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Friday, September 4, 2009

Algae Blooms In Lancaster Sewage Lagoon No Need For Concern

There are algae blooms at the Lancaster Sewage Lagoon---but it's still business as usual.Brent McGovern with Saint John Water tells CHSJ News, algae is growing in the lagoon, but it's not affecting the waste water treatment process.
McGovern says it's rare for algae to appear, but since we had so much rain in July and such warm weather in August, it's the perfect environment for algae to grow.He says it's presence isn't affecting work, and officials will be monitoring it's growth for any change and expects it to disappear as the colder weather rolls in.

Vandals Target East Saint John

East Saint John the target for vandals earlier today. Officers were called to the Hampton Inn on Westmorland Road and found two vehicles had been broken into but nothing was stolen. While on that call, officers were called to the Canadian Tire down the hill to find two other vehicles had been broken into but nothing stolen.

City Police tell us the front window of the Dobson Chrysler Dodge show-room on Rothesay Avenue was also hit with shots from a paintball gun.

Think Tank Report Praises Plan for Lower Taxes in New Brunswick

The C.D Howe Institute is praising the provincial government for it's Plan for Lower Taxes in New Brunswick tax reform.In the organizations 2009 Federal Provincial Tax Competitiveness Report, the plan is described as a "bright route leading to a pot of gold in terms of economic growth and prosperity".The report recognizes this province as a government paying attention to the personal tax system, as well as having the lowest marginal effective tax rate on labour income east of Saskatchewan.The Plan for Lower Taxes will be fully implemented by 2012, and expects this provinces tax burden to be lowered by over $380 million dollars.

Update on Irving Oil Headquarters at Long Wharf

[Irving Oil Logo-----File Photo]

Irving Oil is still working with the Saint John Port Authority and the city on the land agreement for it's new headquarters at Long Wharf.A spokesperson tells CHSJ News, Irving Oil is also still waiting on the federal approval on the 99 year lease.A meeting is scheduled with the Planning Advisory Committee for September 15th, and a public hearing in front of Common Council near the end of the month.The 30 million dollar development is also planning to include a second cruise terminal.

Saint John to Play Host to Conference

Final preperations are underway for Saint John to play host to a huge conference this month. The 33rd Annual Conference of the New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers is taking place Sept.14th and 15th. In a statement, Premier Graham says this will provide a great opportunity for all of his colleagues that attend to shore up regional cooperation efforts in support of the economy.

A news conference is scheduled for next week to outline the details of the two day conference.

A CellPhone Ban in New Brunswick

When will this Province put a law on the books concerning hand held cellphones while driving? The pressure is on the Graham Government as Prince Edward Island announced this week they will bring forth legislation. Premier Graham tells CHSJ News, he realizes it's not just drinking and driving that is a problem in vehicles.

There are already bans in place in Newfoundland and Labrador, Quebec and Nova Scotia while a ban in Ontario comes into effect next month.

H1N1 Warning for Pregnant women

The provincial Department of Health is encouraging pregnant women to live their lives as normally as possible even though they are more likely to get the so-called swine flu.

Deputy chief medical officer of health, Dr. Paul Van Buynder says those in their second and third trimester are much more likely to be hospitalized and possibly die if they get the H1N1 virus.

He says instead of hiding at home, they should continue their every day lives--but--get the seasonal flu vaccine when it comes out in about 3 weeks, and then the pandemic vaccine when it becomes available in late November.

He also says if pregnant women develop a fever and cough, muscle aches and pains they should seek medical attention straight away.

Paisley crowd is behaved

The 7000 country fans who came out for Brad Paisley's concert at Harbour Station last night were well-behaved.

City police report a few minor violations related to alcohol but, say otherwise it was smooth night considering the capacity crowd.