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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Watch Out For Deer in Rothesay

A couple of accidents in Rothesay last night involving deer.
The first happened around 7 o'clock when a vehicle hit a deer on the Gondola Point Road. No one was hurt, but there was 3 thousand dollars of damage done to the car.
Then around 1:30 in the morning a vehicle crashed into a deer on the Hampton Road. Police say there was 8 thousand dollars of damage done to the car, and the driver was able to avoid injury.
Rothesay Regional Police are asking people to be cautious while driving at night, and to keep an eye out for the wildlife.

Rothesay Police Increasing Patrols Tonight

[Rothesay Regional Police Crest---File Photo]
Rothesay Regional Police will also be stepping up it's patrols tonight looking for Halloween tricksters.
The police tell CHSJ News, it's been quiet over the past couple of years, with nothing more than a few smashed pumpkins, and other mischief.
The staff Sergeant says absolutely there will be a greater police presence this evening in Rothesay.

Busy Night for City Police

Celebrating Halloween early is resulting in 8 people spending the night at the police station.
City police tell us, there were 8 people arrested last night for being drunk and disorderly.
Of the 8 arrested there will be four facing criminal charges, including assaulting an officer, and obstruction.
The staff sergeant says the force had extra officers on duty last night to keep an eye on the celebrations.

Goodbye to Daylight Savings

Along with remembering to pick up some treats for all the ghosts and goblins, also a reminder tonight we say goodbye to daylight savings time. Before you go to bed, make sure you switch the clocks in your home back one hour. Dr. Rachel Morehouse is a sleep specialist with the Horizon Health Network and tells CHSJ News, this is a great opportunity to get the body some much needed rest:

Morehouse adds with the days getting shorter, it takes the body some time to get used to the change of season so don't push yourself to hard.

Speech from Justin Trudeau Tomorrow Night

[MP Justin Trudeau---File Photo]
A series of speeches from MP Justin Trudeau will arrive in Saint John tomorrow. He is the guest speaker at the Loch Lomond Villa's annual fund-raising dinner. Former MP Paul Zed tells CHSJ News, Trudeau is certainly one of the up and coming members of the Liberal party.
Trudeau's speech gets started at seven o'clock and tickets are available at the door of the Villa tomorrow night or by emailing

City Police Ready for Halloween

[City Police Crest---File Photo]
Hoping there will be more people looking for treats instead of playing a trick, City Police will be out in full force for tonight's celebration of Halloween. Sargeant Pat Bonner tells CHSJ News, halloween is a time for fun and hopes all will be doing that
Bonner says they haven't had a lot of issues over the past couple of years on Halloween and hopes it stays that way.

Health Care Worker Denied Vaccine

There is lots of frustration and anger in the region about the provincial swine flu vaccination program.

Our newsroom has received many calls this week of long lines at clinics only to be refused once you reach the front.
A front line health care worker in Saint John told CHSJ News last night they were refused the H1N1 vaccine yesterday.
It happened at a clinic at St. Joseph's hospital that was supposed to be for health care workers only. The employee says members of the general public were receiving the shot yesterday before it was cancelled.
The 12-hour clinic was cut off 4 and a half hours early.

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Regional Hospital offers advice on Flu-Like Symptoms

The Regional Hospital in Saint John is reminding the public that if you feel as though you are developing flu-like symptoms you are advised to stay home and reduce your contact with family members as much as possible.
If you are in one of the risk groups including pregnant women, people with underlying conditions like diabetes or feel sick enough that you would normally see a doctor.
You should seek medical attention at an after-hours clinic, family doctors office or at a walk-in clinic.
To minimize the risk of being infected you can wash your hands, cough and sneeze into a sleeve, stay home if you are sick, keep common surfaces clean and get the H1N1 vaccine.
If symptoms worsen, call and speak to your health care provider or call 1-800-580-0038.
You should only seek care at an emergency department if your symptoms suddenly get worse.

Flu Guidelines Change

The priority list for those receiving the swine flu vaccination has changed.
Kids from 6 years-old to 18 years-old are now on the list.
Previously, it was only kids 6 months old to 5 years.
Also included are pregnant women more than 20 weeks along and less than 20 weeks with underlying medical conditions, parents of children under 6 months and First Nations that live on reservations. 
Public Health has reduced the priority groups for all school clinics in District 6.
The priority groups are children, pregnant women only over 20 weeks and front line health care workers. If someone is not in one of these priority groups they will be turned away.

The province is also warning the supply of H1N1 vaccine is slow and as a result some scheduled clinics have a been cancelled. The reason is the supplier is preparing the vaccine for pregnant woman. You are encouraged to keep checking the government website for changes to the clinics schedules. Clinics that have been cancelled will be rescheduled.

Here is the link for more flu information:
And District 6:

Phone, Internet and Debit Down West

Over 2500 of Bell-Aliants West Side customers are making do with-out debit, phone and internet service. This after contractors cut through a fibre optic line yesterday which has affected both homes and businesses. Moosehead Breweries is one of them and Vice President of Communications Joel Levesque tells CHSJ News, it is a signifigant disruption.

Levesque is quick to point out that Bell-Aliant has done plenty to ensure the day to day operation at the brewery is not disrupted, transferring land lines to cell phones and setting up an auto attendant feature.

Run-Off Problems at the Landfill

Containment cells 3 and 4 were feeling the pressure of last weekends heavy rainfall. They over-flowed and when the ditch-work couldn't handle the the 116 mm's of rain in less than 12 hours. Luckily, the cells were empty and the area was cleaned and the department of environment notified. General manager of the Fundy Region Solid Waste Commission Mark McLeod tells CHSJ News, the ground in the area was recovered and put back into the cell.

McLeod says he expects the test results will be returned in about a month.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Whether it's positive or negative, the Graham Government wants your feedback on yesterday's announced proposal between Hydro-Quebec and NB Power. You can call 1-800-533-3086 or visit to get more information and then leave a message on how you feel about the situation.

Premier Graham is also encouraging voters to contact their MLA's and let them know what you think about the proposal. The wording of the proposal has been given to a legislative committee for review and feedback.

Building a Future for Emergency Department at the Regional

The emergency department at the Regional Hospital is focusing on retaining local staff. Dr. Michael Howlett tells CHSJ News, things are improving at the hospital and with the Trauma Program, new medical school, and the research funding initiative it's an exciting time.

Dr. Howlett says the department is going to focus on hiring local staff and are working on a recruitment process to return to adequate staffing levels. Over the past 4 weeks there have been 3 contracts signed.

