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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Man Injured in St. Andrews Crash

The RCMP is investigating a crash in St. Andrews that left one man with serious injuries.

At around 6 on October 31, 2012, on Mowat Drive in St. Andrews the pickup truck the 28 year old was driving left the road and rolled over.

Police suspect that alcohol may have been a contributing factor in the crash and failure to wear a seatbelt may have contributed to the driver’s injuries.

Worries Voiced About New Highway

The little communities of Pocologan and Bethel aren't complaining about the new highway, but they are concerned it's going to reroute customers way from their small businesses.

Liberal MLA Rick Doucet tells CHSJ News there needs to be less red tape around highway signage so they can stay alive before the 2013 tourist seaon.
Doucet says when it's done right highway signage can be a major tool to spur economic growth, and currently the rules about what signs can go where are both too restrictive and too expensive to follow for most small business owners.

Mispec Work Could be Done By 2013

Mispec could be getting a facelift by spring.

The city is putting out a call for tenders on work that needs to be done to the beach, including replacing the storm-damaged steps with a path down to the beach and measures to stop shore erosion.

Trevor Gamblin is the facilities manager and he tells CHSJ news they've applied for funding for the $250,000 project from the Disaster Relief Fund, but at the end of the day the OK needs to come from the city.

No word from Canaport LNG on whether they plan to help withthe work as they have in past years.

CEO Says Shale Gas Isn't Such A Bad Idea

Some innovative thinking is needed to dig New Brunswick out of its economic hole.

Major Drilling CEO Francis McGuire tells CHSJ news we need to think about things like transportation and maybe even shale gas to create higher-paying jobs.

New Brunswick desperately needs to grow its tax base, but we're not exactly excelling at that. He says we should ideally be adding 375,000 people a day to our population, but in fact we haven't added a single person in five years.
According to McGuire, New Brunswickers earn only 85% of the average income in Canada, and we won't have a stable tax base until we get up to speed.

Saint John To Welcome Unexpected Ship Tomorrow

It's unexpected and harkens back to the beginnings of the cruise ship industry in Saint John..we are getting a cruise ship visit tomorrow.

The Emerald Princess is due in Port at 8am at the Marco Polo cruise ship terminal arriving just days after the official end of the 2012 cruise ship season.

Beth Kelly Hatt of Aquila Tours tells CHSJ News they have scrambling to get volunteers and staff back who thought the season was over.

The extra call brings the total cruise calls in 2012 to 75 ships and the total number of passengers to about 193,000.

The ship made her very first call to the Port City last month which was also and unscheduled stop because of weather conditions.
The Emerald Princess is due in at 8 tomorow morning.

Video Show Smith Being Forcibly Tranquilized

Surveillance videos screened at a coroner's inquest in Toronto into the prison death of a troubled teenager from Moncton show her being repeatedly tranquilized against her will by corrections officials.

The videos were released yesterday after a two-year fight.

They show 19-year-old Ashley Smith at several points in the run-up to her October 2007 choking death in her cell in Kitchener, Ontario.

One clip from that year shows guards restraining a hooded Smith on an airplane as she is transferred from a Saskatoon prison, where a supervisor had assaulted her.

City Police Locate Missing SUV

The stolen SUV that RCMP were trying to find was found in Saint John last night on Waterloo Street by City police.

No arrests have been made in the case.

The black 2002 Ford Explorer went missing from a home Grand Bay-Westfield early Wednesday morning.

The Mounties believe this incident could be related to the thefts of four other vehicles recently.

Halloween Night Was Mischief Free

Rothesay Regional Police report a busy but uneventful Halloween in the valley with more kids out trick or treating til nearly 9 o'clock likely because of the weather.

It was a similar story in Saint John with zero reports of any mischief last night.

Gas Dips Slightly

It's a tiny bit cheaper to fill up today.

Self-serve regular is down slightly to 123.8 a litre from 124.1 a litre last week but selling for 121.2 at some city pumps.

Diesel is up at 139.3 a litre but selling for 136.7 a litre around the city.