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Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Two Uptown High Schools Have Too Many Students

According to provincial measurements, there are too many students attending Saint John High and St. Malachy's. 

The Superintendent of School District 8 Micheal Butler tells CHSJ News it will take a couple of years to be in compliance as enrollment continues to decline.There's a waiting list of more than 80 students for the two uptown high schools. 

Butler warns down the road, with those declining enrollments, a decision will have to be made whether four high schools in the city can be maintained. 

Butler estimates within the next four years there will be a thousand fewer students in our high schools.

Arson Suspected In Fire On Kingston Peninsula

The RCMP in Hampton are investigating a suspicious fire and several break-ins at Gorham’s Bluff and Shampers Bluff on the Kingston Peninsula.
The fire destroyed a storage garage on a seasonal property in Gorham’s Bluff. A cabin located on the property was also broken into but nothing appeared to have been stolen.
Break-ins were also reported at a second cabin and several outbuildings at Shamper’s Bluff. 

In addition, two 50-gallon barrels of gasoline and two 20-gallon Jerry cans of heating oil were emptied.

Awards Ceremony Coming Up

A unique recognition of the Port City's best and brightest coming to the Imperial Theatre at the end of this month. The Originals Awards are the brainchild of Artistic Director Judith Mackin, who tells CHSJ News there are over a dozen categories ranging from singer/songwriter to social contributions.

Leading up to the ceremony on May 31, local galleries, bars, and restaurants will be putting on special events as a lead up to the Awards. Categories include Music, New Media, and visual arts. 

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Pennfield Citizens Concerned

Pennfield citizens raising their concerns about wastewater from a fish processing plant leaching into their water. There has been talk of J Smith Excavating Company building a pit for wastewater, but local citizens say they're not prepared to accept that in their neighbourhood. Lester MacKay tells CHSJ News there's been a lack of public consultation, because people weren't aware there might be ash with arsenic dumped near local water supplies until just two weeks ago.

MacKay tells us they've decided not to build the pit in Pennfield, but a new location has not been decided yet. He says wherever it is there will concerns about the smell as well as animals like bears and seagulls being attracted to it.

Romeo and Juliet Coming to Saint John

The Saint John Theatre Company putting a new spin on a Shakespearen classic. Romeo and Juliet will run at the Imperial Theatre from May 17th to 19th. Director Stephen Tobias tells CHSJ News they've taken a uniquely local approach to the tragedy, with the warring Montague and Capulet families being portrayed as Anglophone and Francophone.

Some of the dialogue will be in a French translation with English subtitles playing simultaneously on a screen. The actors playing the title roles are local teenagers, just like in the original. Tickets are available at the Imperial Theatre Box Office.

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