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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Waterloo Village Holds Neighbourhood Clean-Up

One of the busiest parts of town will be getting a face-lift this weekend as a community clean-up is held in the Waterloo Village area.

Penni Eisenhauer with Vibrant Communities tells CHSJ News nice weather does help, but she's hopeful they'll get a big crowd regardless. 

Eisenhauer says they're hoping to get 50 to 100 people out.

The clean-up kicks off at 11am at the Corner of Cliff and Waterloo Street or at the highrise on Brunswick Drive. Gloves and bags will be provided.

Conservation Important For Musquash Trail

The Nature Conservancy of Canada working to clean up an area of Musquash that is environmentally sensitive.

Ann Morrison with the Nature Conservancy of Canada tells CHSJ News they'll be hiking and sprucing up the Five Fathom Hole trail today to help get the public interested in Conservation.

Morrison says the trail is part of the last fully functioning estuary in the Bay of Fundy so it is important to protect.

Morrison says litter isn't so much of an issue along the trail but they will be bringing garbage bags to collect any debris that have washed onto the trail's beaches.

Emergency Response Test-Run At Lepreau

Have no fear, it's only a test -- Point Lepreau will be conducting a one-day security exercise today involving the plant's nuclear response team, police, and provincial emergency crews.

Emergency vehicles will be in the Lepreau area throughout the day.

Station Director Wade Parker says the exercise is to test the effectiveness of their emergency response strategy as part of the Nuclear Safety and Control Act.

Car Found In Flames

A vehicle reported as stolen found in flames on the city's outskirts.

A call coming in at 8 o'clock last night that a car was on fire on the Sand Cove Road near the Nature Park.

District Chief Gerry Morris says crews arrived on scene to find the 2009 Hyundai fully engulfed in flames.

Morris says a call came in 30 minutes earlier that the vehicle was reported stolen from the uptown area.

Morris says the fire was definitely set and city police are investigating.

Crews also responding to a minor fire at the Charles Gorman Arena on University Avenue.

One of the flood lights catching fire at 10 o'clock last night but burnt itself out by the time crews arrived.

Get Out Your Hiking Boots- It's Internatinal Trails Day

Get out and enjoy some hiking and nature as today is International Trails Day.

Nathalie Rayne with the NB Trails Council says there are events happening throughout the province.

She says given the downturn in the economy, more and more people are turning to trails as free form of entertainment and exercise.

For more information and a schedule of events celebrating International Trails Day, click here.