More Concern over Canadian Blood Services Move

The Canadian Blood Services distribution center's move to Dartmouth is causing concern for a local haematologist. Dr. Terrence Comeau says it will have detrimental results as platelets do not have a long enough shelf life to be moved from province to province.

Dr. Comeau adds once the platelets arrive in a different lab they will have to be re-evaluated and the more time that goes by, the less effective they become. Platelets are particles circulating through the body which acts as a plug when a person is bleeding.

Parade Deadline is Closing In

If you were planning to be in this years Saint John Sant Claus Parade, you need to get your application form in. The deadline is Monday and Leslie Keating of Uptown Saint John tells CHSJ News, people are excited about this year's theme of Christmas in Movies and Books.

To get your float, marching band or community groups in the Parade, call the hotline at 693-9797.

Schools Closed in District Ten

A high number of students not showing up to class has forced some school closures in District 10. Fundy High and St. George Elementary are closed today, Monday and Tuesday. Back Bay school is closed today and Monday. Black's Harbour and Pennfield Elementary are all closed today only.

Reports indicate so many staff are out the District is having trouble finding enough bus drivers and staff.

Comparing Residential Power Bills

When you start comparing numbers, it's hard to argue with Hydro-Quebec's bottom line. CHSJ News went to the company website and printed out a list of monthly bills for five categories of residential rate payers through Quebec compared to 11 other cities in the country including Halifax and Moncton. If your using between 625 kilowatts or up to 3000, the numbers are hard to dispute.

The bill in la Belle Province starts at under $50 dollars and goes as high as $217. In Moncton, the rates opne at just over $80 dollars and runs over $300 bucks. In Halifax, the price opens at just over $84 dollars and closes at a whopping $364.71 cents.

Poppy Campaign gets Started Today

Since 1921, it has been a symbol of rememberance and today, the annual Poppy Campaign gets underway around the country. 1500 Legion Branches and it's members will be distributing the red flowers in exchange for a donation. Bob Butt is the Regional Director with the Royal Canadian Legion and tells CHSJ News, they get plenty of help with the campaign.

The Poppy Campaign continues until November.10th.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Canadian Blood Services Move Bad for the Product

The Canadian Blood Services distribution centre moving to Dartmouth is causing concern for a local haematologist.

Dr. Terrence Comeau says the move will have detrimental results as platelets do not have a long enough shelf life to be moved from province to province.
He says by having the centre in Nova Scotia it is going to cause a lot of rework.
He says once the platelets arrive in a different lab they will have to be re-evaluated, and the more time that goes by the less effective they become.
Platelets are particles circulating through the body which acts as a plug when a person is bleeding.

What's the Cost of Moving the Canadian Blood Services Distribution Centre?

[Dr. James Flick-----photo by Dave Briggs]
The Director of Haematology at the Regional Hospital says there is no indication of how much moving the CBS blood distribution centre to Nova Scotia is going to cost.

Dr. James Flick says there has been no information released on how much the province is going to be be paying for the service.
Dr. Flick says if the information is released then it will be known if we need more refridgerators, more trucks, and who is going to be transporting the products.
He says so far there has been no medical or cost justification related to the move.

Opposition Leader Not Keen On Possible Sale of NB Power

Opposition Leader thinks the proposed sale of NB Power to Hydro-Quebec is outrageous.

David Alward says Shawn Graham might be for sale but this province and NB Power is not.
Alward says they didn't expect the Premier to hand over control of our public utility to another province. He says the Premier is selling our soul.
The Conservative Leader says despite what the government spin machine would have you believe, it’s not a $10 billion deal, it’s a $4.7 billion deal and it’s just plain bad.

District 10 Schools Close Because of Absenteeism

Five schools in the St. George area will be closed from tomorrow until Tuesday because of high numbers of absenteeism.
The absenteeism is impacting the availability of bus drivers and staff to supervise students.
The impacted schools are Fundy High, St. George Elementary, Back Bay, Black's Harbour and Pennfield Elementary.
Black's Harbour and Pennfield Elementary schools will be open on Monday and Back Bay will open Tuesday for a regular school day and planned vaccination clinics.
There have been several calls to our 648-3000 Newsline saying people in Saint John area schools are sick as well.

Fibre Optic Cable Cut

The stores are still open but you will need cash if your going to the Lancaster mall to do some shopping. Mall manager Patti Teed tells CHSJ News, a traffic accident sheered a telephone pole and that has left them with-out internet or debit service.

Teed says it could take a few days to rectify.

A spokes-person for Bell-Aliant tells us a fibre optic line has been cut on Catherwoood Street and 2500 of it's customers are with-out a phone or internet service.
It was cut during construction work.

J.D. Irving Responds to Power Proposal

Believing this will make the entire forest industry more competitive, J.D. Irving is giving thumbs up to the proposal between NB Power and Hydro-Quebec. Vice-President of the pulp and paper group Mark Mosher tells CHSJ News, the company is confident the future bolds well with this new set-up and is not afraid of someone else running an assett in the Province.

Mosher says from what he has read in the proposal, residents will get more benefit than industry out of this proposal to the tune of 60% over the length of the agreement.

Marr says at first glance the proposed deal with NB Power looks good

The President of Saint John Energy was at today's news conference concerning NB Power. Eric Marr tells CHSJ News, the entirety of the announcement came as a shock:

Marr says they never expected something so dramatic as a complete sale but, at first blush he says it looks like a pretty good deal for New Brunswick ratepayers.

Marr adds the devil is in the details and a lot of specific ones at this point are missing and will meet Provincial Officials in the coming weeks to find out what Saint John Energy's future role under this proposal is.

Young says E.U.B. will still have a role if NB Power is sold

What role will the Energy and Utilities Board have if and when the sale of NB Power is approved to Hydro-Quebec?
Spokesperson Dave Young tells CHSJ News, there is still a lot of information to go over.
Young says it is clear from the Memorandum of Understanding that the board will continue to have an important role to play in the regulation of the electricity sector in the province.
Young is quick to point the role of the E.U.B. is likely to change but as the legislation gets drafted, things will become clearer.

Business Council Supports Possible NB Power deal

The New Brunswick Business Council is congratulating the Graham Graham on it's proposal. The N.B.B.C. goes on to say the promise of lower rates and access to abundant green power will help protect jobs and encourage growth and outside investment not only in our manufacturing sector, but also in new emerging sectors.
The Business Council says it is pleased with the proposed rate freezes for commercial and residential users, and the rate reductions for industrial users. Council members are also interested in learning more about how rates will be established and regulated after the initial five-year term.

