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Friday, April 18, 2014

Flood Waters Rise On Darling's Island

The flood waters are rising on Darling's Island and residents are being told to be ready to leave.

EMO telling people the rising waters may make the road to the mainland impassable.

They are also saying for safety reasons, residents will not be able travel to and from the Island until the road has been re-opened.

CHSJ News spoke with a resident who is staying put as his house in on high ground and his family has everything they need to stay put for a few days.

We are also told many vehicles are parked on the Loop road outside of the flood zone which historically is located at the playground area and near the bridge.

Green Leafy Veggies Are Safe And Healthy

In recent years leafy green vegetables have been the cause of global outbreaks of foodborne illness but a comprehensive new study shows the next bunch of broccoli you buy should be safe.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency conducted a 5 year study that analyzed over 4200 fresh leafy vegetable samples including domestic and imported.

In 2009-2010, 12 samples were deemed unsatisfactory because of salmonella, listeria and generic e coli.

The CFIA as part of routine testing says more than 99.9 per cent of leafy green vegetables are safe to consume and contain no detectable levels of bacterial pathogen.

Do You Know The Truth About Organ Donation?

Organ donation saves tens of thousands of lives in Canada every year--yet, when it comes to donating, one third of people have signed up, one third are undecided, and another third have said no.

Mary Gaetan works to promote organ and tissue donation in Canada, and she tells us ideally everyone would make an informed decision rather than just saying "no" by default or due to misinformation.

She says while organ donation isn't for everyone, they want to get the message out to all Canadians that it's important to make your wishes known to your loved ones. For more information about organ donation, click here

Water Levels Go Down In Perth Andover

Good news for Perth Andover with the news water levels have done 18 inches overnight.

The town has been ravaged by floods in the past, and according to public communications officer Justine Waldeck, they're simply hoping that the giant ice floe above Grand Falls stays put for a few more days.

They might see an influx of floes down the river today, but so far it's not looking like they'll have to call for mandatory evacuation. So far, 45 units including homes and businesses in low-laying areas were evacuated on a voluntary basis.

A Day Of Free Seeds And Handy Tips

Farmers, gardeners, and anyone interested and excited about growing this spring are going to like this event.

From 10am until 4pm Saturday at the Hammond River Angling Association, you have a chance to share, exchange and receive seeds and information.

Organizer Greg Daggett tells CHSJ News gardening is fun and educational for kids--and growing your own food is a great skill to pass on to the next generation.

Phil Savage, local market gardener, landscaper, and permaculture designer will be hosting a "Backyard Food Garderning 101" presentation at 11:00am

Throughout the day, seed-swapping tables will be open--and even if you don't have any seeds of your own you can come get some for free to start your own garden.

For more information, click here