Bring Jobs and Second Oil Refinery

The Building and Construction Trade Department likes the idea of processing oil from the Alberta Oil Sands to here in Saint John.

A pipeline to feed Alberta oil from Quebec to Saint John is being looked at by various government reps and trade unions.

Atlantic spokesperson Andrew Dawson tells CHSJ News thousands of jobs could be created -- from pipeline construction jobs to the possibility of a second oil refinery.

He says the general rule of thumb is for every 5 construction jobs, there will be one permanent job created.

The Y Honours Cohen & Peterson With 2012 Awards

A former Senator and someone you often see at Market Square are the 2012 recipients of the Saint John Y's Red Triangle Awards Gala on April 4th.

Ermine Cohen is the winner of the Red Triangle Award for her years of service to the community in many roles.

Her daughter, Shelley Cohen-Thornley says her family is very proud of her and its never a surprise because she never retires.

She says her mom is deserving of all this but, she has to laugh as her mom was going to focus more on retirement until the Y called and she couldn't say no.

The 86-year-old Cohen who is in Florida for the winter is very excited to attend the Gala in April.
Stephany Peterson of UNB Saint John and Market Square will receive the 2012 Leader to Watch Award.

Teens Warned About Abusive Dating Behaviour

The timing couldn't be better with all the publicity over bullying in high school.........A new public awareness campaign is being launched to warn teens what to watch out for to avoid abuse when dating someone. 

Deborah Doherty, Executive-Director of the Public Legal Education and Information Service with the province, tells CHSJ News there are some questions you should be asking yourself which include whether there are constant calls and texting about where you are and with whom, jealous and controlling behaviour together with ridicule at times.

Doherty says one message they want to get across is extremely jealous and controlling behaviour is not a sign of love.

Doherty points to statistics that show one in three teens know of a friend who's in an abusive dating relationship and one in 4 teenaged girls have sex forced on them.

Zellers Workers Fear Target Takeover

A new campaign is being launched on behalf of Zellers workers across the country who could be left out in the cold once Target takes over. 

Kevin Shimmin is with the United Food and Commercial Workers Union and says they're all going to be laid off or terminated, in his words, and even if they are hired by Target, the Zellers workers will be starting from scratch with the loss of their seniority. 

Shimmin says some of these employees have twenty or more years of service at Zellers and should be treated fairly.

The union has launched the Ask Target for Fairness campaign at

Walmart To Open Wallet

Walmart will be spending more than $750 million this year to open, relocate or remodel 73 retail stores, including former Zellers locations, one of them being on the west side.    

The world's biggest retailer says the initiative will create more than 14,000 jobs when factoring in store employees, as well as trade and construction jobs.
Included on the list of stores are 39 former Zellers locations that Walmart purchased last year.
The move comes as competition on the Canadian retail market heats up with the entry of fellow discount retailer Target next year.
The company plans to open 125 to 135 stores including one in McAllister Place where Zellers is now.