Political Scientist comments on proposed NB Power sale

Is this proposal political suicide for Premier Graham? That is the question posed to Political Scientist at UNB Saint John Don Desserud who tells CHSJ News, this is shocking move because it will be difficult to sell the proposal to voters.
As for whether or not this opens the door for the Conservatives to make a clean break for re-election to the seat of power, Desserud says no adding they can't sit back and rest but must continue to question this and other moves.

Future of NB Power Rolled Out--Courtesy of Canadian Press

Hydro-Quebec would get the majority of NB Power's assets under a proposed agreement worth nearly $5 billion signed today by Premier Shawn Graham and Quebec Premier Jean Charest. According to the memorandum of understanding, Hydro-Quebec would buy the assets for $4.75 billion _ an amount equivalent to NB Power's debt _ giving Quebec greater capacity to export power to the United States.

Those assets include transmission lines, offices and most generation facilities including the Point Lepreau nuclear power plant. Graham says there will be opportunity for public debate before the closing date of the deal at the end of March 2010.

Rothesay Property is Staying Put

Helen and Kenneth Griffin remain the owners of 10 Scott Avenue. The property is one of several owned by the Griffin's that was supposed to go up for bids at a public auction earlier this week. How-ever the tax bill owing on the property has been payed and remains in the hands of the Griffins. Kenneth tells CHSJ News, he would like to continue owning a property in Rothesay.

Griffin adds the future of his current tenants would take major consideration in any proposed deal to sell the property but is quick to point out......everything is for sale.

Stolen Bike is Recovered

A test drive turned out to be a thief in disguise for the owner of a store in Four Corners yesterday. A man walked into the shop just after noon and took a yellow ATV for a drive but never came back. Nine hours later, Sussex RCMP were called to a complaint of an ATV driving dangerously. The person who called to complain saw the bike go into the drivewayb of a home on Route 121.

Officers knocked on the door and found a red ATV behind the home. The home-owner said he didn't know where the bike came from but officers then noticed the bike had just been freshly painted and was still wet. The owner of the store where a bike was stolen from earlier in the day identified the machine but no word on any charges.

UNBSJ to Offer New Masters Program

UNB Saint John has teamed up with the Certified Management Accountants of New Brunswick to create the first combined Masters of Business Administration and Certified Management Accountants Program in the province. The combined program gives graduates a distinctive edge and will allow them to obtain two credentials quicker and cheaper than if the programs were taken separately.
According to recent member surveys, the average annual salary for a CMA in the province is 95 thousand dollars with three-quarters holding mid-senior management positions.

Film Screening Tonight at Imperial Theatre

A documentary exploring the effects of Global Warming in a small community in the Canadian north will be screened at the Imperial Theatre tonight. Saint Johner Greg Hemmings produced the film Melting Lands and a small version of it called Papikatuk. Hemmings tells CHSJ news the films explore climate change and cultural transformation for the Innuit.

The films have been screened all across Europe and will also be featured at this year's Silver Wave Film Festival in Fredericton next month. Tonight's screen at the Imperial begins at 7pm and donations will be accepted for Romero House.

Armed Robbery on West Side

City police are investigating an armed robbery. This time the Olsen's store on Lancaster Avenue was the target. Police tell CHSJ news a man with a weapon entered the back of the store wearing a mask and dark clothing around 8:50 last night. The store was still open and filled with customers at the time, but an officer says the robber went into the back office to steal money and customers were unaware of what was happening.

No one was injured and an undisclosed amount of money was stolen.

Gas Prices Breach Dollar Mark

The loonie is up but so too is the price of gas this morning. The Energy and Utilities Board has released its weekly price schedule and regular self-serve gasoline is now up over the dollar mark to a maximum price of 101.5. That's up from 97.6 cents a litre yesterday.

Diesel fuel also costs more today at 103.7, while furnace oil has climbed two-and-a-half cents to 85.3 and propane is now at 89.9 cents per litre.

Home Lottery Ticket Sales

(Photo Courtesy of the Hospital Home Lottery website:

More than half of the tickets in the Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation's Hospital Home Lottery have been sold. If all tickets are sold by the Early Bird deadline of November 19th then all 1,250 prizes will be drawn early-- including the draw for the Grand Prize Showhome in Drury Cove.

The Home Lottery is expected to raise more than 700 thousand dollars for the Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation, New Brunswick Heart Centre and Mindcare.

Peacock Elected

A Saint John community activist has been elected to represent this province's interests with Bayview Credit Union in Atlantic Canada. Kurt Peacock got the post as New Brunswick Board Representative to the Interim Atlantic Central in an election held last weekend in Moncton.

Peacock was formerly with Vibrant Communities and has intervened on behalf of small consumers at Energy and Utility board hearings on proposed NB Power rates increases.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Director of Works Shayne Galbraith Discussing Snow Removal

Resident Comments During Parking Meeting

Alternate Side Parking in South Central Peninsula Working Out

Alternate side of the street parking in the South Central Peninsula is a hit.

At tonights Parking Commission presentation residents heard that there was going to be no changes made to parking during the winter.
Resident Ed Reardon tells CHSJ News, that's good news because alternate side parking works great.
Reardon says the main issue with parking during the winter is removing tall snow banks, and the enforcement of illegal parking.
He says often times you will see the same vehicle buried in snow on the side of the street for days on hand, and that's not acceptable.

Winter Management Ward Meetings Coming

[Kevin Rice Addressing Public at Parking Meeting-----Photo by Dave Briggs]
The new Deputy Commissioner of Municipal Operations says there are going to be some ward meetings early next month about the Winter Management Plan.

Kevin Rice tells CHSJ News, communicating information to the public is a top priority for the city. He says the ward meetings is the best opportunity to reach the majority of the public.
Rice says the meetings will have information specific to each ward, but there will also be an overview of the entire plan.
He says there are no dates set in stone for the meetings, but says to expect them before November 15th.

Missing Saint John Man

Saint John Police looking for a missing man last seen in the uptown October 17th.
Kristopher William Knappe is described as 5 foot 7, weighing 155 pounds with short brownish blond hair with hazel eyes and a goatee. Knappe was last seen wearing blue jeans with a green t-shirt, black hoodie and white sneakers. Police say for medical reasons, they need the public's help in finding the 26-year-old.
If you have any information on his whereabouts, call 648-3333.

Future of NB Power to be Rolled Out

The future look of NB Power will become much clearer tomorrow. Premier Shawn Graham, Quebec Premier Jean Charest, CEO of NB Power David Hay and the CEO of Quebec Hydro will all take the podium. This is for a news conference being referred to as an energy related announcement.

The future of the public utility has been up in the air since word of negotiations between this Province and Quebec were first thrown into the spotlight several weeks ago. It's expected a memorandum of understanding will be announced but Premier Graham has said any deal will be debated before it's signed.

