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Friday, May 17, 2013

Dennis Oland Prime Suspect In Richard Oland's Murder

Speculation has been running in this direction since the investigation began, but now we are able to report that Dennis Oland is considered the prime suspect in his father Richard Oland's murder according to search warrants.

There had been a broadcast ban on Oland's name since last fall, but that was lifted today by Justice William Grant. We had previously been able to report that Dennis Oland's home and boat had been searched, but not that he is considered the prime suspect.

Grant agreed with media lawyer David Coles that the broadcast ban served no purpose and went against the principle of an open court.

Flemming Jokes About His Cabinet Colleagues

Provincial Health Minister Ted Flemming may have missed his calling as a stand up comedian. He displayed these hidden talents at the announcement of the Innovation Fund as he acknowledged various members of the provincial cabinet.

Flemming joked about how well dressed Saint John Portland MLA Trevor Holder always is, describing him as "a dapper dude" who one day looks like Donald Trump and the next day resembles Al Capone.
He also says Saint John Lancaster M-L-A Dorothy Shephard tries to keep him on the straight and narrow but sometimes tells her if he wanted to be nagged, he would go home.

Flemming also talked about Premier David Alward's character, telling how he could have gotten his son a job anywhere in New Brunswick but instead put him on a plane to Alberta, saying when he brings all New Brunswick young people home to work in the gas industry, then he'll bring his own son back with them.

Paramount Film Makes International Debut

 A made-in-Saint-John film about the long-derelict Paramount Theatre will have its American debut tonight in Chicago.

Producer Greg Hemmings tells CHSJ News everyone can relate to the loss of community theatres which are being rapidly replaced by big-box cinemas.

The film, The Paramount, has gathered national attention since its release last year. The actual theatre has not fared as well, with efforts to repurpose the building apparently at a standstill.

Premier Announces New Scheme To Get Provincial Economy Moving

"The rocket fuel for economic growth"........That's how Premier David Alward describes innovation. 
His government is spending over 7 million dollars on a new innovation fund that will pair small and medium sized companies in the province with scientific research talent. 

Bob Hatheway chairs the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation and tells CHSJ News the aim is to get ideas from the desktop into commercial production so money can be made and jobs created. This is a first for the Foundation which, up until now, has dealt exclusively with start up companies.

The fund will cover as much as 80 per cent of the cost of collaboration up to 80 thousand dollars.  

Scandal-Fuelled Departure of Senator Raises Questions

With the news much-maligned Senator Mike Duffy is stepping down from the caucus, MP Rodney Weston is remaining tight-lipped about the inquest into allegations Duffy--who campaigned on his behalf in 2011--dipped into public money for his private expenses.

Weston simply said he would prefer to leave the investigation to the RCMP and ethic commission.

Premier David Alward tells CHSJ News it opens a valid debate over whether we should have an elected Senate.

Duffy is charged with making over $90,000 in improperly-claimed living expenses.

NB TAP Gets A $245,000 Investment

It began as a pilot project at the Irving Oil Refinery last year as a way to get grade 10 students thinking about a career in the skilled trades. 

Today with a Simonds High shop class in the background, the Province announcing a $245,000 investment in the New Brunswick Teen Apprentice Program. 

The students learn in the classroom during the school year and work in the summer learning specific trades from employer mentors.

The funding will allow other employers to join the program and more schools. 

17-year-old Brandon Laroque is one of the original six from Simonds High who took part in the pilot project at the Irving Oil Refinery.
He says it was a bit intimidating at first describing it as another city. 

This summer he'll be with the pipefitters working with his mentor and his cousin David who is also in the NB-TAP program.

Bike Auction Soon In The K-V

Rothesay Regional Police will be holding their annual Bicycle Auction June 1st at the their police station.

Viewing will start at 10:00 that morning with the auction beginning at 11:00. 

There are over 25 bikes on offer as well as other property to be auctioned off this year. 

A complete list of items will be made available as we get closer to the auction.