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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rothesay Kids Aid Developing Nation

A group of local kids are reaching out to help kids overseas. Thirteen students from Rothesay high school will be traveling to the Dominican Republic to rebuild a school in the developing country. Heinz Schaerer is a proud papa who's helping to organize the trip.

He tells CHSJ News the school--which has 130 students--badly needs a helping hand. It's currently running out of a bus and two dilapitated buildings.

The kids at Rothesay have raised about $20,000 to fund the trip. They're holding their major fundraiser, called A Night at the Races, this coming Saturday in which attendees will bet funny money on pre-recorded horse races. There will also be a live and silent auction. 

For more information, contact RHS at  847-6244.

Saint John MP Says P3 Funding Is On Track For City

Saint John MP Rodney Weston is confident that Saint John will be able to secure funding for clean drinking water despite recent cuts in the federal budget.

Weston tells CHSJ News the committment to public-private partnership funding from the government has always been there and investing in infrastructure is a top priority because it pays off in the long run.

Weston says everything is on track with the city's P3 funding application and he is confident the city will secure the funding.

The Save The Paramount Project To Change Hands

Organizers of the Save the Paramount campaign are getting ready to pass the torch.

The board of Uptown Saint John has opted to look for another group or individual to take the project forward after being denied funding from the province and the feds.

Peter Asimakos of Uptown Saint John tells CHSJ News the money that was raised was a drop in the bucket compared to what was needed to refurbish the building--and unless the project gets more backing, the future is uncertain.

He says it could very well not happen and then it may happen and that will depend on what kind of support comes from the community.

Asimakos says the building is still structurally in great shape.
Uptown Saint John had proposed turning the building into a multi-purpose performing arts space.

Boil Water Order Rescinded

A Boil Water order for Milford Road and Francis Street has been rescinded.

Test results confirm the water at homes from 5 to 46 Milford Road and on 5, 20 and 22 Francis street is now safe to drink.

Residents who have been home for the past few days should run the water for washing and those who have been away should take a few minutes to flush out the water in your plumbing. 

Saint John Water recommends turning on each of the taps in your home for a few minutes.

Boucher Is New Y President and CEO

It's offical...Shiloh Boucher is the president and CEO of the Saint John Y.
She takes over for Pat Davis who passed away last year.
Boucher tells CHSJ News working with Pat taught her that little things make a difference.

She told her to take a moment to thank people and recognize them adding she also taught her how to fundraise which is crucial for the Y.

Boucher says there is no doubt having the Y in the North end will be transforming for the community adding they expect to add at least 40 to 50 jobs on top of the 120 employees they have now.

West Side Business Honours Deceased Owner

A tribute on the sign of the Pet Corral location on the Golden Mile in honour of owner Andy Hughes who died over the weekend.

Federal Labour Minister Pays A Visit

Federal Labour Minister Lisa Raitt making a stop at the Marco Polo Cruise Terminal -- she made a quick stop to talk about the federal government's economic action plan in the wake of the 2012 budget.

Raitt tells CHSJ News it's important to talk about efforts in building the economy in the wake of budget and job cuts.

She says speaking at a port holds significance as infrastructure money is available in the budget for ports to the tune of 27-million dollars.

She says Long-Term Disability Insurance has also received a 1.5 million dollar boost.

Construction Work on Broad Street Today

 Road work on Lower Cove Loop could slow you down today.

Crews are digging up a section of Broad Street as you make the turn from Crown Street up the hill.

Shale Gas Legal Challenge Won't Come Cheap

The Provincial Green Party is all for a court challenge to halt shale gas development being led by Hampton lawyer Dave Lutz. The problem is coming up with the 500 thousand dollars needed to mount such a legal battle.

Premier David Alward is promising regulations to safeguard the environment but that doesn't impress Green Party renewable energy advocate Rick Roth of Sussex who says all you have to do is look what has happened to the people who live in Penobsquis.

He also tells CHSJ News shale gas exploration with fracking is so new, there are no norms for safety.

Roth says the opponents of shale gas exploration are seeking for individual donations of at least 100 dollars.

Common Councillor Reveals Interest Charges On Pension Deficit

City taxpayers are being hit big time in just interest payments on the city's financially beleaguered pension plan. 

That word from Ward 2 Common Councillor Patty Higgins who tells CHSJ News Council was told the daily interest payments amounted to almost 40 thousand dollars a day when the deficit wasn't as high as it is now. 

Meantime, the defamation trial of former Common Councillor John Ferguson is heading into the home stretch. Testimony resumes tomorrow morning with City Solicitor John Nugent winding up his cross examination and then Ferguson will take the witness stand.

West Side Man Dies In A-T-V Crash

The owner of the Pet Corral stores died over the weekend in an A-T-V fatality on the west side at Riding Way and Millard Robson Lane.

Andy Hughes, who was in his forties, owned the Pet Corral for almost 18 years. 

Funeral arrangements have not yet been finalised.

Real Estate Official Says Higher Land Transfer Tax Won't Hurt Sales