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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Deputy Premier Not Pleased With Holder's View

The Province's Deputy Premier is not too pleased with what the Saint John-Portland MLA is saying about his government.

Trevor Holder says the Graham Liberals are clueless when it comes to job creation.

Donald Arsenault tells CHSJ News says he finds Holder's words ironic since last week the Conservatives said the government was moving to fast on the Areva announcement and now the Opposition says they are moving too slow.

Arsenault says they are disappointed with some of the job stats but says we are a province that relies on the American economy and it's sluggish but, he contends they are hundreds of jobs available in the province.

Welsford Man Faces Two Luring Charges

A 65-year-old Welsford man faces two charges of luring over the internet.
William Atkins was charged today in Hampton Provincial Court.

The charges stem from an ongoing investigation by Halifax Regional Police into a man allegedly attempting to lure a child over the internet.

Back in April, the RCMP’s Internet Child Exploitation Unit seized a computer and electronic equipment from the man's home.
Atkins will be back in court in Hampton in September to enter a plea.

Saint John Cadet Wins Award

(Chief Warrant Officer Savoie presents prize to Warrant Officer Zachary Matthews)
(Photo by Lt Rémy Levesque)

Warrant Officer Zachery Matthews was named cadet of the week at Argonaut Army Cadet Summer Training Centre in Oromocto.

Matthews is a Saint Johner and the Platoon Warrant Officer for Basic Expedition Course and a member of 1691Chief Warrant Officer Savoie

The Cadet Program is available across Canada to young people betweem the ages 12 to 18.
It is one of the largest youth programs in the country with over 55,000 cadets nationally.

A Penobsquis Teen Arrested In Sussex Stabbing

A 17-year-old from Penobsquis is facing assault with weapon charges after a stabbing is Sussex on Sunday.

He is also looking at a charge of uttering threats after a 24-year-old woman was threated that night.

The stabbing took place early Sunday morning on Park Street when two men in their 20's got into an arugment with the teen and the 24-year-old was then stabbed twice.
The victim was treated and released.
The teen has a court appearance in Saint John Youth Court today.

Saint John's Summer BBQ Festival

(Cooks from the Ale House grill up some famous BBQ ribs)
(Photo by Sherry Aske)

Everyone who loves a good summer barbecue will want to hear this. Saint John is hosting its first ever BBQ Festival this summer on August 21st and 22nd at Exhibition Park.

Mike McGraw, President for Atlantica Centre for the Arts, says they're hopeful this will become an annual event. 

He says he wanted the city to have an event where kids, families and adults could all enjoy the same the thing.

The Festival will feature barbecued food from restaurants like the Ale House, the 3 Mile and Boilerworks, with all proceeds going towards the Arts for Everyone Foundation. 

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Holder On Job Creation

Saint John Portland Conservative M-L-A Trevor Holder says the Graham Government doesn't have a job creation policy. He's speaking out after the increase last month in the provincial unemployment rate to 9.3 per cent.

Holder tells CHSJ News the provincial finances are in a mess when you consider it that it took 200 years to reach 6 billion dollars and the Graham government has increased it in three years.
 Holder says the Liberal government has made a big mistake by increasing the small business tax rate by 500 per cent which he charges is stifling job cration

He Says Outlying Areas Should Help Pay For Clean Water

The city is going to have a difficult, if not impossible, to pay one-third of the estimated 260 million dollar cost of providing clean, safe drinking water. The independent candidate who's running in the provincial election in Saint John Harbour, John Campbell tells CHSJ News the outlying communities should be persuaded to contribute a portion of the cost in return for getting to use the water.
Campbell maintains eventually the outlying municipalities will also have to meet the safe standards

Poverty Group And NB Power React To E.U.B Decison

Voice of Real Poverty is calling for the 3 per cent increase instituted by NB Power last month to be rolled back. Bethany Thorne Dykstra from Voice of Real Poverty was one of the interveners who opposed the rate hike at a hearing held in the city last month.

But the Vice-President of Finance at NB Power, Darren Murphy tells CHSJ News the Energy and Utilities Board didn't state the rate increase was unneccessary which he maintains it was.

Murphy says if the E-U-B needs the whole ball fo wax then the various branches of NB Power should be reintegrated into one. It will be up to Provincial Energy Minister Jack Keir whether the increase is rolled back.

There was a robbery last night in East Saint John shortly before 10:00. It tok place at the M and J Convenience Store on Bonita Avenue. City Police tell CHSJ News two men came into the store and demanded cash before running away. Police used the canine unit to track them down in nearby woods. The two are cooling their heels in the lockup awaiting court appearances today to be formally charged.

Traffic Could Be Disrupted At Welsford

There could be a 10-minute traffic disruption every day this week starting this afternoon at 3:15.
The Department of Transportation says the traffic shutdown is subject to weather conditions and part of on-going work for the Welsford-Nerepis bypass project.
Traffic will be disrupted in Welsford between today and Friday where Routes 7 and 177 meet.

Some East Side Residents Could See Dirty Water

Fire hydrant flushing to clean out water distribution pipes will be taking place over the next several weeks in East Saint John.
It may affect water customers in areas near Lakewood Heights, Ganong Road, Bon Accord, Champlain Heights and Hickey Road.
The flushing will take place between 8am and 8pm and may result in dirty water for up to 20 minutes and a drop in water pressure.
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Rothesay Town Council Discusses Oakville Acres Flooding Again

(Rothesay Council debates what to do about flooding in Oakville Acres)
(Photo By Sherry Aske)

Rothesay Council has decided to wait to see if people living in Oakville Acres will use a drainage system before awarding a tender. People living in the subdivision have been having flooding problems for almost three years now and have said a retention pond is the real solution to the problem. Gary Howard is on the neighbourhood committee against flooding and says he thinks town council has made a wise decision.
Council will schedule a meeting with the residents of Oakville Acres to see how many want to hook up to a drainage system before awarding a $300,000 dollar tender. Rothesay Mayor Bill Bishop has said the reason the town isn't building the retention pond first is because it takes time to acquire the land.

Rothesay Approves Condo Development

(A crowd attends Rothesay Council to debate condo development)
(Photo By Sherry Aske)

It was a full house at Rothesay Town Hall as people came out to debate the possibility of building condos on land near Rothesay Elementary School. Two contractors are looking to connect Robertson Drive and Clermont Lane to build a set of duplexes. George Teed lives on neighbooring Highland Avenue and is against the development saying it would change the character of the subdivision.
Teed says if the project does go forward and his property taxes don't go down he will be the first to scream and yell. Stephen Maltby argues building the condos goes against the Municipal Plan's efforts to protect neighboorhoods that are already in existance. The development would change the area from a low density area to moderate density. Rothesay Town Council voted in favour of building condos despite the opposition