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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Clean Up Week in Rothesay



If you live in Rothesay......a reminder that this coming week is a chance for you to get rid of some of that un-wanted stuff. Monday is the start of Clean-Up Week in the Town and regardless of your regular scheduled garbage day, all of your items have to be curbside by Monday morning at seven. Town officials ask that you tie up any of your items that can be in a manageable bundle which weighs no more than 50 pounds.

A reminder that appliances, batteries, car parts, paints or oils can not be left for pick-up. Organic pick-up week begins May.11th. This will be for the pick up of leaves and yard waste for composting. Your asked not to use your compost cart for this collection. All items have to be curbside by Monday, May.11th by seven in the morning



Ferry Group Reacts to New Hours



The ferry may still be running, but the Save Our Ferries group is not happy about the condensed hours.
The ferry has stopped running 24 hours a day, and spokesperson Linda Watson says residents want the ferry to run exactly like it had before the government took it off.

Watson tells CHSJ News, by not having the ferries running overnight emergency vehicle response times are greatly affected.
At a meeting earlier in the week residents had the opportunity to speak with Eric Allaby, who is in charge of overseeing the transition from public to private ownership of the ferries.
Watson says Allaby has been great to deal with, and certainly earned his 2 hundred dollars for the 2 hour meeting after hearing dozens of emotional stories, and took about 10 pages of notes.


Appliance Drop Off Program



Looking to get rid of old appliances---- but not sure what to do with them?
The City is reminding residents today kick starts the Free White Goods Drop Off program, where solid waste customers can drop off stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, and other appliances at designated areas throughout Greater Saint John.
Between 9 this morning and 4 o'clock residents can head to the East Depot on McAllister Drive, the North Depot on Boars Head Road, and
For more information on the program check out the details below.

 The drop-off sites for May 2nd and 9th are: 
• East Depot - 525 McAllister  
• North Depot - 100 Boars Head Road 
• 1260 Fairville Boulevard (Old Day and Ross ) 
For further information or to register, contact 674-4253. 


Age of New Brunswickers Altering Political Process



Figures from Stats-Canada show New Brunswick's population is aging at a rate faster than the national average with more people coming to the province to retire.
 And U-N-B-S-J political science professor - Don Desserud - tells CHSJ News that's going to change the focus of the various parties.

Desserud says the political parties need to attract more young people in order to renew and promote new ideas for the challenges of the future.