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Friday, August 12, 2011

Jeep Completely Ablaze In Driveway

City fire crews putting out a jeep completely engulfed in flames in a driveway at a west side home.

The call coming in around 3pm at 9 Mary's Place by Dominion Park Road.

No one was hurt but a woman and at least 2 children were evacuated from the home as the flames began to melt the siding on the house.

No one was hurt and no word yet on a cause.

Water Restriction Lifted For West Side

Saint John Water has lifted the water usage restriction on the city's west side.

It was put in place after an electrical fire on August 1st damaged pump equipment.

Residents were asked to refrain from washing their cars, filling their pools, and to take shorter showers.

Gay Pride Parade Tomorrow Through The Uptown

Rainbow Pride will be on display tomorrow afternoon through the uptown with the annual gay pride parade getting underway at 2:00.

Mack MacKenzie of P-Flag Canada tells CHSJ News there has been alot of change in Saint John in a relatively short period of time but it sometimes can take generations to change attitudes.

MacKenzie says there are still a fair number of people in Saint John who are being given a hard time because of their sexual orientation but Carl Trickey, President of People United in the Lower South End or Pulse, says times, they are a changing.

After the parade finishes up at 3, there will be a barbeque and family fun day at the corner of Main and Metcalf Streets in the North End.

Alward Says Grand Manan Ferry Tolls Will Come Off

Premier David Alward says he will keep his campaign promise of taking the tolls off the Grand Manan Ferry.

Alward says it won't happen this year but it will happen during his mandate.

It's estimated the removal of the tolls will cost the province 1.5 million dollars a year.

He says the removal will help grow the economy but the Mayor of Grand Manan Dennis Greene says it would do quite the opposite.

Blaney Defends Provincial Government On Shale Gas

Shale gas development in the province is being handled differently than what happened in other jurisdictions.

So says Provincial Environment Minister Margaret Ann Blaney in the face of opposition which appears to be getting more intense.

She maintains New Brunswick is doing it right by coming up with regulations beforehand rather than play catchup after the development is already underway.

Blaney tells CHSJ News no final decision has been made yet on whether shale gas extraction will even go ahead.

Natural Resources Minister Bruce Northnrup already has ruled out a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing which breaks up the rock to get at the natural gas.

Old North End Gets Money to Green the Neighbourhood

14 thousand dollars from the Environmental Trust Fund will be spent to beautify the old North End by cleaning it up and greening it.

Kurt Peacock with One Change says there will be several projects on the go as part of the One Change Neighbourhood Sustainability Plan.

The various projects include a community garden at the edge of Shamrock Park and the planting of greenery all along Main Street.

Peacock says they're also getting young people in the neighbourhood involved in the planting and cleaning up of the area block by block. He adds, by taking an active role, they will gain pride in where they live.

City Mayor Finds Park Vandalism Very Disappointing

The washrooms at Rainbow Park the target of vandals this week causing upset in the community.  Fires were deliberately set causing significant damage to one of the bathrooms.
Mayor Ivan Court tells CHSJ News it's very disappointing and he hopes those responsible are brought to justice.
He says maybe they have to put security cameras up in that area and in others where the city has sensitive infrastructure.
Court disagrees with some critics who say investing in Rainbow Park is like throwing good money after bad. He says a few years ago after vandalism in the North end, the community found out who did it and had them clean it up.

More Money For Social Assistance Needed Due To High Grocery Prices

The Common Front for Social Justice says more needs to be done to help low income people put food on the table.

Spokesperson Aurea Cormier tells CHSJ News grocery prices has gone up about 25 percent over the past five years.

She's recommending an additional 50 dollars be give out per month to all households on social assistance so they can buy nutritious foods.

She says other policies need to be enhanced as well, including a bump in the basic social assistance rates and an increase in the minimum wage.

Distress Call From Boat At Reversing Falls

The Fire Department and Coast Guard called out last night to the Reversing Falls after getting a report of a boat being in trouble between 10 and 11:00.

Before they got there, the motor boat managed to right itself and continue travelling upriver.

One person was taken to hospital with undetermined injuries after an accident at Waterloo and Union Streets. City Police are investigating.