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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Tool for Provincial Search and Rescue



New GPS--or global positioning equipment-- is now available for volunteers of the New Brunswick Ground Search and Rescue Association thanks to the federal government.  The Department of Public Safety has received 510 thousand dollars in federal funding from the National Search and Rescue Secretariat.

The department has also received 178 thousand dollars of in-kind support from the provincial government over the three years of the project.

Premier Set to Receive Controversial Honourary Degree



Premier Shawn Graham will be receiving his honorary Doctorate at UNB Fredericton tomorrow during the spring graduation ceremony. More than 100 faculty and staff from the two UNB campuses signed a letter in opposition to the honour.  Acting Chair and Professor of History at UNBSJ, Dr. Greg Marquis tells CHSJ News it's time the university introduced a policy against politicians receiving honourary degrees.

The Board of Governors of the University of New Brunswick have yet to respond to the faculty and staff's letter of petition.


Ground and Air Crews Called in for East Side Forest Fire



City fire crews have a forest fire on the East Side under control. The District Fire chief tells CHSJ news crews will be on scene for the next 4-5 hours battling hot spots in woods behind Simonds High School. The blaze broke out just after one o'clock and put thick black smoke into the sky. The New Brunswick Forestry Service responded to the fire and a provincial airplane with the department of Natural Resources also flew in to keep an eye on the situation, after spotting the smoke while in Canterbury.

No homes or schools have been damaged or are believed to be in danger. So far, no word on the cause of the blaze and fire investigators will be brought in tomorrow.

Council Votes Against Their Own Pay Cut



Common councilors will not be taking a 5 per cent pay cut--as proposed by colleague Patty Higgins. She put forward the motion during last night's meeting as a symbolic gesture to city staff who are facing a two-year wage freeze.

The pay cut was voted down by only one vote--after five councilors and the mayor argued it was not necessary because they have not received a pay increase in 8 years.

St. Joseph's Hospital Foundation Gets $100,000 from City



The St. Joseph's Hospital Foundation is getting 100 thousand dollars from the city over four years. Council has approved money for the Care Connection Campaign for the treatment and diagnosis of breast cancer.

The Hospital Foundation made the funding request to council back in November. Meanwhile, both the Boys and Girls Club and the South End Days Organizing Committee will receive one thousand dollars for events.

Tree Farm is Damaged



It looks like there is a Grinch on the run in May. St. Stephen RCMP were called to the Cleland Road near Dufferin to find someone hot-wired a tractor on the property. They then drove it through a Christmas Tree farm destroying roughly 350 of them and then crashing the tractor into a ravine.

No word on what the loss of the tree's adds up to.

Marijuana Operation Dismantled



The supply of marijuana around the Province is lighter by 1000 plants. This after RCMP seized the dope yesterday from a home in Wilmot which is near Hartland. If your wondering how many joints that would roll, Officer's estimate it is close to half a million. 

A small quantity of hashish, cocaine and Canadian money were also seized. Charges are pending against a 48-year old man.


KV Reach for the Top Team Comes Home



Feeling a little dejected, the KV Crusaders Reach for the Top Team is on it's way home today. This after finishing second at the National Championship yesterday with a loss to a school in London. Teacher and Coach Jason Thorne tells CHSJ News, coming in second out of six hundred schools from coast to coast is nothing to hang your head about.

Thorne says this same school from London they beat last month by 200 points so it just wasn't their day. Two members of the team will be back to give it another shot next year.

Missing Person in Long Reach



A happy ending to what could have been a tricky situation for two men from Saint John. Last weekend, Grand Bay-Westfield RCMP received a call from a father and son who became lost in a wooded area near Long Reach. Using their cell-phone, they got in touch with officers who used flares to help find the two men.

The father was treated for injuries to his knees and face after he fell but both are going to be alright.

Blood Task Force Continues Work



A conference call is scheduled tonight between the medical community and the blood task force. Both sides continue to build their case against Canadian Blood Services and their plan to move the Millidgeville distribution center to Halifax. Rothesay Conservative MLA Margaret Ann Blaney is a member and tells CHSJ News, this fight is to important not to try.

There is still no word on when the task force will get a face to face meeting with officials at Canadian Blood Services to present their case.


Energy Effiency Awards Handed Out



The Premier's Awards for Energy Efficiency were handed out in 13 different categories last night. The awards were developed by Efficiency NB to recognize best practices in energy efficiency.

The winners include the Saint John Theatre Company, Martin and Sandra Searle in Hampton, Jean-Yves Boudreau of Saint John and the Flakeboard Company in St. Stephen.

KV Reach for the Top Team Finishes Second



They reached but came up short in getting to the top. The KV Crusaders are coming home with a second place finish in the National Reach for the Top Competition this year. They were beaten 470 to 310 by a school in London in yesterdays final. This equals the schools best finish at the National Tournament when they also finished runner up in 2007.

Crusaders team captain Nick Manuel also received an additional Honor as he was named to the tournament all-star team for his outstanding play. The team will return home tonight.