Province Encourages Everyone to Get H1N1 Shot

The Provincial government says it has enough H1N1 vaccine to protect every resident. Clinics are underway for the priority groups including people under 65 with chronic conditions, children 6 months to 5 year old and pregnant women. That also includes first nations, health care workers, women who have given birth in the last 6 weeks and anyone that cares for infants.

If you are not a member of a priority group, you are asked to wait until clinics open for the public. You can find the dates, times and locations for H1N1 clinics on the government website,

Enbridge Applying to Increase Rates

[Enbridge Gas New Brunswick New Conference---Photo by Dave Briggs]
Enbridge gas users in New Brunswick may be looking down the barrel of some higher rates.

The utility is asking the Energy and Utility Board to allow an increase in it's delivery rate charges.
General Manager Dave Charleson says residents will not see as large an increase as commercial industries.
Charleson says typically a residential user will be looking at about $80 to $100 dollars more on their bill each year.
He says if it is approved the rate changes will go into effect on January 1st, 2010.

Pregnant New Brunswick Women May Get Vaccine Soon

Pregnant women in this province will be able to get the unadjuvented H1N1 vaccine soon. The Federal government has purchased a supply from Australia.

Provincial Department of Health spokesperson Alissa Lee says the choice of which vaccine to get, the adjuvented or the unadjuvented, is up to each individual woman.
She says they are urging pregnant women to go and get vaccinated.
Lee says the Health Department just learned that they will be receiving their third shipment of H1N1 Vaccine from the Federal government.
For a list of upcoming clinics, go to

District Six Starts Handing Out Vaccine

H1N1 shots will be given to teachers and students in District Six in the coming days. Officials ask that parents or guardians come to the school with any students in kindergarten to grade three. The complete schedule for parents is on the District 6 webpage and it has been updated to reflect some time changes for District 6 schools.

The target populations for the clinics over the next two weeks are school aged children and pre-schoolers and any parents who wish to accompany their children. It is important to note that during the school day, the clinics are for the school families only.

More Awards for North End Building

             (Photo By Jim Hennessy)

Commercial Properties continues to reap the awards from it's latest project. Somerset Square in the North End has been awarded a 2009 Brownie Award for best small scale development. This award is handed out by the Canadian Urban Institute in Excellence in Project Development.

The award winners were announced this week at a gala dinner in Vancouver and only six of the awards are given out each year in this country. The building recently achieved Gold status in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is one of only 18 certified LEED Gold buildings in Canada.

Man Arrested for $20 Theft

Sometimes it's just not worth it. A 23 year old man from Saint John has been arrested for allegedly taking a $20 deposit from two 18-litre water bottles--when there were no actual bottles returned. RCMP say a man walked into a store on Main Street in Sussex on Monday and told the clerk he returned two empty water bottles and wanted the deposit. The clerk, who was busy at the time, gave him the money-- but-- store video confirmed the man entered the store empty handed.

Officers say they arrested a man wearing the same clothing as in the video yesterday in Sussex and now faces charges in Hampton Provincial Court today.

Recycling Program Almost Ready to Go

A new Material Recovery facility is almost finished at the Crane Mountain Landfill. The building holds a conveyor belt and bailer machine to seperate and package recyclables for sale in the marketplace. General Manager of the Fundy Region Solid Waste Commission, Mark MacLeod tells CHSJ news the next step is getting the electricity hooked up in the building and having the technicians in to train staff.

MacLeod says the old five-bin system doesn't fit the market needs, and this building will allow them to put out marketable products. The new three-stream system allows people to dump cans, plastic containers and plastic bags in the same bin. He says the new sorting facility should be operational by November 9th.

Two City Buildings to be Part of Pilot Project

Representatives from Capital Management--out of Halifax-- will be in Saint John this week to perform an assessment on two city buildings and how their life-spans can be improved. Samir Yammine, with the city of Saint John, tells CHSJ news it's part of a pilot study on a new capital planning tool developed by Efficiency NB.

The assessment will look at what upgrades are needed at the Aquatic Centre and City Market. Yammine says data from the report will be put into a computer system to analyze how the buildings' energy and equipment management can be upgraded. In the meantime, some city staff will be in Quispamsis today for a seminar on the new tool that will help municipalities re-invest energy savings into those building upgrades.

New Voice for Provincial I.T. Sector

(Larry Sampson.....Spokes-person for NBIFTC)
                (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

There is a new group in place to attract more young people into a career in the I.T. sector. It is the New Brunswick Information Technology Council which has set five goals for itself. Spokes-person Larry Sampson tells CHSJ News, speaking as one voice is a good place to start.

Sampson says a big problem with recruiting younger workers into the I.T. sector is the dot com bust and the repercussions of that have stuck. Another one of the goals for the group is to see 36 I.T. start-ups in the province over the next three years.

Bell Aliant Tower Fire

Fire crews called to a small electrical fire at the Bell Aliant Office Tower in Brunswick Square last night. The electrical panel controlling the fire pump caught fire in the basement--three floors underground.

Fire fighters quickly put out the flames and ventilated the building. Maintenance crews have hooked up the fire pumps to a back-up panel.

Sussex Olympic Torch Bearer Announced

In memory of his wife Cindy, Andrew Hunt has been chosen to carry the Olympic Torch through his home-town of Sussex. Cindy at the tender age of 39 was diagnosed with cancer but left a signifigant impact on the town before she lost her fight with the disease at the age of 43.

The torch will arrive in the Dairytown on November.24th at Sussex Elementary at 1:30pm.

Reaction to Possible Sale of NB Power

As they head into the final year of their mandate, many political pundits are questioning whether all this talk about a possible sale of NB Power could sink the Graham Government? Political Scientist at UNB Saint John Don Desserud tells CHSJ News, it certainly is an interesting proposal.

Desserud expects the Conservatives will have a field day with this. Leader David Alward has already stated the Legislature should re-convene immediately and Premier Graham at this point will only say the talks are at a critical stage.

Saint John Energy Waits on Possible NB Power Sale

It's a wait and see approach from the President of Saint John Energy concerning all the for sale talk of NB Power. Word continues to circulate that a deal is in the works that would see the potential sale of N-B Power assets to Hydro Quebec. Eric Marr tells CHSJ News, like every other rate payer in the Province, they are watching the situation closely.

Marr adds he believes any deal would have little or no affect on Saint John Energy.

