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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Delays On Harbour Bridge May Be Minimized

Remember those long lines of traffic during construction on the Harbour Bridge last year? -- with the province now in control -- there may be some changes to planned work this year.
Transportation Minister Claude Williams tells CHSJ News he's hoping to avoid the traffic delays and frustration of last year.

Williams says the province is in talks with Dexter as it prepares to take over a section of Route 1 between the Maine border and Riverglade including the Harbour Bridge June 1st -- the Minister says it's possible the work on the east bound lanes may be spread over two years.

Seal Tour Offered Today at Irving Nature Park

If you ever wanted to see some seals frolic, today's your chance: J.D. Irving Limited and the Canadian Wildlife Federation are teaming up to celebrate National Wildlife Week

They will be hosting a seal watching walk at the Irving Nature Park today.

Those interested can go to the main gate of the park where staff will take visitors on a guided tour to see the seals beginning at 2pm.

Abandoned Building Burns Down

An abandoned building burning to the ground on the city's east side last night.

Fire crews responding to a fire last night around 11:30pm at Jones Drive.

The fire department says the building has been empty for a number of years since the owner passed away.

No one was hurt and the cause of the fire is deemed suspicious.