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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fire Crews & Water Bombers Attack French Village Forest Fire

Big excitement for little French Village but maybe not the kind they would ask for on a pretty Sunday afternoon...a forest fire.

Water bombers were brought in to knock the blaze that was first reported about 3pm.

Tanya Doyle lives not far from the fire scene on the French Village road.   

She tells us she out for a test drive with her son when they looked up and saw a blaze of fire on top of the hill.    She adds she is fairly confident the crews have a handle on it but worries about smouldering overnight.

Crews from KV and Nauwigewauk responded to the blaze. K-V Fire tells CHSJ News no one was hurt and no homes sustained any fire damage. Crews will be out today checking for hot spots so there are no flare ups.

An estimated 6000 tons of water were being dropped on the fire in each pass of the planes along with water from ground crews.  

VIDEO: Battle of the Atlantic Ceremony and March

Forest Fire In French Village

A large forest fire is raging in the French Village and spreading in the direction of a residential area. 

Lieutenant Shawn White of the Kennebacasis Valley Fire Department tells us that they received a call mid-afternoon about a forest fire originating around the village's Petro-Canada. 

White says that people living in the village should be aware that there will be low-flying planes in the sky. Because the flames jumped the road and the fire is now in more than one spot, they're bringing in water bombers to help control the blaze. If you think the fire is coming too close to your home, he says you should call 911.

Fire Guts House In Grand Bay-Westfield

A fire ravaged a home in Grand Bay-Westfield, leaving only the structure standing.

Sergeant Rick Bernard of the RCMP tells us that the fire started in a detached garage on 1 Chestnut Drive and then transferred to the house, burning out the interior. Crews responded to a call from the homeowner late on Saturday night. 

The fire marshal is saying that the cause of the fire was an electrical problem. Bernard tells us it's not considered suspicious and that nobody was hurt in the blaze.

Battle Of The Atlantic Is Being Commemorated

The battle 68 years ago during World War 2 being remembered in a service at Grace Presbyterian Church.

HMCS Brunswicker taking part with cadets, reservists and its top command along with many MLA's, MP Weston, Mayor Norton and Senator Joe Day. 

Hundreds have packed a Cobourg street church to remember the battle which is the only Second World War conflict that took place close to North American shores.

Councillor Says Installing Chess Boards In King's Square Could Revitalize The Area

Hearing someone yell check-mate in King's Square might become a regular occurrence. 

Councillor Ray Strowbridge is making a motion at Monday's council meeting to install chess boards in the square.

Strowbridge tells CHSJ News that he decided to pursue this after hearing a member of the Saint John Chess Club say that it would be a great idea if they could play the game outside. By installing chess boards, Strowbridge thinks we can draw more people to King's Square. If you build it, they will come, he says.

Elections NB Releases Advance Poll Numbers

Out of an estimated 10,000 people eligible to vote in Ward 3, 620 cast their bid early.

 Paul Harpelle of Elections NB tells us that's how many votes were cast on Saturday during advance voting in the Ward 3 by-election. Voters will go to the polls on Monday May 13 to elect a new city councillor.

Construction Company Starting Work On Bandstand

The construction company who's responsible for re-doing the bandstand also did the major renovations on the Algonquin Hotel, and owner Patrick Sohy tells CHSJ News it's not just going to be a superficial makeover, but an actual overhaul.

The work is set to begin immediately with sandblasting the bandstand down to the original metal, then painting it again. All the lighting around the bandstand is also going to be redone.

Sohy tells us they're doing a lot of research into the original colour scheme and fountain design of the bandstand and will be trying to replicate it as closely as possible.