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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Doucet Finds Alward Government Crafty With The Truth On Lepreau Overruns

Despite claims to accept nothing less than full compensation for the cost overruns on the Lepreau refurbishment, the Liberals are seeing zero action on that.

The M-L-A in Charlotte County, Rick Doucet tells CHSJ News the cost overruns prove the Alward Conservatives can't stand up to the federal government.

A memo prepared for the Prime Minister's office estimates the refurbishment could wind up costing 3.3 billion dollars, almost a billion dollars more than previously estimated.

He says it's like the tax increase on July 1st
adding the government is crafty by withholding the whole story from taxpayers.

Doucette says we won't see rates increase to cover NB Power's debt until after April of 2015, long past the next provincial election.

Alward Thanks Volunteers

The Premier is thanking people in the province for stepping up to help in the wake of summer tragedies.

David Alward also thanks the Red Cross for guiding the efforts to help the victims of Alberta and Ontario flooding and those suffering following the train disaster in Quebec.

He points out the Atlantic team of volunteers also provided help to those displaced after the Wabush forest fire in Labrador and another in northern Quebec.

You can donate to the Red Cross to provide help to those impacted by Alberta flooding and the aftermath of the Lac Megantic train derailment.

To make a donation, call 1-800-418-1111.

Bad Luck For Wannabe North End Thief

A 30 year old man is now facing a list charges as long as your arm in connection with an incident shortly after 1am today.

Sergeant Jay Henderson tells CHSJ News police spotted a man looking in windows and checking cars near McLaren Boulevard. When they ran the name of the person, they found he van was stolen.When the man realized he was caught, he tried to run and a short foot chase followed.

He's now facing 6 charges including possession of stolen property, theft of a vehicle, possession of break and enter tools, drug possession,  resisting arrest, and assaulting a police officer.

He is also being investigated for a theft earlier in the evening at Sobeys on Westmoreland Road.

Police Search For Suspects In Reversing Falls Break-In

Police are looking for the public's help nabbing the culprits in a break in at the Reversing Falls Jet Boat office.

Sergeant Jay Henderson tells CHSJ News the call came in shortly after midnight.

A cash register and an unknown amount of money were stolen.

 Anyone with any information on their or any other break and enter is asked to contact police immediately Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

Rothesay Told How Much New Arena Will Cost

A new arena in Rothesay would cost an estimated 13 million dollars which is less than half that of a multi-purpose field house. 

The town's Finance Committee expects $6 million would be contributed by the federal and provincial governments. The President of the KV Basketball Association Peter Bourque would like to see the old arena renovated with three or four courts. 

He says they are running short of gym time, so they have had to cut back the amount of time kids can play and the amount of teams they can support.

Bourque has been told the town will do all it can to accommodate more space for basketball.

Documentary On Hampton Man To Premiere Saturday

If you ever drive through Hampton you've probably seen the John Hooper statue of John Peters Humphrey--but how much do you know about the local man who wrote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? 

Filmmaker Greg Hemmings tells CHSJ News his new documentary, "The Boy Who Was Bullied" sheds some light on Humphrey's troubled childhood. Humphrey was a child amputee and a frequent victim of bullying. This film will show how he not only endured but eventually triumphed, becoming dean of law at McGill. After World War II, as part of a committee led by Eleanor Roosevelt, he drafted the document that is arguably the greatest achievement of the United Nations.

It includes the right of every person to live in safety.

The movie shows how Humphrey rose above his struggles to write one of the most influential documents in the West. It premieres on CBC Atlantic on Saturday at 8:00 pm AST.

Gas Prices Rise Significantly

As the price of oil continues to rise on world markets, we're feeling the effect of that in Saint John after the weekly setting of gas prices. 

Self serve regular is over 5 cents a litre more expensive this morning at $1.29.6 in the city. Diesel rising, as well, to $1.33.1. 

Heating oil is up to a maximum of $1.15.8 a litre but propane is down a bit at a maximum price of 95.7 cents.

The price of oil closed yesterday at its highest level in 16 months. The price has jumped 14 per cent in the past two and a half weeks because of rising demand in the U.S. and upheaval in Egypt.