Highlights Of Salmon Hatchery Tour

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Salmon Hatchery Prepares For Audit

(Salmon sorting at Oak Bay hatchery - photo by Chuck Brown)

Workers at a fish hatchery near St Stephen are preparing for an audit - not the financial kind - but - one which looks at the hatchery's environmental footprint and quality of breeding stock and eggs.
Brian Donnelly is manager of the Cooke Aquaculture salmon hatchery -- and -- he says the market is beginning to demand it.
Donnelly says the food the salmon are fed is free of chemical growth enhancers although he says it does contain a synthetic colour enhancer which mirrors the salmon's natural agents.
An auditor representing European based Global Trust Certification will be at the hatchery next month to see if it will continue with its quality and eco certifications.

Swine Flu Info Line Busy with Calls

The Provincial Department of Health's Swine Flu info line is overwhelmed with callers.
Spokesperson Alissa Lee tell CHSJ news they are aware of the problem.
She says the calls increased when Ottawa granted regulatory approval of the H1N1 vaccine last week.
Lee says on Thursday additional H1N1 immunization clinics will be listed on the Department of Health Website. The website is

Robber Still on the Loose

(photo courtesy of Saint John Police)

The person who robbed a gas station on the West Side last Friday remains on the run. It was just before 9:30pm when a white man walked into the Shell Station on Main Street. He is described between 30-40 years old, about five foot eight, medium build, sandy brown moustache and goatee with shaggy hair.
 If you have seen this person or know something about the robbery, officers ask that you give them a call at 648-3333.

H1N1 Cases in the St. George Area

There are confirmed cases of H1N1 virus in Charlotte County.

District 10 acting superintendent Jenny McDougall has confirmed that three students in the St George area have been tested and they have the virus.
McDougall says letters will be sent home to let parents know there is a confirmed case of the virus and it will include a consent form for your child to have the H1N1 shot.

H1N1 Influenza Information Session Tonight

If you have questions about the H1N1 flu virus, here is your chance to ask them.
Public health is hosting an information session tonight at Saint John High School.
It gets underway at 7pm. The public is asked to use the Canterbury Street entrance.

Power Problems on the West Side

If you live on the West Side and woke up with your clock flashing, there is a good reason why. Saint John Energy tells us there was a failure to a power cable that crosses the throughway at Lancaster Avenue. 1000 homes and businesses along Duke and Prince Streets along with Havelock and Fundy Heights were with-out power. President Eric Marr tells CHSJ News, they were glad to have power re-stored before the height of the morning rush.

Marr says the first outage was reported just after one this morning and all power was re-stored just after six.

Deputy Mayor Takes Issue with Blue Community Concept

The Deputy Mayor is having trouble getting behind the Council of Canadians pitch to make Saint John a Blue Community. As a Blue Community the city would promote drinking city water, rather than selling bottled water in municipal buildings. Stephen Chase says the problem is, there isn't safe, clean drinking water throughout the entire city.

A spokesperson for the Council of Canadians says the group wants the city to promote drinking city water in areas where it is safe.

Harbour Clean Up Moves Ahead

The parking lot at Harbour station may be the new home to the Long Wharf Lift Station number 10. Commissioner of Municipal Operations Paul Groody says it's the best spot for the station if the city cannot construct it off of Smythe Street. He says the location has a reasonable cost, and will effectively divert wastewater flows to the Marsh Creek treatment facility. He says it's won't be an eye sore.

Constructing the lift station would cost $6.9 million dollars

Simms Corner Revamp Gets Support

Councillor Peter McGuire is optimistic about getting the reconfiguration work started at Simms Corner after a meeting with an MLA. McGuire says he and the mayor met with Saint John Lancaster MLA Abel LeBlanc, who said he would advocate the project to both Transportation Minister Denis Landry and Saint John East MLA Roley McIntryre.
The limitations of the configuration of the Fairville Boulevard--Simms Corner---Bridge Road corridor has were recognized in a 1999 Transportation Study done by the city.

Negative Reaction to City's New Snow Management Plan

At least one Saint John resident is opposed to the city's plan to ban overnight parking during the winter on most city streets. Common Council has unanimously accepted a new Winter Management Plan that will stop on-street parking from Midnight to 7 am from November to April. Russell Douthwright lives on Boyaner Crescent, where there is already a parking ban on one side of the street. He tells CHSJ news there would be no place to park for overnight guests.

Boyaner Crescent has been singled out by city staff as a problem area for snow clearing--where most homeowners have shared driveways and frequently park on the street. The only exceptions to the city's overnight on-street winter parking ban would be: Wright Street, South Central Peninsula, and parts of Lower West and Old North End

Saint John Boys and Girls Club Gets $40,000 Grant

The Saint John Boys and Girls Club has one of the best after-school programs in the country. At least, that's according to the RBC Foundation, which is giving the club a prestigious 40 thousand dollar After-School Grant.

The Club is one of only 90 after-school programs from across Canada to receive the RBC Grant this year, and one of only 16 first-time grant recipients.

Flooding Update--Roads Clear

(Flooding in Saint John from Heavy Rain Last Weekend--Photo taken Sunday by Sean Crowley)

Most roads in the Greater Saint John area are now back open after weekend flooding caused by heavy rain. There is still water on some streets in Glen Falls, but city police say they are passable. That means garbage collection will go ahead for the neighbourhood today.

Meanwhile, the following roads outside the city are closed until further notice: Milkish Creek, Oldfield, Venning, Scribner, and Bettle Farm Roads. Town Plot Road is open to one lane of traffic, along with Ravine Road--and--the Department of Transportation says it will deal with shoulder washouts in several locations in the coming weeks.

New Plan Approved for Dealing with Snow

It won't be long now before the snow begins to fly and Common Council has unanimously accepted a new Winter Managament Plan. Members are suggesting the Plan needs to be presented in a well advertised public forum to get information across to residents. Councillor Chris Titus says Titus says there may need to be ward meetings set up for residents.
Councillor Gary Sullivan says he agrees the presentation needs to be made to the public, but once a date is set, it needs to be heavily advertised.

New Winter Parking Rules

People living on Douglas Avenue will have to abide by new on-street parking rules this winter. Commissioner of Municipal Operations Paul Groody says Douglas Avenue has proven to always be a challenge during the winter time for snow removal--and--he wants alternate side parking.

Groody says snow is often pushed onto sidewalks and the road plow operators have to work on the street 3 or 4 times, which takes service away from other areas. He says there is more than enough room for off-street parking on Douglas Avenue if everyone clears out their lots.

New Collector Road Gets a Name

The new collector road in Grand-Bay Westfield connecting Highway 7 and River Valley Drive has been named Colonel Nase Boulevard. It is named after one of the town's first landowners and Mayor Grace Losier says they have applied for Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation financing for the residential development on the road.

Losier says they are locked in a 3.5 per cent.

