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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Seadogs Take a 2-0 Series Lead in Quarter-Final

(Seadogs Goaltender Marco Cousineau)
      (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

32 saves by Marco Cousinea helped back-stop the Seadogs to a 7-2 win over Gatineau last night at the Station.

Saint John now owns a 2-0 lead in their best of seven quarter-final. Jonathan Huberdeau led the dogs attack with two goals and head coach Gerard Gallant knows Gatineau isn't going to roll over.

Game three is Tuesday night in Gatineau. Gallant adds he is very impressed with the team effort his players are showing.

Seadogs Win Game Two of Quarter-Final Series

Energy Minister Not Impressed With Proposal From Ottawa

(Energy Minister Jack Keir)
         (File Photo)

A day late and $150 million dollars short.....that reaction from Energy Minister Jack Keir to the proposal from Ottawa to Fredericton concerning the future of the Harbour Bridge.
Keir tells CHSJ News, he is how-ever encouraged MP Rodney Weston has come to the table after the Province sent a letter to Ottawa 14 months ago.

Keir adds the $17.5 million Ottawa has put on the table to walk away from the Harbour Bridge is not fair or acceptable.

Ottawa Makes an Offer Concerning Future of Harbour Bridge

(File Photo of the Harbour Bridge)

The Province wanted to hear from Ottawa concerning the Harbour Bridge and here we go.

A letter is on it's way to Premier Graham outlining a proposal.

Ottawa is willing to forgive the bridge's out-standing debt and withdraw from the Authority and will provide $17.5 million toward repairs.
In return, the bridge becomes part of Highway One with the province responsible for all future costs and the tolls are removed immediately.

MP Rodney Weston tells CHSJ News, this would have happened much sooner if the Graham Government had been involved.

Another piece of the proposal is City Hall would no longer be responsible for further costs to the Harbour Bridge.

Premier Graham Has No Plan To Step Down

(Premier Graham Speaking to CHSJ News)
                (File Photo)

Despite what you may have heard, Premier Shawn Graham is in the for the long haul.

There has been speculation that with the NB Power-Hydro Quebec deal dead, he may step aside before the Sept.27th Provincial vote.
Graham tells CHSJ News, he stands by his parties track record which includes 169 new doctors and record achivements in Grade two literacy scores.
Graham adds he is looking forward to the campaign.

Lane Closed on Old Rothesay Road

No doubt, if you live on or near the Old Rothesay Road, you know there has been construction in the area for several weeks now.

City Police remind everyone that the west-bound lane is closed to all traffic.

If you are heading west, you have to take the Fox Farm Road to get up on Highway One.

City Officers will patrol the area all week and will hand out tickets for anyone caught using the west-bound lane.

Enterprise Saint John on the Hunt for Future Projects

With plenty of interest in investment activity, Enterprise Saint John is keeping busy with several irons in the fire.

A lot of momentum was lost in Greater Saint John when plans for a second refinery and a new look for Long Wharf were shelved.

General Manager Steve Carson tells CHSJ News, the spirit of entrepreneurship and the daily drive is what makes Greater Saint Joh successful.
Carson is quick to point out, mega-projects must still be planned for and encouraged but employment has been stable with-out one.

Spring Clean-Ups Set to Get Started

A series of spring cleanups will begin this month to coincide with Earth Day.

After a long winter, plenty of garbage has surfaced was once hidden by piles of snow.

Tim Vickers with the Atlantic Coastal Action Program tells CHSJ News, they find appliances and grocery carts but some of the debris ends up there naturally.

Vickers adds anywhere from half a dozen to a dozen Spring cleanups will be held on April 24th-the Saturday after Earth Day.

The annual Marsh Creek Clean Up is coming up on May 15th.

Ramping Up Computer Recycling

For 5 dollars, you can get rid of that dinosaur computer taking up space in your house.

The Fundy Region Solid Waste Commission is now recycling computers all year long.

Brenda MacCallum tells CHSJ News, they have combined Household Hazardous Waste with Computer Recycling.

You can take your old computer to the landfill's Household Hazardous Waste Facility between eight and noon every Saturday for five dollars.

They also accept batteries, paint and motor oil at no charge.