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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Alward Government Announces Plans For 2014

Anti-shale gas development protests happening outside of the opening session of the legislature as the government announce their plans for next year.

Lieutenant Governor Graydon Nicholas says the Energy East pipeline project is a once in a generation opportunity and will improve the retain and return our workers. Nicholas says as TransCanada moves forward, the government will keep working with communities in New Brunswick.

He says the project will improve the quality of life for all New Brunswickers, including First Nations people.

Nicholas also touching on health in the province...saying it's no secret that we are facing serious wellness challenges in the province and more emphasis on community and home-based care is needed...he says the final touches are being put on a new home-first strategy.

Schofield Pleads Guilty In Court

44-year-old Brian Schofield pleading guilty to 2 counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking.

The Public Landing resident had a half pound of marijuana, 3 cell phones, 136 meth pills, a Bacchus patch, brass knuckles when he was arrested as part of Operational J-Turmoil in August.

The crown described Schofield's operation as mid-level, while the defence stated he was simply giving pills and marijuana to friends.

The court heard he was buying meth pills in Moncton and then bringing them to Saint John and more information is expected to be given when he reappears in court on December 13.

Former Bacchus member Ryan Wallace also pleading guilty to possession of a firearm he wasn't licensed to own.   

Judge Henrik Tonning pointed out he didn't disrupt the public peace because he wielded the gun to defend his property from intruders...and when he realized it was the police he put it away. 

28 year old Lia Olde Damink also charged in that bust will also appear in court on in the spring. 

She's also charged with stealing medical supplies from her job at the Regional Hospital.

The Poppy Campaign Supports Vets, Students and More

While you may be on our your 2nd, 3rd or 4th poppy this year, no one ever seems to mind because of the cause. 

Proceeds donated for poppies every year go towards the needs of veterans and to pay for the Remembrance Day poem and essay contests and a whole lot more.

District Commander for the Saint John Legions Larry Lynch tells CHSJ News the poppy campaign year ends on September 30th.

He says any money left over can be used strictly for things like donations to charities and in the past they have donated to the Bobby's House hospice and to prostate and breast cancer research.

Lynch says the farther we get from the Great Wars and the Korean War..the more important it is to remember all vets including the most recent ones from Afghanistan.

Liberals Skeptical Of Tory Promises To Create Jobs, Grow Economy

Liberal Leader Brian Gallant saying the Alward government is going to use the upcoming session for political strategies.

He tells CHSJ News this means instead of trying to create jobs, and grow the economy...the government will focus on how to win the next election.

He says we'll see a lot of excuses as to why nothing has happened on the job front and social services over the past three years.

Gallant says the the Liberals want to see the economy at the forefront during the session.

Police Save A Man's Life in Champlain Heights

A dramatic scene in Champlain Heights this morning with City police officers saving the life of a man.

Officers got a call about a man with some issues and the officers located him in woods behind homes on Sherwood Drive.

The man was standing on a fort with a rope around his neck.    He jumped and when he did an officer caught him.

He was resuscitated by paramedics and taken to hospital.

Two Teens Face Trafficking Charges

City police arresting two teens for drug trafficking and possession near Simonds High.

Sgt. Jay Henderson says just after 10am yesterday (Mon.) police got a call about students with some pot.

He says officers found a group of men behind the Stu Hurley area.    Two of the men were found in possession of marijuana.

The teens also had drug trafficking paraphernalia on them.  

They are both facing criminal charges of possession and trafficking.  

Both have been released and are due before a judge at a later date.

Local Senator Opposes His Own Party

Rothesay Senator John Wallace arguing against his own party's motion in the Senate to limit debate on whether to suspend Senators Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin and Patrick Brazeau. 

The motion passed, nonetheless, meaning there will be a final vote today.

Wallace along with his fellow Conservative Senators Hugh Segal and Nancy Ruth voted against. Wallace telling the Senate, limiting debate “would be a serious and significant shortcoming of natural justice”.

Wallace, Segal and Ruth argue cutting off debate would not afford the three senators at the heart of the spending scandal the opportunity to adequately defend themselves.

Disturbance At Uptown Subway

City Police responding early this morning to a report of a disturbance taking place at the Subway on King Street. There was some damage caused and a 35 year old man was arrested. 

He is looking at a number of charges which will include assault with a weapon and uttering threats. No one sustained any injuries.

Meantime, no one was injured in a single vehicle crash at Hammond River. Rothesay Regional Police say a woman will be facing a charge of impaired driving.

Toxic Chemical Released Into Bay

NB Power is reporting there was the release of light water from a valve on the non-nuclear side of the Point Lepreau plant into the Bay of Fundy Sunday which contained a toxic chemical known as hydrazine. 

NB Power says the levels of that substance were below federally recommended guidelines, above which, marine life and the ecosystem could be affected. 

More testing was done yesterday. NB Power is reporting the level had dissipated to the point where the chemical could not be detected in the Bay. 

Hydrazine is used to help maintain the safety of the steam generators at the nuclear power station.