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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wellness Week Starts Tomorrow

With a brutal fall cold making the rounds in Greater Saint John, it's good timing for this.
The first Provincial Wellness Week begins tomorrow with the theme-Celebrate the Wellness Movement.

It's a week to recognize the province’s progress towards a culture of well-being and to celebrate efforts by individuals, families, communities to take actions to improve wellness.
For more info on Wellness Week activities, check out this website:

Deputy Mayor Urging City To Tap Into Sports Tourism

(Deputy Mayor Stephen Chase)
            (File Photo)

Saint John has a new organisation in place whose mandate it will be to boost tourism and there's one idea on the table coming from  Deputy Mayor Stephen Chase who says sports tourism has become quite lucrative as cities elsewhere cash in by being known as tournament capitals.

He acknowledges that can't happen now because, for one thing, Saint John doesn't have a multi-ice arena.

There was talk a few years ago of building a multi-ice arena out east when Norm McFarlane was Mayor and Saint John Portland M-L-A Trevor Holder talked about the L-B-R being turned into such a facility to help revitalise that part of the north end. Both efforts, though, came to naught.

Before anything happens, the city is being urged to come up with a master plan for recreation.

Comex Service Celebrates Third Anniversary

(One Of The Many Comex Bus Stands)
             (File Photo)

Saint John Transit's Comex Service is celebrating it's third anniversary this month.
General Manager Frank McCarey tells CHSJ News, the passenger numbers have gone up slightly every year with those making the transition staying committed to the service even when the price of gasoline dropped from it's jaw dropping $1.30 to $1.40 range a litre.
Mccarey says they aleviated that problem by purchasing the articulated buses that can seat 61 people.
As for any fare increases, Mccarey says Common Council is still going over the numbers and theyb hope to make a presentation around the horseshoe in the coming weeks.

Search For Answers Continues

(Trish Green(left) Speaks To The Media)
        (Photo By Jim Hennessy)

The search for answers continues for the family of Harold and Corey Cossaboom.

The fisherman's vessel "Whole Family" went down off St. Martins back in February and the boat or their bodies have still not been re-covered.

Trish Green is Corey Cossaboom's sister and says a day doesn't go by she doesn't miss her only brother.

Back on March.19th, the family was told the Coast Guard would make the vessel "Mathew" which is equipped for this type of search available but a week later, an official with the Department of Fisheries called to tell them quote, sending the vessel would be a waste of taxpayers money.

Recently, a scallop dragger the R.L.S out of Digby sank in the same area and the family believes there has to be something in the area causing this to happen.

New PlayGround Being Constructed In Hampton


The feel good story of the week comes from Hampton where hard work and dedication has produced a new facility for children.

In conjunction with the ""Let Them Be Kids" organization, a new playground is being constructed near the Dr. A.T. Leatherbarrow school.

Principal Lisa Jardine tells CHSJ News, the old facility simply had passed it's best before date.

Jardine says planning for the project began back in May and her school is the first in the Province to be awarded the project.

With community in kind and actual contributions, over $145,000 dollars has been raised which wll be matched by the Let Them Be Kids organization.

To volunteer with the project on Saturday, you can go to this link or call 832-2869 or 832-2332.

More Moose Taken This Year In Three Day Hunt

Preliminary numbers show provincial hunters nabbed 2464 moose this year, up 54 than last year.

3654 licenses were issued which is 143 more than in 2009 and includes 100 licenses from out of province.

A Department of Natural Resources spokesperson tells CHSJ News hunter success was approximately 67 per cent, lower than last year went is was 70 per cent.

The total moose harvest was up in 3 of 4 regions, with 32 less moose shot in the region from Sussex to Fredericton down four per cent from last year.

New Organisation To Boost Tourism In Saint John To Be Launched Today

We will learn more about Saint John Destination Marketing today.

The newly formed organisation is taking over the promotion of tourism in the area with a mandate to increase the numbers of visitors.

The group's official lauch is being held in Lily's cafe at the Lily Lake Pavillion at noon today.

President Ross Jefferson and Paulette Hicks of the Saint John Hotel Association will be on hand.