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Thursday, June 2, 2011

First Capital Campaign For St. Joseph's Hosptial A Huge Success

The St. Joseph's Hospital Foundation celebrating the rousing success of their first ever capital campaign.

The foundation raising over 3.5 million dollars and the money has been used to purchase a new CT scanner, digital mammography equipment, and new tech for the Urology Centre. 

Radiologist Dr. Michael Salgado says the CT scanner is cutting edge because it exposes patients to smaller doses of radiation than older scanners.

He says it's the only scanner in the city to offer low dose radiation.

Pink Tour Buses Hit The Road Again

After sweeping success last summer, the big, pink double-decker buses will be back again this year.  

Shirley Elliott with Ambassatours Gray Line tells CHSJ News the buses help get cruise ship passengers to attractions that aren't in walking distance and tourists love the fact that a portion of their ticket goes towards the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and the Local Seafarers' Mission.

If you want a chance to ride on one of the pink double deckers, tours run this Saturday and Sunday for a donation of 5 dollars per person or 10 dollars per family. 

City Mayor Not Afraid of Backlash From Paving Companies

Mayor Ivan Court is making no apologies for wanting a quality guarantee on road repairs in the city.

Council has asked city staff to look into adding quality assurance clauses onto tenders and hold contractors accountable for roads that break down earlier than expected.

Court tells CHSJ News he's not afraid of contractors not wanting to bid on the jobs due to the city's demands.

He says he shouldn't be seeing cracks in the first year of a newly paved road, so there is either a problem with the quality of the application or with the materials being used.

He adds the city will be willing to pay extra for better quality materials as it will save money in the long run.

City staff will have a report back to council in the coming weeks.

Post Office Defends Contract Offer To Union

A 17 per cent drop in mail over the past five years, largely because of the internet, is one of the financial challenges facing Canada Post as a strike deadline of midnight approaches.

That word from John Hamilton of Canada Post who tells CHSJ News there is also the multi-billion dollar pension deficit to contend with. He says last year Canada Post put two million dollars a day into that penson which is for the benefit of the employees and you need a healthy company to do be able to do that.

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers says a key unresolved issue is sick leave.

According to Hamilton, Canada Post doesn't want to be forced to raise its rates or go to the taxpayer for additional revenue.

Fire Damages Three-Story In South End

The fire is out and no one was hurt but, a three story South end building housing several businesses did suffer damage.Crews arriving after 11 this morning could see black smoke coming from the blaze at 57 Ross Street.
District Fire Chief Eric Garland says the fire began in Port City Furniture Plus which contains a lot of equipment.

Garland adds fire investigators are looking into the cause but it does not appear to be suspicious.

The origin of the fire is a room used for general storage closer to the Ross street entrance.
It's expected the building will be closed for a few days.

More Saint Johnners Urged To Take Up Commuter Challenge

Saint John is doing a lot better than Fredericton and Moncton when it comes to participating in next week's commuter challenge.

18 local organisations are registered with more than 21 hundred employees. That compares to just 2 in Fredericton and 4 in Moncton.

Consultant Craig Campbell says it's part of Environment Week and has all to do with people using another way to get to work besides using their car.

This is a national competition which starts on Sunday. Campbell says if you can do just one thing during the week, it will count, so you don't have to be committed the whole time.
To sign up for the commuter challenge, click here

Significant Increase In Gas Prices

You'll have to pay more for gas if you have to fill up after the weekly setting.......Self serve regular in the city has gone up by over 3 and a half cents a litre to $1.25.8.

Diesel is also higher at $1.28 a litre.

Propane is a bit cheaper with a listed maximum price of $1.13.3 a litre.

Postal Workers On Verge Of Strike Action

The President of the Saint John Chapter of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers says workers here are ready to take to the picket line if the national union and Canada Post can't reach a deal by the end of the day.

Wally Moore tells CHSJ News everyone is feeling a little apprehensive but you won't see any workers crossing the picket line as everyone is 100 percent committed to the national union.

He adds nobody ever wants to go on strike but the dealbreakers, like proposed changes to their sick leave plan, have not been resolved.

If a deal is not reached, the workers will be going on strike as of midnight.

The Pink Double Decker Buses Hitting The Road Again

The big, pink double-decker tour buses are such a success in Saint John, Halifax and Charlottetown are getting them as well.

Shirley Elliott with Ambassatours Gray Line tells CHSJ News this Saturday and Sunday Saint Johners will have a chance to ride the pink buses.

 The buses help get cruise ship passengers to attractions that aren't within walking distance but that's not the only reason they're popular according to Elliot. A survey taken last year shows overwhelmingly people wanted to donate because of the cause.

Donations of 5 dollars per person or 10 dollars per family for the tour will go towards the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and the local Seafarers' Mission.