River Valley Community Centre Budget on Target

The River Valley Community Centre is in the black. The Centre operates on a 15-year agreement with Grand-Bay Westfield and 2 local service districts funded by the property tax base. Treasurer John Webber says the Centre finished 2008 with a surplus of $4500.

Ice rental fees will increase slightly for 2010 but, will be in line with the rates at other regional arenas.

Retail Sales

If retail sales are any indication, New Brunswick has weathered the global recession much better than those in Canada. The latest report card by the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council shows retail sales, excluding gasoline, climbed 1.3 per cent in this province in the first half of 2009. Nationally, retail sales, fell 2.8 per cent in the same time period. Senior Economist, David Chaundy, tells CHSJ news the Atlantic region has seen fewer full-time job losses and stronger wage growth.

While some forecasters see national consumer spending picking up into 2010, Chaundy says growth will be modest by historical standards.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Second Wave of Swine Flu is Expected

Officials are bracing for a second wave of pandemic influenza to hit the Province even though numbers have been low to this point. Several communities across the country have seen an increase in the amount of cases in recent days as well. Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Eilish Cleary says with the increase in cases, anyone in the second half of their pregnancy is asked to step forward and roll up their sleeve.

Dr. Cleary is urging everyone to check the toll free line and GNB website on a daily basis for when a vaccination shot will be available in your area.

No Decision On Political Future

Saint John Fundy M-L-A Stuart Jamieson is setting the record straight - Jamieson tells CHSJ News he hasn't made any decision on whether to re-offer in next year's provincial election.

Jamieson who serves as Tourism Minister in the Graham government says he's still considering his options at this point - and - hasn't made any kind of decision on his political future.

Update on Road Closures----New for Monday, Oct.26th/2009....New for 2pm:

Water levels have been dropping since early Monday morning. The City of Saint John’s Municipal Operations have reopened several roadways to traffic:

• Rothesay Avenue between Tim and Todd Streets (one lane in each direction);

• Rothesay Road underpass (to Rothesay Avenue);

• Exit from Westbound McKay Highway to Rothesay Avenue; and

• Ashburn Road between Foster Thurston and Rothesay Road.

McAllister Drive remains closed between Majors Brook and Golden Grove, as due a number of streets in the Glen Falls area. Garbage pickup will take place in the Glen Falls area on Tuesday, if road conditions permit.

The Saint John Police Force is watching over flooded neighbourhoods. Officers will continue to issue tickets to motorists ignoring or driving around barricades.

Province Invests In NB Heart Centre

The provincial government is giving the Heart Centre at the Regional Hospital $150 thousand dollars for telemetry machinery.

Medical Director of the Heart Centre Dr. Vernon Paddock says the equipment will be used to monitor patients heart rhythms after a procedure.
Dr. Paddock says the province has increased the cardiac surgery budget by $3 million dollars to help ease the waiting period for patients. He says he doesn't know the exact amount of time patients have on the list, but says it's longer than he would like.

Health Minister on Immunization Shots

[Health Minister Mary Schryer----File Photo]
The Health Minister is recommending New Brunswickers protect themselves from the H1N1 virus by getting a vaccination shot.

Mary Schryer says getting the shot is a personal choice, but it is recommended by the Department of Health, as well as taking other precautions.
Schryer says people need to continue thoroughly washing their hands, and coughing or sneezing into their sleeves to prevent the spread of the H1N1 virus.
Schryer says she has not received her shot yet, because she is not apart of a priority group. She says she got her seasonal flu shot, and will wait her turn for swine flu immunization.

More Doctors Calling the Province Home

Finding a doctor in this Province is getting a lot easier according to officials with the Provincial Department of Health. In a news release, officials say 144 more physicians are practising in the Province now than in October of 06. Also, more than 40 doctors have committed to starting practices in the province between now and March 31 of next year. Officials also indicate the net annual increases in physicians during the last two fiscal years have been the largest annual increases since 1994.

Since the fall of 2006, there has been a net increase of 67 family practitioners and 77 specialists. Currently, there are more than 1,500 doctors practising in the province - 735 family practitioners and 778 specialists.

Estimates on Road Damage are Rolling In

Estimates are rolling in as to what the final cost will be to fix things up following the weekend rain storm. Officials with the Department of Transportation say in the area's east of Saint John, there is for now $600,000 dollars in damage including eight large road side culverts which have been washed away. Several shoulders of roads and driveways are gone and plenty of area's are down to a single lane of traffic.

Spokes-person Andrew Holland tells CHSJ News, the financial number could increase as reports continue to roll in. The Eight culverts that were lost won't be replaced until the summer because of environmental regulations.

Saint John Lancaster MLA Will Re-Offer

The head count continues by the Provincial Liberal party with an they enter the final year of their current mandate. Saint John East MLA Roly MacIntyre is out. But -- Saint John Lancaster MLA Able Leblanc is re-offering and tells CHSJ News, it won't be easy to replace his colleagues who have indicated they won't be re-offering.
No word on who will take MacIntyre's spot.

David Alward Speaks About Point Lepreau

The debate rages on over who should pay for the cost over-runs for the refit at Point Lepreau. Energy Minister Jack Keir is looking for Ottawa to asume the cost over-run with Atomic Energy of Canada saying the timeline was never attainable. Conservative leader David Alward doesn't disagree but tells CHSJ News, Minister Keir has to assume some of the responsibility as well.
Alward says it's ludicrous to ask rate-payers to shoulder responsibility for this file and the Graham Government has to bring Ottawa and AECL to the table.

What Will Replace Rally of Hope

The finishing touches are being put on the new event that will replace Rally of Hope. The final one was held back on June.21st where a record $1.6 million was raised for a renovation of the NeoNatal Intensive Care Unit. Executive Director of the Regional Hospital Foundation Tim Cameron tells CHSJ News, they are very excited about this new venture.

Cameron despite what you might have heard or been told......the hospital home lottery is not the replacement for the Rally.

Council of Canadians Want Changes

The National Spokesperson for the Council of Canadians says municipalities need to start making initiatives that keep resources in house rather than focusing only on exportation. Maude Barlow tells CHSJ News, cities need to create conditions for when a company wants to move in, rather than letting them set up shop with no strings attached.

Barlow adds the economy cannot be based on market projections and profit but rather on people.

Local Businessman to Be Honored

A long time member of the business community in Greater Saint John will be honored next month. The Saint John Board of Trade has announced Gerry Pond is this years winner of the “Chair’s Award” to be presented at the 25th annual Outstanding Business Achievement Awards dinner. First handed out in 1993 the award recognizes a company or individual for work in their business which has made a signifigant impact to the economic progress of the the community.

Pond's list of achievements include years in the telecom and IT world. The award will be handed out on the 25th of next month at the Trade and Convention Center.

