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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Heavy Rainfall This Weekend Could Lead To Flooding

They say a little rain never hurt anyone, but the same isn't true for a lot of rain.

As of late last night, Saint John was the recipient of the second highest amount of rainfall in the province with 80mm, with the first being Grand Manan. That comes on the heels of an advisory issued by River Watch warning people who live in flood-prone areas to keep an eye out for high water levels. 

They say that homeowners who have experienced flooding during heavy rain storms in the past, should make sure that their rain gutters, culverts and ditches are free from debris and leaves.

Car Collides With Deer On East Side

One of our road warriors giving us a heads up that traffic is currently backed up after a collision on Loch Lomond Road between a car and a deer. We're hearing that the deer went through the glass window.

Food Truck Debate Sign of City's Growth, Confidence In Economy Says Mayor

Having food vendors vying for space to operate is what the mayor calls a good problem.

Mayor Mel Norton tells CHSJ News that the food truck debate is a problem that signals growth and a sign that entrepreneurs see opportunity in this city and have confidence in economy if they're willing to take a chance on Saint John.

Norton says that finding a compromise between existing restaurants and the street vendors is one of those challenges that comes when growth happens. 

But the wheels are turning: Waterfront Development plans on meeting with Market Square tenants to talk about the possibility of allowing food trucks.

Chief Coroner Admits Drowning Death Remains A Mystery

There's still a lot of mystery about what happened in the three minutes 17 Year old Yifan Wang  hit the water at the Aquatic Centre until he was discovered unconscious in the deep end of the pool. That admission from Chief Coroner Greg Forestell in spite of an inquest at which 21 witnesses testified. 

Forestell does say, if nothing else, at least a lot of rumours and misconceptions were disspelled. The inquest determined Wang was not sick when he drowned or on drugs. 

Forestell regrets not being able to find out more about what sort of person Yifan was but his parents remained in China and did not attend the inquest.

He admits we still don't know what transpired in the 3 minutes from the time Yifan  hit the water until he was discovered unconscious in the pool and likely never will.

The family has until mid September to decide whether or not to launch legal action against the Aquatic Centre.