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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Survey Shows No Union for the Mounties

A new poll may put an end to years of talk about unionizing the RCMP.

It was carried out for the Mounted Police Members' Legal Fund and finds that 56.7 per cent of people from coast to coast don't think a union is necessary.

Chairman of the fund is Staff Sargeant Murray Brown who tells CHSJ News, this is a good news story for everyone involved in the fact that the people they serve and the membership are on the same page.
The survey was conducted between May.29th and June.3rd when just over 1000 people were called.

Bell-Aliant Getting Connection Restored

It may be awhile yet before internet and phone service is re-stored to almost 500 Bell-Aliant customers in the Rothesay area.

The company says the connection was lost mid-morning when water got into one of the lines.

Crews have been working to get things dried out but a company spokes-person tells CHSJ News, work on restoring the line will continue into this afternoon and this evening.

Some customers have had their service restored.

A Reminder For Business Owners

Most of us did it months ago but anyone who is self-employed, a reminder that you have a week to file your income tax.

That also includes spouses or common law partners that your papers all have to be in order by June.15th.
If you have an outstanding balance for 2009, it had to be paid on or before April 30 to avoid interest.

A late-filing penalty on amounts owing will apply to any returns received or postmarked after next Tuesday.

Watching the Whales With Local Cruise Promoters

Local cruise promoters are working hard to make sure those attending a major cruise industry conference this week walk away with a lasting impression of the area.

Part of that effort included a whale watching excursion from St Andrew's - and - the Port Authority's Betty MacMillan tells CHSJ News it will pay dividends.
The conference includes cruise line executives from around the world.

Close Call For Motorcycle Drivers

A close call last night for two men. Hampton RCMP spotted two motorcycles doing wheelies just after six o'clock on Highway 100 and pulled them over.
When the officer was getting out of his vehicle, both motorcycles took off.

One of the drivers, a 21-year old man from St. Stephen, looked over his shoulder to see where the officer was when he crashed into the other motorcycle driven by a 28-year old Saint John man.
Both were rushed to the Regional, checked out and sent home.

Officers have issued several fines to both drivers who will appear before a judge as well concerning their driving habits.

Saint John Doctor Speaks Out Against Tanning Beds

A Saint John dermatologist is speaking out about what he says is the danger of using tanning beds. Dr. Douglas Keeling tells CHSJ News its not only him who's saying this. The World Health Organisation has tanning beds in the same high risk category as plutonium, asbestos, arsenic and even mustard gas. He says tanning beds deliver the same amount of ultraviolent radiation in five minutes what the sun does, at the equator, in half an hour and he has seen the presence of venereal warts in people who have used them.
Dr. Keeling will be talking about the dangers of tanning at a public meeting being staged by the Cancer Society at the Lily Lake Pavilion starting at 7:00 Wednesday night.

Mayor Says Stimulus Programme Was Flawed

(Saint John Mayor Ivan Court)
              (File Photo)

There is a fear at City Hall that millions of dollars Saint John was to receive under the federal stimulus plan may go unspent and be clawed back by Ottawa. Mayor Ivan Court says municipalities across the country are asking the programme be expanded. The Mayor claims it was flawed from the start because it was to run for two years but took six months to get up and running. Court also says there should be a bit more flexibility in what the money is spent on as long as it benefits the city's infrastructure. He estimates more than 400 million dollars has been spent in the city.

Today is World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day today takes on a whole new meaning with the world still watching the Gulf of Mexico closely.
This after an oil rig explosion caused a well to pour millions of litres into the ocean with the clean-up continuing.
David Thompson is with the Conservation Council and tells CHSJ News, the oil disaster has a direct link to this Province and the Bay of Fundy.

A booth with more information on World Oceans Day will be set up near the Germain Street entrance to the Market until two this afternoon.

Full House In Quispamsis To Hear About Lyme Disease

(Robert Doucet At Public Meeting On Lyme Disease In Quispamsis)
                                  (Photo by Sherry Aske)

The Kennebecasis Valley is taking the time to learn about Lyme Disease. Robert Doucet from the City's Lyme Disease Advisory committy presented to a full house at Quispamsis Town Hall to explain how deer ticks spread the bacterial infection. He says you don't have to stay inside but you do have to take precautions by tucking in your clothes and using a bug spray with Deet.
Doucet says if you find a tick on yourself you should get a doctor to remove it and then send the tick away to find out it carried the Lyme Disease bacteria. Early diagnosis is key. Common symptoms are a bullseye shaped rash or arthritic pain in your joints and the most common places to attract Lyme disease are tall grassy areas and leaf piles.