Provincial Consumers Ride Out the Recession

If retail sales are any indication, New Brunswick has weathered the global recession much better than those in Canada. The latest report card by the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council shows retail sales, excluding gasoline, climbed 1.3 per cent in this province in the first half of 2009. Nationally, retail sales, fell 2.8 per cent in the same time period. Senior Economist, David Chaundy, tells CHSJ news the Atlantic region has seen fewer full-time job losses and stronger wage growth.

While some forecasters see national consumer spending picking up into 2010, Chaundy says growth will be modest by historical standards.

Winter Parking Ban Up for Discussion

If the Commissioner of Municipal Operations gets his way, anyone who parks their vehicle on a city street overnight during the winter will be ticketed or towed. Paul Groody is recommending common council accept a new winter management plan for street and sidewalk snow clearing. In the report, there are plans for Winter Parking Restrictions.

If approved by council, Saint John residents will be banned from parking overnight on nearly all city streets from November 15th to April 15th. Only four areas will be exempt from the out-right overnight parking ban: Wright Street, Old North End, Lower West and South Central Peninsula. The issue will be up fro discussion during tonight's common council meeting.

H1N1 Flu Vaccination Program Kicks into High Gear Today

The Health Department starts it's biggest-ever immunization program today for key target groups in the province. Health-care workers, along with aboriginals, children, and people with chronic conditions, will begin getting their H1N1 flu shots today. Deputy Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Paul Van Buynder, says they will also begin school vaccination programs today.

H1N1 vaccinations were first handed out on Thursday to some health-care workers who will administer the vaccine to the public. The general public will be able to get a pandemic flu shot in about 2-3 weeks.

Deer Hunting Season Kicks Off

Over the next two weeks, don't be suprised if you hear the crackle of gun-fire in certain areas of the Province. Deer hunting season gets started today and Cade Libby with the Department of Natural Resources tells CHSJ News, it goes with-out saying to make sure you wear hunters orange but it's also vital that hunters identify their target before pulling the trigger.

Deer hunting season in this part of the Province runs until the 21st of next month in the northern half it finishes on November.8th. Last year 7,780 deer were shot by hunters.

Roads Still Closed Due to Flooding

(McAllister Place Mall--Photo By Sean Crowley)

About 116 mm of rain fell in the area over the weekend and several homes and streets from Saint John to Sussex just couldn't handle how fast the rain was falling. Foster Thurston Drive in Drury Cove, Rothesay Avenue under the train bridge, and parts of Ashburn lake Road, McAllister Drive and Golden Grove Road are still under water. Part of the problem is leaves are covering a lot of the sewer drains which is backing things up.

Also, fire crews were called to the City Road Bakery yesterday around noon over concern the roof was going to collapse from too much water collecting on the building. The drains were plugged on the roof and fire crews had to pump the water off in order to prevent the roof from caving in.

Scott Avenue Residents Face Bumpy Road

A new problem is on the horizon for residents on Scott Avenue. It was just a few weeks ago that Rothesay Council pulled it's application to purchase the four mixed income apartment buildings on the street off the table but CHSJ News has learned, one of the buildings is up for bids at a public auction today in Sussex. The assessed owner is listed as Kenneth and Helen Griffin and an apartment building and lot at 10 Scott Avenue is just one of several properties listed under their name.
Another interesting point is at the bottom of the listing, it says the Provincial Tax Commissioner was made aware of the properties sale on the 16th of last month. Griffin is quoted as saying he had no interest in selling the property to the town.

Weekend Rain Wreaks Havoc

Heavy rainfall over the weekend is still having an impact on roads throughout Greater Saint John. Andrew Holland with the Department of Transportation tells CHSJ news there are road closures from Saint John to Sussex--including Route 121 from Guthrie Road to Route 845 in Sussex--and-- the Belleville Farm, Carsonville and Scribner Roads.

Holland says district crews from Saint John are assessing damage and trying to get traffic back to normal

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Former Glen Falls Resident Comments on Flooding

(Rothesay Avenue---Photo by Jim Hennessy)

A politician who built her career on the flooding problem in Glen Falls is shocked at the latest water problems for the area. Former Mayor and MP Elsie Wayne tells CHSJ News, this issue has to find a resolution once and for all.

Wayne says along with the flooding there are health issues at play here with many seniors trapped in their homes and who knows what kind of contaminants are in the water itself.

Latest on Road Closures----New for 11am, Sunday, Oct.25th/2009

            (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

· Rothesay Avenue from McLean to Rothesay Road

· Retail Drive at Oakland

· Westmorland Road from McAllister Avenue to Consumers Drive

· McAllister Drive from Rothesay Avenue to Westmorland

· Ashburn Road from Rothesay Road to Foster Thurston

· Foster Thurston from Crowley Road to Ashburn Road

· Golden Grove Road from John T. McMillan Avenue to McAllister Avenue

· Several other local roads throughout the Glen Falls neighbourhood:

City crews continue to monitor road closures and perform maintenance and repairs in various locations throughout the City. The public is reminded not to drive through water-covered or closed roads as doing so may cause vehicle damage or damage to adjacent properties. Barricades have been placed in the area of the road closures and City police are out to aid in enforcement and traffic control.

Mayor Court's Father Loses Battle With Cancer

It was with a heavy heart Mayor Court took a tour of the flood damaged area's in the metro. His father passed away on Friday after a lengthy battle with cancer. The funeral service is set to go on Tuesday morning at St. Pius Church at eleven o'clock.

Visting is today and tomorrow between two and four and seven and nine at Fitzpatricks Funeral home on Waterloo Street. Harvey Court was 84 years old.

Heavy Rain Brings More Flooding Headaches

(Flooded Area in Glen Falls--Photo by Jim Hennessy)

Just weeks after a lot of homes in Greater Saint John took on water, more heavy rain and high wind has blanketed the area. Several homes and streets not only in the metro but Sussex as well just couldn't handle how fast the rain was falling and are knee and hip deep. They include Foster Thurston Drive, Rothesay Avenue under the train bridge, Ashburn lake Road, McAllister Drive and McLaren Boulevard. Part of the problem is leaves are covering a lot of the sewer drains which is backing things up.
Staff Sargeant Steve Patterson tells CHSJ News, barricades are up on those roads which are impassable and City Police have a zero tolerance policy in effect today.......any vehicles caught trying to run through a closed area will be ticketed. Several homes and businesses around the Province are with-out power as well. Sussex, the Rothesay area and Fredericton combined have close to 6000 off the NB Power grid.

