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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Alward Gives Update On Public Pensions

The Premier coming to the Port City to give an update on reforming provincial pensions.
So far the provincial government has been able to sell several unions including CUPE, the Nurses union and Hospital workers union on the new reforms that follow a European model.
David Alward says he met with members of the non-bargaining unit to give them a level of understanding.

He says the work that is currently going on is the technical phase where numbers are run and scenarios are given so workers can know their status today.

Alward says the initial phase took about a year but it hopes the second phase won't take as long.
The province will be hosting a national symposium in Fredericton in February to provide further details on the pension model. 

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Tobacco & Drugs Seized At Dorchester

A significant amount of tobacco valuing at $41,000 and a small quantity marijuana being seized at Dorchester Penitentiary.

The contraband was found by a correctional staff member who notified police. Dorchester uses ion scanners and drug dogs as a tool to control the flow of drugs.

Car Crashes Into Moosehorn Creek Bridge

A Hampton man is in hospital after he crashed his car into the Moosehorn Creek bridge in Norton.

RCMP say they received the call around 11:00 last night about a car that was driving the wrong way in the westbound lane of Highway 1.

When police arrived the 63-year-old had crashed into the bridge. Police believe alcohol to be a factor.

Young Workers Having Trouble Finding Jobs

Young workers here in the Atlantic are finding it harder to find a good job, despite the amount of retiring baby boomers.

Those results coming from an Atlantic Provinces Economic Council study, and it shows workers aged 15-24 make up over half of the job losses in the Maritimes.

Sarah Earnhardt from 21 Inc tells CHSJ news she's unsure exactly which jobs are or arn't in demand, but moving out of the Maritimes to get a career started isn't a bad thing. She says outmigration is an opportunity to re-circulate workers back to the province.

Earnhardt adds the report mentions a lot of skills mis-match, where young workers tend to study and train in certain areas where there's no demand in the Maritimes.

She says key steps in getting jobs is having co-ops, internships, staying in school and doing job training that fits the local economy.

New Football Program Available For Kids

8 and 9 years old from Sussex to St. Stephen will be playing in a new football program this year called "Tikes".
Bruce Watt of Fundy Minor Football tells CHSJ News they found 6 and 7 years after two years of
Flag football were looking for something a little closer to the real game.

He says they want to block and tackle and get more into the physical side of the game.

He says registration is underway now and will continue until after school starts and practices are starting this week.    For more info, go to and click news.

Liberal M-L-A Says Businesspeople In Province Are Worried

Liberal M-L-A Roger Melanson from Dieppe has been spending his summer travelling around the province to sound businesspeople out about the provincial economy including the Saint John Board of Trade.

Melanson tells CHSJ News they're worried about the state of the provincial economy with growth not seeming to be the Alward Government's top priority in spite of the Premier's campaign promise and, as such, workers are leaving for jobs in other parts of the country.

Melanson says he has been told Invest NB has not be out there soliciting opinions from local businesspeople about what is needed to attract investment money to places like Saint John. He complains there appears to be a scattershot approach to economic development.

Melanson is critical of what he sees as a lack of focus and warns you can't cut your way to prosperity.

Dead Seal Found On Local Beach

Photo of dead seal  taken on Wednesday along Bayshore Beach on the west side and sent to us by a listener.

Gas Prices Still On Rise

No relief when it comes to gas prices which have risen a bit after the weekly setting. 

If you're driving around the city, self serve regular is being sold for $1.29 a litre with diesel at $1.35.

Former NB Tel C-E-O Being Honoured With Prestigious Award

New Brunswick Business Hall of Fame member Gerry Pond is being recognised by the Red Cross with its humanitarian award. Pond has 45 years of business experience.

He served as C-E-O of NB Tel and now chairs the internet TV company Mariner Partners. 

Pond has also co-founded 10 startup technology companies over the past decade. They include Q-1 Labs, iMagicTV, Brovada Technologies and Radian6. 

He has also helped the United Way, Big Brothers-Big Sisters and the Boys and Girls Club with their funding.