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Friday, July 17, 2009

Green Party Says EIA Guidelines Are Not Being Followed

The Green Party is sounding the alarm against Irving Oil for not giving the public enough time to review the environmental assessment process for its new headquarters at Long Wharf.Leader Elizabeth May tells CHSJ News, a 15 day period to review a thick engineering report is not adequate.
May says the Green Party isn't for or against the project, except for the fact the Environmental Assessment agency guidelines must be obeyed.

Anglo Society Upset Over Not Hiring Dr. Trenholm

The President of the Anglo Society says it's not right that a doctor was brought in from Quebec to be the head of the trauma centre, when Dr. Andrew Trenholm was qualified for the job.Matthew Glenn says Trenholm was local, bilingual and qualified.
Dr. Michael Simonds with the Saint John Medical Society says his group is in full agreement.
Trenholm was the only candidate near the end of last year for the head of the provincial trauma system job, and was not given the job.

Update on Long Wharf

The rezoning process and some preconstruction work is scheduled to begin in the coming months for the new Irving Oil headquarters at Long Wharf.Spokesperson Leslie McLeoud tells CHSJ News, the environmental assessment approval has gone through, so now it's time to work on getting preconstruction underway.McLeoud says a few comments came in during the public response period concerning socio-economics, and a couple of environmental issues, but they have been able to work through those.

Paul Zed Wants to Help Romero House

A familiar face is championing the cause for Romero House to replenish it's bank account. Former MP Paul Zed is taking on the challenge to come up with over $20,000 dollars so staff won't have to be laid off on August.7th. Zed tells CHSJ News, for close to 30 years, Romero House has been there for the community now it's time to return the favor. '

Zed realizes funds are tight both on a personal and business level due to the recession but is sure the community will come together and do the right thing.

Meeting to Discuss Youth Home is Set

Emotions could be running high at a meeting in Quispamsis next week. Home-owners are getting their wish to voice their questions and concerns about the youth home for at risk teenagers. Moncton Youth Services took over the property last week at 186 Vincent Road after receiving approval from the Planning Advisory Committee early this month which outraged several home-owners who felt they were left out of the process.

Executive Director Mel Kennah was planning on going door to door to speak with his new neighbours but decided this route was better considering how much controversy there is surrounding the youth home. The Planning Advisory Committee meeting last week saw 50 home-owners shop up to their monthly meeting to confront them about giving approval to the youth home. The meeting gets started at seven o'clock at the Civic Center in Quispamsis.

Opposistion Leader on Recruitement Trouble

Opposition Leader David Alward says physicians, the community and the government need to work together to ensure health care in the province progresses. Alward says doctors are the most qualified to recruit more physicians to the province.

Alward adds no government can fix the health care system on it's own, it's going to take a collaborative effort.

Inflation Rate Looks Good Here at Home

It's another sign our local economy continues to chug along -- Stats-Canada says our inflation rate climbed out of negative territory and we actually posted a slight increase in prices last month.

That goes against the grain nationally where Stats-Canada pegged the national inflation rate in negative territory thanks to falling prices. But economists say the so called "deflation" will be short lived.

No Fight on Casual Workers Ruling

Good news out of Fredericton on the labour front today. Government officials have no plan to appeal a Court of Queen's Bench ruling from last month that affects casual workers. On June 17, a judge ruled the definition of employee in the Public Service Labour Relations Act violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms by excluding casual workers from collective bargaining.

The Province has 12 months to amend the legislation. Officials in Fredericton say they are working with union leaders to adress their concerns and will continue to do so as changes are made.

Assualt in the Kennebecasis Valley

Rothesay Regional Police called to the Sobey's parking lot in Rothesay last night at 7:30pm. When they arrived, they found a young woman had been hit in the head with an object. She was taken to the Regional, stitched up and sent up.

One young man was taken into custody but has since been released. He has a date with a judge next month to answer to the charge of assualt causing bodily harm.