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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Apartment Fire at Michael Crescent

A three story apartment building on the east side catching on fire over the weekend. 

Fire Department Platoon Chief Peter Saab says that when firefighters got to the scene, the building at 507 Michael Crescent was full of smoke and they found that the fire had started in the ceiling area of a bathroom in a second-floor apartment.

Crews extinguished the blaze after confining it to the bathroom, which was smoke, water and fire damaged. The building itself received some smoke damage as well. 

After the smoke was cleared, the tenants were allowed to go back to their apartments. There were no injuries and the fire department is looking into what caused the blaze.

World Tuberculosis Day at the Museum

They're not pretty pictures, but neither is the city's history of tuberculosis. 

Miller Brittain's chaulk murals that were supposed to go into the Saint John Tuberculosis Hospital can be seen at the museum as part of World Tuberculosis Day. Museum conservator Claire Titus tells CHSJ news that the exact reason the commissioned 9x9 foot drawings showing the suffering and treatment of people with the disease weren't constructed isn't known, whether it was money, politics, or simply that they found a cure.

The museum is commemorating the day from 12:30 until 4:30 p.m., you can meet the museum staff who are conserving the drawings, watch a presentation on the murals, and learn about the past and present of tuberculosis. You can also participate in the creation of a mural documenting the day.

Blaze on Jordan Avenue in Moncton

A blaze engulfing and extensively damaging a bungalow on 22 Jordan Avenue in Moncton. The homeowner was outside walking her dog when the building caught fire, so she wasn't hurt.

No word from Moncton Fire Department officials on the actual cause of the fire, which is under investigation, but it looks like the flames started in the basement, gutted part of the main level and then spread into to the attic.

Decision on P3 Funding Model Nearing

Common Council making a decision on  Monday night on whether to go ahead with the first steps toward adopting a public private partnership for revamping the city's water utility.

Common Councillor Ray Strowbridge tells CHSJ News he has yet to hear from someone protesting a P3 who fully understands what it isand no matter what funding model the city chooses it's still going to be the private sector that does the work.

At the end of the day, the city only makes the application — it's up to P3 Canada to accept or reject it.