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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Autopsy On Elderly Hampton Area Man Has Been Performed

An autopsy was completed this morning on the elderly man who died after he caught fire.

Cpl. Parisella of the RCMP tells CHSJ News that it's not suspicious and that it was clearly an accident. He tells us the 88-year-old man was burning debris, which can include things like leaves and old plastic containers, on his property and somehow the fire got out of hand, flaring up and transferring to him. 

Parisella says the man's name has not been, and may not be, released.

Jury In Inquest Needs More Time

The inquest into the death of the international student who died after going off the yellow slide at the Aquatic Center has adjourned for the day.

The jury--now down to 4 people from 5 due to the illness of one jury member--is deliberating the manner of death, cause of death, potential recommendations to keep this kind of accident from happening again, and other factors.

The inquest will wrap up tomorrow.

Grow-Op Fires Especially Dangerous For Firefighters

When a grow-op goes up in flames, it can be a dangerous situation for firefighters. 

Platoon chief Joe Armstrong of the Saint John Fire Department tells CHSJ News when a grow-op catches fire, as it did overnight on Wednesday on the Westfield Road, they have be very careful when working to extinguish the blaze, since grow-ops tend to have equipment and electrical wiring that's not up to standard.

Armstrong tell us it's usually not a safe environment, and there's a high chance of firefighters getting electrocuted.

He says when they arrived on the scene, the police told them there was a strong possibly they were dealing with a grow-op so they were able use extra precaution.

Adam Lee Steven Prest Facing 2nd Degree Murder Charges

A 39 year old man facing 2nd degree murder charges in the death of his common law partner 33 year old Tanya Shand.

Rothesay Regional Police have not released how she died in a violent domestic incident early Wednesday morning on the Dolan road.

Detective Sergeant Craig MacDougall tells CHSJ News he isn't surprised by the community's reaction.

He says anytime there is a homicide it's shocking especially in small community like Rothesay.

Adam Lee Steven Prest has been remanded to the Saint John Regional Correctional Center.
Police would not say if there was a history of violence at the couple's apartment. 

MacDougall tells us he doesn't expect any further updates now that the matter is before the courts. 

Prest is due back in court on June 10th.

Guilty Pleas In NS Confinement Case

A Nova Scotia man accused of confining and sexually assaulting a teenage boy at a home in Upper Chelsea has pleaded guilty to five charges in the case.

David James LeBlanc appeared in Nova Scotia Supreme Court today in Bridgewater, where he pleaded guilty to kidnapping, forcible confinement, sexual assault, uttering threats and breach of conditions.

The victim's mother, who can't be identified, says it was difficult to see Leblanc in court today.  She says it was hard and she wants him to suffer adding she isn't normally like that but the whole thing is overwhelming.
Leblanc was charged after a woman reported that a barefoot teenager arrived at her home in Upper Chelsea chained at his wrists and ankles.

At the time, the RCMP said they believe the 16-year-old was held captive about ten days before he was able to escape.

LeBlanc also pleaded guilty today to making and distributing child pornography as well as sexual interference in a separate case. 

The Crown and Defence are working on a joint recommendation for a prison term in the range of 11 years.

Dolan Road Man Charged With 2nd Degree Murder

39 year old Adam Lee Steven Prest has been charged with second degree murder in the death of his common law partner, 33 year old Tanya Shand.

Lead investigator Craig MacDougall tells CHSJ News the police got the call at 5am yesterday to the Dolan Road. 

The accused has been remanded to the Saint John Regional Correctional Center until June 10.

Inquest Hears From A Pathologist

The inquest into the death of 17 year old Yifan Wang has been told by pathologist Dr. Marek Godlewski the cause of death was drowning even though Wang did not die until a couple of days after being pulled from the swimming pool at the Aquatic Centre.

The inquest also heard there was no indication Wang was sick before he drowned.

There was evidence of bronchial pnuemonia but that is consistent with taking in water and being on a ventilator.

He also had bruising and abrasions which the doctor concluded was caused when Wang was pulled from the pool and given what was described as aggressive CPR.

Port Saint John Receives Award At Exporter's Awards

Port Saint John winning an award for their ability to work well with others.

The Port Saint John honoured last night for excellence in collaborative partnerships along with the Greater Moncton International Airport in the award's first year.

Peter Gaulton, the chair of the Port's board of directors, says the Port is honoured to be recognized and looks forward to keep working with the province’s transportation networks and companies, economic development agencies and shippers to get their exports to market.

Gas Prices Are Up

Dig deeper at the pump today.

The price of gas up by 2.2 cents per litre bringing the price for regular self-serve gas to a $1.29 a litre.

Diesel is up 1.7 cents a litre and furnace oil is up 1.6 cents a litre.

Regular self-serve gas was selling for 126.5 a litre around town while diesel was going for 128.7 a litre.

The Westfield Road House Fire Contained A Grow Op

It turns that house where a fire took place overnight on Wednesday on the Westfield road was a grow op.   City police tells CHSJ News that drug charges will be laid against one man at a later date.

City police also warning about fraud after a person bought a fake bus pass online.      One person has been arrested and will be charged.
Anyone else who may have also purchased the fraudulent bus passes is asked to contact the Major Crime Unit, Fraud Section at 648-3333.