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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Police Find Stolen Truck

City Police have found a half-ton truck that was stolen from near the Little River Reservoir off Loch Lomond Road.

Police say the stolen truck was involved in a hit-and-run late yesterday before the man driving it was caught a few hours later.

The man faces charges for having stolen goods.

Bookstore Celebrates 10 Years

The independent bookstore "Dave Shoots, Bookseller" is celebrating its 10 year anniversary, which is nothing compared to the age of the books they sell.

Wendy Matheson and her father opened the store on Coburg Street ten years ago to sell old hard covers.

The store is having an Open House on August 13th and 14th to celebrate the milestone and will have a display of old bindings and miniature books.

Matheson says they don't really have a problem competing with major book stores because they don't carry the same type of stock.

Harbour Rocks Country

(A crowd of people waiting for the gates to open for Harbour Rocks on Friday evening)
(Photo By Sherry Aske)

Country music fans in the city will be headed to Reunion 2010's Harbour Rocks Country show at Fort LaTour tonight.

The event is part of Saint John's 225th birthday celebrations and spokes-person Lisa Hrabluk tells CHSJ News Fort LaTour can accommodate a few thousand people so they're hoping for a crowd.

Hrabluk says along with performances by Tara Oram, Kevin Chase and Phil Kennedy there's also a 20 minute firework show beginning at 10 o'clock that you should be able to see from anywhere on the waterfront.

Rothesay Launches Book For First 150 Years

What is expected to be a must read for anyone who lives in Rothesay will happen tonight.

A book looking back at the 150 years of the municipality will be unveiled by the authors Jude Carson and Gretchen Kelbaugh.

Kelbaugh tells CHSJ News, there are a variety of topics covered for all the communities before amalgamation back in 1998.

Kelbaugh adds the book opens with an over-view of the communities from 1860 til World War Two.

Along with the read of the Town's history, there are plenty of pictures to have a look at as well.

The book launch happens tonight at the Common starting at seven o'clock.