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Monday, May 19, 2014

WATCH: The Royals Get A Warm Welcome in Halifax Today

A warm welcome to Nova Scotia for Prince Charles and his wife Camilla.

Hundreds gathered to catch a glimpse of the royal couple during an event in downtown Halifax on Victoria Day.

The Prince of Wales spoke fondly of Canada, including an unexpected stop 42 years ago  stop in Halifax when he was in the Royal Navy.

He says his visit was due to an act of God..a mechanical failure on the ship he was serving on.

He says a fishing net and rope got caught on the propeller shaft.    The Prince joked that it was an American net of course.

The second leg of the tour involves a short visit to PEI.

Fewer Maritime Grads, More International Ones

Fewer New Brunswickers  getting university degrees since a peak in 2007, but more international students coming to the region continuing to reverse that trend. That's according to a new report by the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission, and CEO Mireille Duguay tells us those numbers will keep holding steady.

She says for the next few years we can expect stable numbers in various institutions based on the numbers they have been tracking in the past 5 or 6 years.

Duguay says while there has been a drop in the number of undergraduate degrees granted over the last five years, the number of Master's degrees granted going up by 22-percent over the same time period.

Conservatives Hammer Liberals As Reckless Spenders

A theme is emerging as the Conservatives campaign for the September 22nd provincial election as they accuse the Liberals of having no plan for economic development. 

They denounce their call for a moratorium on shale gas development as a moratorium on jobs and Provincial Health Minister Ted Flemming says they have a record of being reckless spenders, judging by the previous government.

That's being echoed by fellow cabinet member Trevor Holder of Saint John Portland who says the Liberals spent money like drunken sailors when they last were in office.

According to Flemming, the Alward Government, when it took office after the last provincial election, found itself saddled with a projected deficit of 968 million dollars.

A Closer Look At Government Subsidies For Businesses

From 1980 to 2009, governments in Canada have doled out a total of $683.9 billion in subsidies. The big question is whether this government largesse is really needed.

That's the result of a new study by the Fraser Institute. That works out to $1,507 per taxpayer in 2009 for subsidies alone.

Quebec spent the most on government subsidies, followed by Alberta, and Ontario. Prince Edward Island spent the least. While fans of subsidies argue that taxpayer money is needed to correct market failure and support new businesses, many of the businesses that end up receiving the cash are well established....and have more cash-on-hand than what they get from the government.

According to study author Mark Milke, governments need to raise the veil of secrecy over repayment records, and how the money ends up being spent.

The Link Program Is Helping Provincial Youth

A program to help youth find help for any problem they may be struggling with getting its official launch in Hampton, the KV and in Saint John.

Pam Miller of the Anglophone South School District tells CHSJ News it came about as a provincial initiative after tragedy impacting some young people in Grand Falls.

The community felt it important for many groups to come together like social development, mental health, parents to figure out what they could do to help their youth make good decisions about their future.

Miller says the program does receive support for the Department of Healthy and Inclusive Communities.

Miller and Public Health Nurse Thelma Miller recently gave a presentation to Rothesay Town Council.

For more info, click here.

Celebrating Kids Who Turn Things Around In School

For some kids, school is tough.

The Anglophone South School District with help from some partners singles out those students every year who changed their fortunes.   Superintendent Zoe Watson explains the concept of the Turnaround Awards.

She says the award recognizes a significant turnaround by a student in this school year.    Watson says the change can academic, social or behavioral or a combination of all three.

The awards are being handed out in three regions with the St. Stephen event is tomorrow night at St. Stephen High.

The Saint John awards night is this Thursday at the Lily Lake Pavilion at 630pm and the Hampton event is on the 29th.

We Love Our Banks

Banks have a high ranking with Canadian public opinion.

New studies, released by the Canadian Bankers Association, find we're happy and even proud of our banks.

With new technology and specialized financial packages for everyone, banking has become more accessible than ever. 

Overall, the majority of people feel they have enough choice with banking services to be able to meet their needs.

76 per cent of people surveyed believe banks do a good job of protecting their privacy.

VIDEO: Charles and Camilla Visit Halifax

CHSJ News file photo
The Royal Tour is underway in Halifax with Charles and Camilla arriving in the City last night.

The biggest event with the Royals happens at Grand Parade today with Governor General David Johnson and Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil giving the official welcome.

Thousands of spectators are expected with a band and choir performance.

The couple will explore parts of the city separately before spending some time in Pictou County and after that head to PEI and then on to Manitoba.