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Friday, May 29, 2009

Traffic Woes in Quispamsis



Traffic volume and speed.....two of the big issues for most home-owners in Quispamsis. Both were brought up when the Town rolled out it's draft traffic calming policy this week. Residents from Lexington, Minstrel and Southwood Drives say the area is getting dangerous and was never set up for the traffic volume they see. Chief of Police with the Rothesay Regional Force is Steve MacIntyre who tells CHSJ News, there is close to 50,000 registered vehicles in the Kennebecasis Valley and it continues to grow.

MacIntrye adds the traffic trailer isn't set up as a speed trap but to give driver's a sober second thought about how fast they are going in a residential area.     

Cherry Brook Zoo Says Goodbye to an Animal Friend



There is sure to be a few tears at the Cherry Brook Zoo over the weekend as employee's say goodbye to a friend and the signature animal of the facility. Baikal, the male Siberian Tiger is being sent to the zoo in Winnipeg next week to hook up with his paired female.

She has been waiting for a year for him to arrive.

Local Photographer Honoured



Next time you see local photographer Martin Flewelling, extend a congratulations as he was recently honored with the Yousuf Karsh Lifetime Achievement Award. The award is given out by the Professional Photographers of Canada.

Flewwelling tells CHSJ News his job is rewarding in its own right. The award was established in 1970 and only six awards have been given out to date.

Province Introduces Pay Equity Legislation for All Civil Servants



The provincial government has introduced new legislation to extend pay equity to all levels of the civil service.  Since 1989, pay equity has applied to just departmental employees, but the new legislation would extend it to schools, hospitals and Crown corporations. The Executive Director of the New Brunswick Advisory Council on the Status of Women says this is a move in the right direction.  Rosella Melanson tells CHSJ News she hopes this means pay equity for the private sector is not far off.

The minister responsible for the Status of Women, Mary Schryer, says as far as pay equity in the private sector goes, `stay tuned for next week, because we're not done.'  The legislation for civil servants will come into force April 1, 2010.

Saint John Board of Trade Calls for Consultation on Provincial Trauma System



The Saint John Board of Trade is encouraging the provincial government to call on those who will be directly impacted by the provincial trauma system to get their input.   President Imelda Gilman tells CHSJ news the province needs to focus on implementing the system and would like to see the Trauma Committee reach out to trauma surgeon Dr. Andrew Trenholm to participate in completing the process.

Gilman says this approach will serve to restore credibility to the process of building and implementing the provincial trauma system.

Firefighters to Get Cancer Coverage



Firefighters in the province are getting cancer coverage thanks to the Firefighters' Compensation Act, introduced today in the legislature. Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour Minister Donald Arseneault says the legislation will provide coverage to active and retired firefighters who have served the required number of years of service, and who are diagnosed with a specified cancer-- or-- who suffer from a heart attack within 24 hours of an emergency response.

The provincial government promised back in June 2007 to address the need for cancer coverage. Under the legislation, assessments will be calculated and levied against municipalities on a per-firefighter basis. WorkSafeNB will administer the program.

City Works to Improve Website



The city is hoping new additions to the Saint John website will drive more people to use it and be satisfied with the result.  Councilor Carl Killen says there is much work to be done to bring the website up to where it should be.

City Manager Terry Totten says they have been working with various departments to re-design the site, while adding new features such as Twitter and the ability to pay parking tickets on line.

Police Conclude Suspicious Man Not Real



In reference to a story we ran yesterday, police are no longer asking for the publics assistance in finding a suspicious man. Police were looking for a white man in his 50's driving a black car with many dents and a loud exhaust. 

However, police have determined the event in question did not take place.

No Options For Doctors



Opposition Health Critic Margaret Ann Blaney says Provincial Health Minister Mike Murphy never gave doctors any options when it comes to the proposed wage freeze.

She tells CHSJ News the Medicare budget already had the wage freeze factored in as it was smaller than last years.

Members of the Provincial Medical Society will meet in Fredericton today to discuss the issue.

Final Conference For Youth This Weekend



It will be a bittersweet weekend for youth around the province as this weeknd marks the final Big Splash Youth Summit. 

The summit gathers 50 youths from around the province to discuss issues they are concerned about and to take those topics back to the provincial government.

Spokesperson Brad Perry tells CHSJ News they will have a lot to talk about, including the environment and the new driving laws for yound drivers.

He says with the Youth Advisory Council being cut by the provincial government, it will be harder for youth to interact with their government.

Students Graduate from UNBSJ Today



It will be a busy day at UNBSJ as its 35th Spring Convocation Ceremony takes place today.

Four hundred and fourteen students will be donning the cap and gowns. 

Dr. Nancy Grant, founder of Hospice Saint John and Dr. Robert Neve, Secretary General for Amnesty International Canada, will both be receiving honorary degrees at the event.

Things get underway at 2 o'clock at the G. Forbes Elliot Athletic Centre.


West Side Residents Want Movie Theatre



It seems West Siders have one thing in mind when it comes to development on that side of the city. During a Q and A at the West Side Retail Development Forum resident after residents told developers a movie theatre is needed.

There is no plans for a theatre yet, but developer Bryce Schnare says when the public voice their want for a business to the company, chances are their ears are going to perk up. Other wants include a gym and more family restaurants.

Simms Corner Getting Makeover



As the business front on the West Side changes so will the driving. Director of Works Shayne Galbraith tells CHSJ news, major renovations to Simms Corner are scheduled to begin soon and with the retail boom it needs to become more drivable to those not familiar with it.

Galbraith adds the intersection will become controlled by lights and access to Fairville Blvd will become two way. He says the city will look for provincial funding for the project and Phase 1 will get underway soon with the entire project expected to wrapped up by 2011.

Retail Development for the West Side



Retail Development is booming on the West Side. Counsel Corporation is the company renovating the Lancaster Mall, and spokesperson Madeleine Nicholls tells CHSJ News, the plan is make the mall more than just a one stop shop. Nicholls says the mall is being designed using an innovative method where all shops inside are on display on the outside. She says that model will likely increase traffic, because customers will know what they are in for.

Also announced last night is 1 of the 8 new stores going into the Fairville Boulevard Plaza. Developer Bryce Schnare says one store is going to be a Staples, but kept tight lipped about the remaining 7.


Java Moose is Expanding



West siders are getting a new option for their morning coffee fix. Java Moose announced last night that a new store is going into the Lancaster Mall. Co-Founder Randy Pederson tells CHSJ News, the West side is an untapped market for premium coffee products.

The new location will be going into the newly refurbished Lancaster Mall.


Two Men are in Custody



Rothesay Regional Police have made an arrest in connection to a robbery and break and enter last weekend. Two men are locked up and will appear in court later today after officer's executed a search warrant at a home in Rothesay last night. It was on Thursday of last week, a man walked in to the Petro-Canada station in French Village with a weapon, demanded cash and smokes and ran.

Officer's are also expected to lay charges in connection to a home that was broken into last weekend in Quispamsis where alot of stuff was stolen.

Ambulance NB Responds to Report



The Brady Report, an inquiry into the Events Affecting Ambulance Service on April 2 in Fredericton Junction has been released. Ambulance New Brunswick received a 9-1-1 call for a patient and a vehicle arrived 57 minutes later but the 14-year-old patient could not be resuscitated. The report concludes there was a preventable delay in the ambulance response time including a lack of map resources, dispatch and fleet resources and a paramedic dispatch communications policy. 

Ambulance New Brunswick has seen the report and has already made several improvements including changing the ambulance deployment plan to ensure the best allocation around Fredericton Junction and other areas and making sure a shift continues until a replacement ambulance arrives in the area.