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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Province Commits to Hospice Saint John

[Health Minister Mary Schryer- - -File Photo]
Provincial cash and plenty of it was being handed out by the Liberal Government in Saint John yesterday. Premier Graham and Health Minister Schryer announced the Province's commitment of $730,000 dollars every year as part of the operating cost of Hospice Saint John. Schryer tells CHSJ News, a deal to become partners was solidified last year:

 This facility in West Saint John is the first of it's kind in Atlantic Canada and Premier Graham tells CHSJ News, this will give patients at their end of their life the dignity they deserve:
Schryer also presented Mindcare with a cheque earlier in the day totalling ten thousand dollars to go toward the 23rd annual Investors Group Skate to Care. The over $142,000 dollars raised will go toward mental health projects around the Province.

Hospice Money Reaction

Sandy Johnson is the Executive Director of Hospice Saint John and tells CHSJ News, every year at the Regional Hospital, 400 patients with a paliative illness die but only two hundred of those spend their final days in the paliative unit.

Johnson says Hospice's financial commitment to the ten bed facility every year is $700,000. Renovations to the West-Side facility should be finished by next month with an opening expected in the fall.

It's Tax Season

Whether anyone likes it or not it's time to start getting ready to do your taxes. Roger Haineault is with Help for Taxes and tells CHSJ News, it's hard to believe but the computers in Ottawa get turned on tomorrow.

Haineault says it's important to keep an eye on your mail for any receipts and your T-4 slip and start gathering up any receipts that show your medical expenses or you donated to a charity. The deadline for you to file is April.30th.

A Change of Pace This Valentines Day

If chocolates and flowers aren't your thing, the Bank of Montreal has an alternative for you on this Valentines Day. Recognizing that money can be the root of relationship break-ups, BMO believes planning for the future can build a strong relationship. Larry Mosser is regional manager for investments and tells CHSJ News, instead of setting a date for dinner, set a date to speak with a financial planner.

Mosser adds while it doesn't sound as romantic as a dinner or a walk along the beach, meeting with a financial planner will help your relationship look at the big financial picture.

CUPE Sends Valentine Cards

Members of CUPE Local 2745 are giving out Valentine's Day cards to members of Provincial government.

Provincial President Sandy Harding tells CHSJ News the Premier, Finance Minister and Education Minister all received their own cards.
Harding adds that Finance Minister Greg Byrne's card points out how non-teaching staff positions like Teacher and Library Assistants not having full time hours is a negative impact on all children in the school system.

District 6 Education Council Surplus

[District 6 Superintendent Zoe Watson-----File Photo]
The District 6 education council is looking at a surplus by years end in regards to it's budget. Superintendent Zoe Watson tells CHSJ News, as of January 29th, there is over 10 thousand dollars in the fund but is expected to drop by the end of the year adding the leftover money will go towards purchasing anti-bullying posters
.Watson says at recent consultation meeting with parents, anti-bullying messages were a top priority adding any money left after the purchase of the posters will go towards buying more books.

Rothesay Gets Some New Gear

The town of Rothesay is spending some cash for new public works equipment. Over $165 thousand dollars is going toward a MT6 Trackless multi purpose sidewalk tractor. Director of Municipal Operation Scott Hatcher says this is equipment that is used by every municipality.

The town is also spending $23 thousand dollars on a Bobcat utility vehicle and 13 thousand dollars on a pavement marking line painter.