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Friday, August 28, 2009

Latest on Tropical Storm Danny

If your taking part in the Dragon Boat Festival tomorrow, no doubt your keeping a close watch on Tropical Storm Danny. This is the latest information we have. The hurricane center in Dartmouth is now predicting this will be a mostly rain event which will roll into our backyard late tomorrow and pull out Sunday afternoon. Forecaster's are now calling for anywhere between 70-90 millimeters of rain in less than a 24 hour span. Heavy swell associated with the storm may cause signifigant surf and rip tides along the coastal areas and people are being urged to stay a good distance back.

As far as the wind is concerned, meteorologists say it will be windy but not as bad as first predicted.

President of UNB Says Goodbye

The long-time face of UNB is fading into the back-ground. John McLaughlin delivered his final adress in his role as President this afternoon saying goodbye to colleagues and friends. He tells CHSJ News, his greatest accomplishment is strengthing the school's role as a national university.
McLaughlin says there are many challenges for the university in the future including fiscal and competition. Dr. Eddie Campbell assumes the role of President on Tuesday.

KV Library is Staying Put

Landing Court will continue to be the home of the Kennebecasis Library. The facilities board voted unanimously to leave the building where it is as opposed to a possible move to Rothesay. An independent study, which cost tens of thousands of dollars stated the current location is fine but in need of an expansion. Quispamsis Mayor Murray Driscoll tells CHSJ News, the town owns the property adjacent to the library which is available.

Driscoll adds there has been alot of talk recently about environmental concerns with said property but that is not the case.

How Are Things Coming Along on the Q-Plex

Despite all of the rain this summer, construction marches on for the Q-Plex Facility. After breaking ground six weeks ago, crews are now pouring concrete, putting in footings and building the first floor walls. Project Manager Barry Brown tells CHSJ News, so far, not alot of complaints from neighbours.

Brown says the project remains on schedule for completion next summer.

Meeting at the Norton Legion

Several communities have received a letter from the Department of Transportation in recent days. It's notification of a service cut-back which includes no longer cleaning out parking lots such as churches and Legions. Gord McKenzie with the Norton Legion is not pleased and tells CHSJ News, this is not the same as several church parking lots in other communities paying for it's plowing service because this building also serves as the EMO set-up for the community.

Mckenzie says the letter indicates this move is necessary due to cost restrictions. A meeting to discuss the issue is set for tonight, seven o'clock at the Norton Legion.

New Technology for Parking

Imagine if you can being able to put some extra minutes on your parking display ticket from your Black-Berry. The technology is available and being used by city officials in Fredericton in their off-street lots. With the help of a credit card, you can pay for the day or add some time if your running late.

This technology is also being used in several other cities from coast to coast.
Richard Smith is General Manager of the Saint John Parking Commission and tells CHSJ News, they are aware of the technology and it is something they will further examine about bringing to Saint John.

Sales-Persons Being Investigated

Four salespersons involved in the promotion of an alleged illegal distribution of securities issued by a shell company related to CTIC, will appear in front of a panel of the New Brunswick Securities Commission next month. Staff have filed a motion alleging that Pierre Emond and Armel Drapeau of Edmundston, Jules Bossé of St-Jacques and Robert Saintonge of Fredericton promoted an illegal distribution of CTIC securities.

NBSC staff believe the distribution shows signs of a Ponzi scheme. The initial bankruptcy trustee indicates that money received from investors was being used to pay other investors. The scheme, which is still under investigation, is currently estimated to be in the range of $15 million, $5.7 million of which was in this Province.

Princess Street Block Party Tonight

The city's Fusion group is hosting a block party tonight to celebrate the completion of phase one of the Princess Street redevelopment. Sebastian, Happinez Wine Bar, O'Leary's, and the Big Tide Brew Pub will feature appetizers and drink specials along with musical entertainment. Spokesperson Kelly Lawson tells CHSJ news they hope to draw a large crowd.

City Planner Jody Kliffer will also be delivering an update on the street reconstruction project. The block party will take place between 5:30 to 7pm tonight on Princess Street between Canterbury and Prince William Streets.

Tropical Storm Danny Losing Steam

Saint Johners can expect about 50 mms of rain and up to 70 km per hour winds this Saturday night as Tropical Storm Danny hits us. Meteorologist Claude Cote with Environment Canada tells CHSJ news the system is less vigorous now and will cross the mainland of Nova Scotia--not New Brunswick.

The storm is currently centred over the Atlantic just East of Georgia.

Lifesaving Society Issues Warning Ahead of Tropical Storm Danny

Strong words from the Lifesaving Society today in anticipation of Tropical Storm Danny, which is expected to reach the Maritimes this weekend. Hurricane Bill had a minor impact on the province last weekend but Executive Director, Elizabeth Lamothe, says many people took risks during the storm that were nothing short of stupid. Last Sunday, thousands of people stood on ocean beaches to look at the large waves. She says they not only put themselves in danger but they also risked the lives of their potential rescuers.

The organization is warning people to stay away from the water this weekend when the tropical storm makes landfall. Three young men were swept off the rocks at Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia during Hurricane Bill forcing rescue personnel to retrieved them. A family in Maine was also swept out to sea where a 7 year old girl was pronounced dead.

Pink Bus Continues Tour in NB

The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation is touring the Atlantic region promoting the importance of breast screening and early detection. The “Pink Bus” is stopping in Quispamsis today as well as Grand Bay Westfield and Sussex this weekend--after already making stops in Saint John and Rothesay. Tour Rep, Selina Hughes tells CHSJ News the goal is to have 85 per cent of all women over 40 in Atlantic Canada routinely screened for breast cancer by 2010.

Hughes says 1 in 8 women in Atlantic Canada will be diagnosed with breast cancer and only 53 per cent are going in for regular screening--which is the highest in the country. The five month "pink bus" tour will include a total of 124 stops in four provinces.