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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Province To Do Post-Mortem On Flood Response

The province is turning the microscope on itself with regards to flooding last December in Charlotte County.

The province will be conducting a review of how it handled the crisis and what it can do to improve.

Premier David Alward tells CHSJ News there are many factors at work when it comes to flooding in Charlotte County and they all need a closer look.

Two employees from the Department of Public safety will also be engaging the people of St. George and St. Stephen as part of a two year project to improve community-based disaster response in Charlotte County. 

Robbery Suspect Nabbed in Pennfield

District 1 RCMP from St. Stephen executing an arrest warrant at a Pennfield motel and arresting a 46-year-old man.

Toni Earl McFarlane facing a charge of robbery and disguise with intent to commit a robbery relating to an incident at the Charlotte County Credit Union in St. Stephen in February last year.

McFarlane is being held in custody and is due to appear in St. Stephen Provincial Court tomorrow morning to enter a plea.

Bell Aliant Unveils Speed for Customers

Another salvo has been fired in the war for your dolalrs over internet and TV providers.

Bell Aliant unveiling upgrades to their FiberOp service, which boasts features like 30 megabits-a-second for downloading and 30 megabits-a-second for uploading.

President and CEO Karen Sheriff says the bump in the uploading speed is significant because people are sharing things online more and more each day.

The speeds are a first for Atlantic Canada.

We put a call in to  Rogers for comment but so far there has been no response.

Flare Will Increase During Canaport Maintenence Work

Canaport LNG will be undergoing maintenance starting early next month.
This maintenance will be carried out on process equipment at the Terminal which will require a temporary suspension of operations.

Maintenance activities include work on a valve within the process equipment as well as the inspection of other equipment throughout the facility.
Because of the work, a significant flare which will be visible from some vantage points around the city for the duration of the shutdown which should last about a month.

Education Minister Meets With Francophone Parents In K-V

Provincial Education Minister Jody Carr says there will be continuing dialogue with parents in the K-V who are pressing for a french language school for students from kindergarten through grade 5.

 A spokesperson in the Education Department says the meeting went well and Carr is committed to adding a third grade next September to the satellite school now being used in the Valley.

Right now it's K through grade 2 and the parents want the province to buy some land and build a brand new school.

Will Spending Revelations Sway Voters?

An investigation is being launched to find out how a draft report from the Auditor General about spending at the G-8 and G-20 summits was leaked and by whom. The draft report pinpoints some questionable projects in the riding of federal cabinet minister Tony Clements.

U-N-B Saint John political science professor Don Desserud isn't sure this will be a game changer like the sponsorship scandal was for the Liberals.

A poll done before the spending revelations and leader's debate showed Prime Minister Harper was heading for his long cherished for majority and Desserud tells CHSJ News the Prime Minister has proven himself quite adept at handling such controversies in the past..

M-L-A's Go To School

M-L-A's were out and about this week in schools around the province. It was "Take your M-L-A to School Day".

The Superintendent for School District 8 Susan Tipper says being in a classroom gives the M-L-A's a better idea of what actually goes on when they have to make decisions about education.

Tipper says even though she works in the system, she finds things and times have certainly changed  when visiting schools and it can be a real eye opener to see what goes on first hand.

Couple Gets Key To New Home

Richard and Fran Winters getting the key to their brand new home today.

The couple is one of six families who will be moving into a new home in St. George after losing their house to the December floods in Charlotte County.

The houses have been paid for via donations and government money.

Fran Winters tells CHSJ News it was hard to say goodbye to their old house.

The couple will be moving in by the end of the month.

Safe, Clean Drinking Water Means Higher Rates

With Common Council setting a 4 year goal on getting water treatment facilities up and running by 2015, what impact will that have on your pocketbook?

Commissioner of Finance Greg Yeomans says there will be a 25 to 50 per cent increase in what you pay for water.

That would put the flat water and sewage rate at about $1,350 by 2018.

However, officials estimate the flat rate would be about $1,100 at that time if the city didn't go ahead with water treatment.

Mayor Ivan Court says an extra $250 dollars is a small price to pay for clean drinking water.