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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

East Side Fire

No one hurt after a fire in East Saint John this afternoon.
The fire at a home on Broadway Street in Glen Falls.

It appears the fire was contained to the home's kitchen but, no word yet on the cause.

Diesel Spill At Port

Emergency crews containing a big diesel spill down at the Port on the city's west side.

District Fire Chief Eric Garland says fire crews responding to a tractor trailer on fire around noon, which caused the spill.

200 to 300 litres of diesel being contained but the Department of the Environment has been notified as some fuel may have leaked into the sewers.

No word yet on the cause of the fire but Garland says it does not appear to be suspicious.

Candidate Encouraging Everyone To Vote

Ward 3 Candidate Anne-Marie Mullin is encouraging everyone to get out and vote in the municipal byelection.

She tells CHSJ News Ward 3 can play a huge impact in shaping the future of the city.

She says as she was doing meet and greets in the ward many people did not know what ward they fell in or that there was even a vote.

She's encouraging everyone to call the local returning office at 643 2578 if you did not get your voter card or need more information.

Voting day is December 13th.

Common Councillor Objects To Mecklenberg Street Lots Being Used For Parking, Recycling

Common Councillor Donnie Snook is questioning why three large lots along Mecklenberg Street are being turned into a location for recycling with the blue bins and a place for parking when the streets have to be plowed of snow.
Snook says he would have preferred to see new housing built there especially in light of the stated goal to have more development in the urban core. He calls Mecklenberg one of the nicer residential streets in the south-central peninsula.
Chief Planner Ken Forrest says the city is hoping this will just be a temporary use and sees the lots eventually be marketed as sites for residential housing.
Snook has also suggested the Charlotte Street court building be turned into housing when the new justice complex opens at Peel Plaza.

Two Cases Of Impaired Driving Causing Death In Court

19 year old Erika Simms of Loch Lomand Road has pleaded guilty to impaired driving causing death in a collision last New Year's Day that killed a friend of hers, Chad Simon.

Her car struck a pole on Sand Cove Road near the Irving Nature Park. Simms will be sentenced on January 7th and is looking at a minimum of three years in prison.

Meantime, a Morrison Road man, 19 year old Nicholas Thomas Pike has been charged with impaired driving causing death.

15 year old Kylee Wallace was killed after she was thrown from a car that went off Hillcrest Road on the east side. Pike returns to court on January 10th.

Homeowners Warned After Costly Rothesay Breakins

Rothesay Regional Police have a message for homeowners after a rash of breakins........Don't leave your Christmas presents out in the open where anyone can look in your window and see them lying about.

That message being delivered with an investigation into three breakins in Rothesay during which gifts worth several thousands of dollars were stolen.

Police tell CHSJ News they believe the same person is responsible for all three.

Disabled Committee In Valley Wants Involvement In Planning New Developments

The Chair of the K-V Committee on Disabled Persons wants to see the disabled represented at planning advisory committee meetings in both Rothesay and Quispamsis in order to make new developments more disabled friendly.

Dean Mullin tells CHSJ News they want to work with new developers from the ground up.

He says both Quispamsis and Rothesay councils are doing an okay job and are aware of the need to make buildings more accessible.

He says a representative from the committee will be putting their name forward for the vacant seat on the P-A-C to provide a different perspective.

Animal Rescue League Gets New Executive-Director

Orphaned dogs and cats in greater Saint John have a new champion.

Kari Poore is the new executive director of the Saint John SPCA Animal Rescue League.

Poore tells CHSJ News they don't want animals given as gifts over the holidays because it's a lot of responsibility.

She says they see adoption down a little bit this time of year.The Home for the Holidays program is underway where they encourage people to foster a pet from the shelter over the Christmas period.

Poore says in the new year they will be announcing some new fundraisers and a new website.

In the meantime, for more information go to

Christmas Mail Delivery Disrupted Earlier This Week

If you were expecting some mail on Monday but noticed that your mailbox was empty than you're not alone.

Canada Post spokesperson Denise Corra says mail was not delivered on Monday because of lighting issues in the building which prompted health and safety concerns from the employees.

She calls the lighting issue an isolated incident and all mail was delivered on Tuesday. Corra does not anticipate any further delays.