Outlying Areas Hit Hard By Flooding as Well

(Rothesay Avenue---Photo by Jim Hennessy)

The Saint John area not the only area suffering from flooding - we have reports of flooding in the Sussex area with some home owners and farm animals being stranded. On the Kingston Peninsula - we have received reports of some washouts along road shoulders and even a mud slide.

A lot of homes and even one volunteer fire department have been hit by flash flooding. If you are out on rural roads today - be careful and watch for washouts and water over the road. For a complete list of the area's closed to traffic, check out our web page at news.

Home-Owners React to Flooding

(Shot from Palmers Porch---Photo by Jim Hennessy)

Glen Falls is one of the hardest hits areas follwing this latest rain storm. Norman Palmer lives at 97 Golden Grove Road and tells CHSJ News, this is beyond bad. Palmer says the water on his property has risen three feet since six this morning. His neighbor is Zoe Nicholas who tells CHSJ News, he is getting close to packing up for higher ground and blames all the recent development in the East Point Shopping area for the water problems.

Both home-owners can't get insurance because their homes are listed as being in a flood zone.


Mayor Court Comments on Flooding

(Photo by Jim Hennessy--Vehicle on Golden Grove)

Mayor Ivan Court was out surveying the damage and tells CHSJ News, this is some of the worst flooding he has even seen with water up to the roof of vehicles and people out on their roof-tops tryign to escape the rising water. Court is no stranger to flooding as his home also took on water during last night's storm.
As for a solution to the problem, Court says it may be time to declare Glen Falls and other area's as disaster zones because no matter how much they do, you can't control mother nature.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fusion Saint John Unveils New Compostable Bags

Gas Station Robbery

City police are looking for the man responsible for robbing a west side gas station.

Just after 9 o'clock a man entered the Shell station on Main Street demanding money.
Police say there was no visible weapon, but he said he had one.
There were no injuries, and the robber got away with an undisclosed amount of cash.

DOT Prepares for Winter

[Transportation Minister Denis Landry----File Photo]
With a good portion of the Province seeing snow late this week, the Department of Transportation is gearing up for the winter months. Minister Denis Landry tells CHSJ News, salt and sand has arrived and is being stored away.
Landry says over-all the gear is holding up with new trucks being purchased and crews getting them tuned up for the colder months ahead.

Cruise Lines Prepare for H1N1

As public health begins its swine flu vaccination program - cruise lines are also preparing for any outbreak of flu onboard.

Dr Mark Mason is the chief medical officer aboard the "Crown Princess" which has made regular stops in the city this year -- and -- he says they begin reporting cases when one to one-and-a-half percent of the passengers exhibit flu like symptoms:
Mason says the ship stocks flu vaccine and will step up sanitation levels by increasing the amount of chemicals and cleaning carried out on a regular basis -- he says the strict onboard protocols have actually stopped outbreaks onboard Princess Cruises over the past couple of years.

Fusion Saint John Compostable Bags Introduced

[Artist Nate Guimond and his winning design----Photo by Dave Briggs]
The winning design for Fusion Saint John's compostable bag contest is now available.

Chair of the Green Feet Committee Anne McShane tells CHSJ News, the contest was such a success she thinks it could become an annual event.
The bags will be availabe in uptown shops on November 7th, and McShane says it's up to the retailers to decide how to hand them out. She says the bags will be free of charge, but some stores may give them with a $20 dollar purchase, or even the first customers through the door.

Council of Canadians Conference

[Maude Barlow---Photo by Dave Briggs]
The Council of Canadians are holding it's 24th annual meeting and conference in the port city this weekend.

National Spokesperson Maude Barlow tells CHSJ News, the provincial government needs to start iniaitives that help the local economy, and needs to stop developing resources just to export them elsewhere.
Barlow says citizens and the governments need to take care of the land, air and waters, because those resourches are not going to remain sustainable on it's own.
The conference is open to the public and is being held at the Trade and Convention Centre.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Award Finalists Are Announced

The Saint John Board of Trade has announced the finalists for the Outstanding Business Achievement Awards. The DPL Group and Dealermine Inc. are up for the Entrepreneurial Achievement award. The Business Excellence honour finalists include Fundy Region Solid Waste Commission and Dillon Consulting Limited.

Opera Bistro and Day Tripping are both up for the Emerging Enterprise Award. The winners will be announced on November 25th at the Trade and Convention Centre.

Justin Trudeau is Coming to Saint John

Former Saint John MP Paul Zed is bringing current Liberal MP Justin Trudeau to Saint John next weekend. Zed says Trudeau is passionate about engaging young Canadians in politics.

Trudeau will be speak at the Loch Lomond Villa Auditorium on Sunday, November 1st.

Construction on New Bypass Underway


(Photo by Jim Hennessy)

Construction is underway for the new 10.7 kilometer Route Seven bypass Btween Welsford and Nerepis. Total cost of the project is $64.8 million which include $29.2 million for phase one. A Saint John company, Debly Enterprises has been awarded one of the many contracts, $5 million dollars for the grading work of just over two kilometers of grading work between Mount Douglas and Route 101.

The Welsford area is the only stretch of highway seven that has not been upgraded or bypassed with a new highway alignment. Work on the road should be finished in 2012.

Ferry Returns To Service

The Department of Transportation advising the Evandale ferry is back on its run.

Thompson on Refit at Point Lepreau

               (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

South-West MP and Veterans Affairs Minister Greg Thompson has no comment on the refit at Point Lepreau. The project is 18 months behind schedule and the Province is looking for Ottawa to step in with some funding now that Atomic Energy of Canada has admitted the time-line for the work could never be achieved. Thompson says he doesn't expect this decision will be decided by a group of politicians.

Thompson says he will not get into a fight or debate on an issue that doesn't fall into his jurisdiction.

Is NB Power For Sale

           (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

""I am not going to speculate on someone speculating."" That from Energy Minister Jack Keir on word making the rounds that NB Power is for sale to the highest bidder, including Hydro Quebec. Keir says the bottom line is nothing has been taken to cabinet nor has the Province been asked to make a decision on.
Keir says he can appreciate where all this is coming from. It stems from an announcement back in June where this Province and Quebec said they were entering into discussions about what possible partnerships may benefit both parties.

Fishing Boat Escorted to Safety

A Sea King Helicopter and a ship have escorted a distressed fishing boat back to port in Nova Scotia after a few scary moments this morning. Major James Simiana with the Joint Rescue Coorindation Centre in Halifax tells CHSJ news the fishing boat, Red Sun, was heading Mataghan, Nova Scotia when it was hit by a large wave, which broke the bridge windows. That caused the boat to flood and the engines to stall.

He says the boat crew was able to get the engines working again but communications were down, requiring the escort.