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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

NB Power Releases Point Lepreau Update

NB Power releasing an update on Point Lepreau saying the net capacity factor for August was 93 per cent.

The capacity factor is the megawatt output of a generating station compared to the maximum that could be produced.

During a regular plant inspection on August 30, one of the hangers supporting piping on the main steam supply on the non-nuclear side of the plant was found to be damaged.

The Point Lepreau team decided to reduce reactor power from 95 per cent to its current level of 90 per cent, which reduced vibration levels.
Site VP Sean Granville says adjusting power levels is part of the day-to-day operation of a nuclear power plant.

Everything is on track for a two week outage beginning October 18th to repair a steam valve.
Sean Granville says this  short outage will allow Point Lepreau to return to 100 per cent power.

Granville says they budgeted and planned for this type of equipment challenge when forecasting the first year of operation after refurbishment, so the outage will not have an impact on rates to NB Power customers.

Over the next few weeks, work will be done on lines connecting our province and the US as part of upgrades south of the border.

When interconnections like this are temporarily removed, there is a higher possibility that the New Brunswick System Operator may request that Point Lepreau reduce its power level to support the  stability of the NB electrical grid.

Two new turbine rotors will be transported from Saint John Harbour to the Point Lepreau Generating Station this fall.   The manufacturer Siemens has the lead role in transporting them to Point Lepreau and is working with NB Power and others to ensure an event-free delivery.

VIDEO: Ghostly Carnival Glory Marks 100th Stop In SJ

On a typically foggy fall day in Saint John, the Carnival Glory marked its 100th stop in the Port City.

Belly Kelly Hatt of Aquila Tours tells CHSJ News they're not overly concerned about the fact that considerably few ships--just 56, to be exact--will be making stops in the Port City in 2014.

Kelly Hatt says it's important for Saint John to show its appreciation for the economic boost we get from cruise ship traffic, including the Carnival line. The Glory won't be back next season, though: the Carnival Splendour will be takings her place. To check out a video of some of today's speeches in honour of the milestone--and also a sneak peek of the inside of the ship--check it out below. 

Child & Youth Advocate Unconvinced Anti-Bullying Laws Work

If you want to stop cyberbullying, you have to get to the root of the problem. That, from the province's Child & Youth Advocate, Norman Bosse. 

He tells CHSJ News with Nova Scotia passing legislation against cyberbullying in the wake of the Rehtaeh Parsons tragedy, the province will likely look into passing something similar in New Brunswick, but he doesn't think laws are enough. He says he's not convinced that legislation like the Cyber Safety Act will change bullying behaviour.

He says educating students about bullying has to start at the elementary school level.

Money For Grand Manan Improvements

The Province and The Feds teaming up to contribute nearly $200,000 to fix up the Grand Manan Whale and Seabird Research Station and the Swallowtail Lighthouse.

The work will include improvements to the research station and the installation of a proper basement, walls and a new roof.

The Swallowtail Keepers Society is taking on enhancements to the Swallowtail Lighthouse including work on the footbridge and the construction of a boardwalk.

Hampton Open House Boasts Big Numbers

They came out in droves...Hampton boasting one of the largest turnouts of any Energy East pipeline open house with 260 people signing up.

The Vice President of Eastern Oil Pipeline Projects, John Van Der Put tells CHSJ News those who came were hungry for information, and while the questions were across the board, he didn't hear concerns about the possible environmental impact of the pipeline. Van Der Put says it seems that people are getting the information they need and environmental impact isn't something people are concerned about or dwelling on.

He describes the general tone as one of interest and inquisitiveness.

Liberal Health Critic Has Issues With MLA Flemming

New Brunswick needs a plan for the provincial healthcare system...and the Alward government has failed to deliver on that promise.

Those harsh words from Liberal Health Critic Donald Arsenault didn't mince any words with CHSJ News describing Health Minister Ted Flemming's attitude toward releasing the health plan.

Arsenault describes Flemming as very arrogant adding it's his way or the highway.

Arsenault says it's just like the catastrophic drug plan....the health minister claimed to have all the answers on that as well and now three years into the mandate of the Alward government that hasn't happened either. 

Flemming claims time is needed to make sure it's done right because of the program's complexity.

VIDEO: The Priciest & Largest Lottery Home So Far Is Up For Grabs

A new $815,000 show home in Rothesay could be yours in the new hospital home lottery.

It's located at 8 Crosswind Crescent.

In addition to the home, cars, trips and more, new this year in a Minnie Winnie.

Jeff McAloon is the President of the Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation.

He says this exciting part of this lottery is that all the money stays right here in the province and the proceeds mainly go to Regional hospital, Mindcare New Brunswick and the New Brunswick Heart Centre.

The 50/50 add on already exceeds $32,0000. 

If you buy your tickets before the early bird deadline of November 7th are eligible to win the Winnibago.

To buy tickets, call 696-1799, toll free at 1-866-992-1799 or click here

Stranded Boaters Rescued

It was tense times on a foggy morning for some  boaters on the river this morning.

The KV Fire Department getting called in to rescue 4 boaters after their vessel was stranded in the middle of a cruise. The boat broke down close to the Kingston Side of the River opposite Gondola Point Road around 11:30am.

KV Fire was called in to give them a tow back to shore using a rescue vessel, according to Chief Bill Ireland.

None of the stranded boaters were injured.

More Medals In Wrestling For New Brunswick

New Brunswick wrestlers, Shawn Daye-Finley and Charles Thoms , both of Fredericton, win two more bronze medals at the Francophonie games, in Nice, France. 

The medals increased the team’s total to four, all in wrestling.

Romero House Getting Help

The 100 Women Who Care chapter in Saint John voting last night at the Lily Lake Pavilion to give Romero House 20 thousand dollars. 

Each member of the chapter chips in 100 dollars and then they vote on who will receive the money after hearing 5 minute presentations.

The women get together to do this four times a year.

Environmental Concerns Raised At Pipeline Meeting

Tremendous...that's how one resident describes his environmental concerns about the Energy East pipeline project, and says the recent open house information session on the Energy East pipeline didn't do much to dispel them.

Carl Wolpin attending Hampton's edition and he tells CHSJ News his two major problems with the project is the potential for contaminating the village's well-water, and that the pipeline is going to be built right through a regulated wetland. He says the wetland from Darling's Island to Bloomfield Bridge is home to rare species of plants and the project would put it at risk.

He says he doesn't feel the representatives at the open house properly addressed his concerns.

Hotel Robbed

The Best Western Hotel on the east side along Majors Brook Drive was held up this morning around 1:15 by a man and woman. 

City Police say they took off with an undisclosed amount of money but were arrested a couple of hours later in the area of Duke and Sydney Streets.

Rothesay Man Killed

A Rothesay man has died in a single vehicle crash on Prince Edward Island. 

The RCMP have identified him as 67 year old Asgori Siamak who was ejected from his vehicle. 

Police say he lost control after passing another vehicle at Meadowbank, hit a ditch and rolled.