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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Air Quality Results for 2008 in Greater Saint John

The air is getting cleaner in Greater Saint John according to the latest numbers from the 2008 Air Quality Monitoring Results.
At all five monitoring sites, both carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide levels are well below or did not go past the one hour, 24 hour or yearly objectives.

Sulphur Dioxide levels were not as favourable, up over the exceptable level one time at the Forest Hills Site on July.30th of 2008 for the hourly rate and at the Grandview Avenue West site for the one hour objective as well.

The number of times Sulphur Dioxide levels jumped over the acceptable daily level at the GrandView Avenue West site is up from 11 to 68 in 2008.

It's important to note how-ever, all of the spikes happened before the Irving Oil Refinery installed a new piece of equipment to capture So2.

In the Coleson Cove Area, there were no spikes of sulphur dioxide.

Old Business Getting a Make-Over

A full inspection is being carried out at the former Ultramar Gas Station on Somerset Street.

Former Owner and Liberal Candidate for Saint John Portland Danny Joyce tells CHSJ News, an inspection team has been brought in to dig up the under-ground tanks and scour the property for an fuel or oil leaks.

There is also a contractor on site that will do any needed renovations and the put the property up for sale.

Joyce says his son Brad has an application in to buy the property and open a garage but first has plans to attend community college to complete his training.

More Questions About Growing Deer Population

With many deer finding a home deep in sub-divisions, a move this week by the Department of Natural Resources has many scratching their heads.

The confusion comes from knowing a rifle can't be fired 400 meters near a home or business and for bow hunters it's 100 meters.

DNR spokes-person Rod Cumberland tells CHSJ News, last year, 1000 anterless permits were given out in Zone 23 which includes Quispamsis, and over 1500 people applied for a license.

Cumerland adds more permits at this point is the first of many options but many like culling or removing the herd is expensive and will have to be decided by municipalities.

Bullying Activist Not Happy

A summit on bullying later this month will not include the man many believe is repsonsible for making it a reality.

Rob Frenette, whose experiences on being bullied as a child led him to set-up one of the country's top anti-bullying websites has been told he can show up but won't be given the microphone.

Frenette tells CHSJ News, he is upset by the snub.

Frennette says he is still trying to figure out the reason behind the move but the Department of Education says his opinion matter whether he is on the panel or in the audience.

The summit will take place June.17th in Fredericton and will hear from 100 students and teachers.

Exhibition Association Survey Results Are In

Officials with the Exhibition Association are now going over survey results they asked for last month.
The questions to home-owners in Greater Saint John revolved around what they think should be the future look of the exhibition grounds in East Saint John.
President Paul Gilbride tells CHSJ News, along with going over the numbers, consultants are speaking with key groups who may use any new facility.

Gilbride says the exhibition association is trying to increase it's space after losing up to 50,000 square feet due to fires, buildings that were torn down or new development in the area.

Mayor Wants Big Change In Future Development Of City

(Mayor Ivan Court)
     (File Photo)

Mayor Ivan Court is calling for a plan of action from the planning department as the city comes up with a new municipal plan to guide future development in the city. The Mayor says the time may have come to restrict residential development from taking place in the more remote areas of the city.
Court says the cost of not only installing municipal water and sewage is high but to maintain that infrastructure is escalating. He wants to see as many people as possible use the existing infrastructure so the taxpayer gets the best bang for its buck. 

Clean Air Day Marked In Province

This is Clean Air Day. Enbridge Gas maintains those people who have opted for natural gas over the past decade have reduced their greenhouse gas emissions by over a million tons which would be the same as taking more than 180 thousand cars off the road. Gordon Dalzell of the Clean Air Coalition tells CHSJ News Saint John is still saddled with a reputation as a smelly city and points to the odour which is emitted from Marsh Creek as a prime example. He claims getting rid of those offensive smells would help Saint John increase the number of people living in the city.
Dalzell also agrees with the Conservation Council that air pollution increases the risk of various cancers.

First Ever Live Life Awards To Be Handed Out In City

A first for Uptown Saint John. General Manager Peter Asimakos tells CHSJ News the Live Life awards to celebrate living in the uptown will be handed out June 24th at the Saint John Theatre Company in 12 different categories which will include best retail, best restaurant, new business of the year, residential space of the year and event of the year.
Nominations can be made online to Uptown Saint John until June 18th. Tickets for the event will cost 35 dollars. The Saint John Theatre company itself took over a building on Princess Street which was on the verge of collapsing from the roof on down and renovated it.

More Details Released On Boat Fire In Kennebecasis River

The Fire Department getting a call from the Royal Kennebecasis Yacht Club late yesterday afternoon about a boat being on fire. District Fire Chief Eric Garland says initially they thought the boat was still on land but this turned out not to be the case. The boat was in the Kennebecasis River attempting to get back to the yacht club. The fire department's water rescue unit was called into action. The Coast Guard and other boats that happened to be out and about also came to help.
The fire turned out to be an overheated motor. The boat was escorted back to the yacht club and no one was hurt.

Public Meeting To Be Held On Deer Problem In Valley

(Quispamsis Mayor Murray Driscoll)
(file photo)

Word that the Department of Natural Resources is increasing the number of anterless deer that can be killed to 15 hundred this fall is good news for the Mayor of Quispamsis. Murray Driscoll tells CHSJ News, town officials realize the deer population is a major problem.

Driscoll says education is still a big part of alleviating the problem and is not ruling out putting in place a bylaw to not feed the animals. An open house to discuss lyme disease carried by ticks on deers will be held at the Town Hall on Monday night.

New Democrats To Unveil Their Candidate Tonight In Quispamsis

With only one candidate, the NDP nomination meeting for the riding of Quispamsis tonight shouldn't take long. Matt Doherty is the only person who has come forward to fly the flag and will take the position by acclamation. The riding is currently held by MLA and Health Minister Mary Schryer. Party Leader Roger Duguay is one of the guest speakers with things to get started at 7pm at the Amsterdam Inn.