Quispamsis Mayor Wants Bylaw On Feeding Of Deer For Entire K-V

(Quispamsis Mayor Murray Driscoll)
               (File Photo)

Quispamsis is looking to adopt a similar by law to Rothesay when it comes to feeding the deer. Mayor Murray Driscoll says he's read the by-law and says it would make sense to adopt the same one because if Quispamsis is going to tackle the deer issue with Rothesay and Hampton, it makes sense to have an overall bylaw for the entire Valley.
Driscoll says deer aren't getting their own food anymore, as they should as part of nature, but are getting used finding dessert tables in peoples gardens and purposely feeding deer isn't helping.

Mayor Blasts Critics of City's Water Planning

(Saint John Mayor Ivan Court)
             (File Photo)

Mayor Ivan Court says he wants to set the record straight on the planning that has been done for clean, safe drinking water. The Mayor says the city did what it had to do and delivered the water plan to both the provincial and federal governments complete with costing. He claims the Federation of Canadian Municipalities has singled out Saint John for praise in the city's ability to secure funding.
Court says he decided to speak out because any criticism of the city in this regard is unfair and unjustified.

Common Council Hears Criticism Of Enterprise Saint John

Enterprise Saint John coming under fire at Common Council. Councillor Patty Higgins is the most vocal critic charging Enterprise Saint John doesn't seem interested, judging by the lack of feedback she has seen, in attracting the industries of the future and using renewable energy in the city's industrial parks. Fellow Councillors Bill Farren and Donnie Snook are also questioning why Enterprise Saint John has not replied to requests from Council for input.The issue will be discussed when City Manager Pat Woods meets with Enterprise Saint John on Friday.

City To Examine How To Make It Easier For Pedestrians And Cyclists

(Common Councillor Carl Killen)
               (File Photo)

The city will look at the fesibility of having a dedicated lane just for pedestrians and cyclists to make their way from the north end over the viaduct into the uptown. Common Councillor Carl Killen says he has heard concerns, more so, with the closure of Harbour Passage to allow for repairs to the bridge. He goes on to say its not a pleasant experience and you, literally, take your life in your hands with the traffic.
Killen and fellow councillor Gary Sullivan add six lanes of traffic are too much.

Repairs Having Minimal Effect On Bridge Traffic

(Harbour Bridge In Saint John)
            (File Photo)

Construction to the Harbour Bridge is going well. Ken Anthony, General Manager of  the Harbour Bridge Authority, says despite the construction, traffic hasn't been affected that badly. He claims in the morning rush hour, drivers only have to wait for 8 to 10 minutes. The main hold up isn't in the morning though but rather in the afternoon rush hour going westbound where the on ramps merge with the highway.

Saint John M-P Welcomes New Offer On Bridge

(Saint John M-P Rodney Weston)
              (File Photo)

Saint John MP Rodney Weston is more optimistic about a long term solution on the Harbour Bridge than he was a week ago.
An offer from the Provincial government will see the tolls removed as long as Ottawa agrees to pay half the cost of repairs for the next 30 years.
Rodney Weston tells CHSJ News it would be cynical of him to question the timing of this offer with a provincial election coming in September.
Weston says he isn't sure about the timelime of resolving it by the end of June, he says it would be better to get the right deal rather than the quick deal. He wants to discuss the proposal with his federal colleagues, ACOA Minister Keith Ashfield and Transport Minister John Baird before commenting on the specifics.

Saint Johnners Can Learn More About Future Plans Of Exhibition Association

The public is invited to learn more about the future plans of the Exhibition Association.
The group recently polled the community for ideas on redevelopment of its site with an online survey.
President Paul Gilbride tells CHSJ News the consultants working on the Association's redevelopment project are meeting with key groups who might use the new facilities.
The Open House will be held on June 24th from 5:30 to 8pm.