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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fundraising and Awareness Walk For Alzheimer's Education and Support Programs In The Province

As the baby boomer generation gets older, the rates of Alzheimer's will get higher. Jamie Matthews of the Alzheimer's Society of New Brunswick tells CHSJ News it's projected that in the next quarter century, the number of people suffering from the disease will more than double. 

He tells that even though it's a disease that's all around us, we still have some misconceptions. One of which is that we often think dementia is isolated to nursing homes, but in fact, 50% of those diagnosed still live in the community. The other is that people with dementia can't make new memories, which Matthews says is untrue.

Matthews tells us there are over 13,000 people currently living with the disease in the province, and in the next year alone it's predicted we'll have 2500 new cases. If you want to help out, you can sign up for Walk for Memories, an Alzheimer's fundraising and awareness walk. For event details and to register, click here.

Two ATV Drivers Sent To Hospital

On Route 177, two ATVs collided with each other in the early morning hours today. One of the drivers was hurt in the crash and taken to hospital, the other wasn't hurt and left the scene. Saint John Police tell us they think alcohol was involved.

In the Quispamsis trailer park, an ATV driver was taken to hospital after driving into a steel cable. Rothesay Regional Police say that because it was dark, the man didn't see that the cable had been strung across a route near Carpenter's Pit and it got him in the throat.

Duck Watching Season is Here

For the next 6 to 8 weeks nature-lovers will have a chance to see more wild birds than usual in their natural habitats. 

It's the season where ducks come out in droves to feed and mate before they start to settle down and build their nests. Andrew Holland of the Nature Conservancy of Canada tells CHSJ News it's a great activity for families. He says it's a beautiful and spectacular sight.

Holland says most local ponds, streams and rivers will have more wildlife activity at this time of year.