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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wellness Week Starts Tomorrow

With a brutal fall cold making the rounds in Greater Saint John, it's good timing for this.
The first Provincial Wellness Week begins tomorrow with the theme-Celebrate the Wellness Movement.

It's a week to recognize the province’s progress towards a culture of well-being and to celebrate efforts by individuals, families, communities to take actions to improve wellness.
For more info on Wellness Week activities, check out this website:

Deputy Mayor Urging City To Tap Into Sports Tourism

(Deputy Mayor Stephen Chase)
            (File Photo)

Saint John has a new organisation in place whose mandate it will be to boost tourism and there's one idea on the table coming from  Deputy Mayor Stephen Chase who says sports tourism has become quite lucrative as cities elsewhere cash in by being known as tournament capitals.

He acknowledges that can't happen now because, for one thing, Saint John doesn't have a multi-ice arena.

There was talk a few years ago of building a multi-ice arena out east when Norm McFarlane was Mayor and Saint John Portland M-L-A Trevor Holder talked about the L-B-R being turned into such a facility to help revitalise that part of the north end. Both efforts, though, came to naught.

Before anything happens, the city is being urged to come up with a master plan for recreation.

Comex Service Celebrates Third Anniversary

(One Of The Many Comex Bus Stands)
             (File Photo)

Saint John Transit's Comex Service is celebrating it's third anniversary this month.
General Manager Frank McCarey tells CHSJ News, the passenger numbers have gone up slightly every year with those making the transition staying committed to the service even when the price of gasoline dropped from it's jaw dropping $1.30 to $1.40 range a litre.
Mccarey says they aleviated that problem by purchasing the articulated buses that can seat 61 people.
As for any fare increases, Mccarey says Common Council is still going over the numbers and theyb hope to make a presentation around the horseshoe in the coming weeks.

Search For Answers Continues

(Trish Green(left) Speaks To The Media)
        (Photo By Jim Hennessy)

The search for answers continues for the family of Harold and Corey Cossaboom.

The fisherman's vessel "Whole Family" went down off St. Martins back in February and the boat or their bodies have still not been re-covered.

Trish Green is Corey Cossaboom's sister and says a day doesn't go by she doesn't miss her only brother.

Back on March.19th, the family was told the Coast Guard would make the vessel "Mathew" which is equipped for this type of search available but a week later, an official with the Department of Fisheries called to tell them quote, sending the vessel would be a waste of taxpayers money.

Recently, a scallop dragger the R.L.S out of Digby sank in the same area and the family believes there has to be something in the area causing this to happen.

New PlayGround Being Constructed In Hampton


The feel good story of the week comes from Hampton where hard work and dedication has produced a new facility for children.

In conjunction with the ""Let Them Be Kids" organization, a new playground is being constructed near the Dr. A.T. Leatherbarrow school.

Principal Lisa Jardine tells CHSJ News, the old facility simply had passed it's best before date.

Jardine says planning for the project began back in May and her school is the first in the Province to be awarded the project.

With community in kind and actual contributions, over $145,000 dollars has been raised which wll be matched by the Let Them Be Kids organization.

To volunteer with the project on Saturday, you can go to this link or call 832-2869 or 832-2332.

More Moose Taken This Year In Three Day Hunt

Preliminary numbers show provincial hunters nabbed 2464 moose this year, up 54 than last year.

3654 licenses were issued which is 143 more than in 2009 and includes 100 licenses from out of province.

A Department of Natural Resources spokesperson tells CHSJ News hunter success was approximately 67 per cent, lower than last year went is was 70 per cent.

The total moose harvest was up in 3 of 4 regions, with 32 less moose shot in the region from Sussex to Fredericton down four per cent from last year.

New Organisation To Boost Tourism In Saint John To Be Launched Today

We will learn more about Saint John Destination Marketing today.

The newly formed organisation is taking over the promotion of tourism in the area with a mandate to increase the numbers of visitors.

The group's official lauch is being held in Lily's cafe at the Lily Lake Pavillion at noon today.

President Ross Jefferson and Paulette Hicks of the Saint John Hotel Association will be on hand.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Defeated MLA's Can Clean Up In Pensions After Election

(Retiring MLA Stuart Jamieson)

The price tag for pensions for MLA's defeated on Monday or who chose not to run this fall is staggering according the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.
Kevin Lacey tells CHSJ News the calculation is for estimated lifetime pension based on the average age of a person in this province.

He says they found MLA's could earn over 7.5 million dollars now that the election is over.
Lacey adds outgoing Liberal MLA Stuart Jamieson can potentially earn over 77-thousand dollars annually and more than 1.3 million dollars in an estimated lifetime benefit.

Family Of Lost Fisherman Upset Over The Search

It may shock you to hear that it was seven months ago, the scallop dragger "The Whole Family" went missing off St. Martin's with two fisherman aboard.
The family of Whitehead Island fisherman, Corey Cossaboom, is unhappy with the investigation by the department of Fisheries and Oceans.
Mirjam Cossaboom, Corey's mother, tells CHSJ News more could have been done.

She says they did search but, it took a long time and she has been told not to say too much because someone could sue her family.
Cossaboom and Federal MP Greg Thompson are hosting a news conference at the Saint John Police Association building on Charlotte street tomorrow morning at 11.

Common Councillor Says We Have To Grow Up Rather Than Out

(Common Councillor Donnie Snook)
              (File Photo)

Saint Johnners will be asked to give more input to the city as it comes up with a new municipal plan to guide future development. This latest brainstorming session will be taking place at Simonds High on October 14th.

Common Councillor Donnie Snook says the wave of the future will be to grow upwards and not outwards so Saint Johnners will have to get used to high rises which have run into opposition in the past.

Snook says, in other cities, you see residential development being built on top of existing businesses which are located on the ground floor and maybe that can be considered for some of the flat roof buildings in the uptown if they're structurally strong enough.

The possibility has also been left open for residential development to go on top of the new parking garage that is destined to be built at Peel Plaza.

Snook says he can also see the court building on Charlotte Street being turned into residential development when the new justice complex opens up at Peel Plaza.

License Approved For UNB

UNB in Fredericton has been issued a new Class 1 air quality approval to operate its central heating plant.

The company's current approval expires at the end of next month.

The central heating plant has four industrial sized wood waste fired boiler, two oil fired boilers and one multi-fuelled boiler.

It supplies steam to the majority of the university's buildings and several others including St. Thomas University and the Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital.

More Of Your Feed-Back Is Requested

Plan SJ wants more of your input in the development of a new municipal plan which will be a roadmap to future development for the next generation.

A meeting is scheduled October 14th at Simonds High where you can get your two cents worth in.

Common Councillor Donnie Snook says the time has come for Saint Johnners to get used to high rise residential development.

The possibility has been left open for residential development to be built on top of the new parking garage to be built as part of Peel Plaza.

Maintenance Project At Irving Oil Refinery Underway

At a cost of $72 million dollars, the Irving Oil Refinery has begun a fall maintenance project.

1200 additional workers are giving a full inspection to major processing units at the facility until the middle of November.

The units being worked on include the number three crude unit and sulphur plant.

Officials point out the maintenance work will not disrupt it's regular schedules or customers needs.

The extra workers are trades-people from all across the Province and the country.

KV Chamber Set To Hand Out Hardware

Small Business Week is being celebrated by the KV Chamber of Commerce by handing out some awards next month.

16 pieces of hardware will be awarded in four categories including two special merit awards to Homestar Inc. and Culligan of Rothesay.

A few of the nominated businesses include Dairy Queen, Simply For Life, Informative Computer Solutions and Seaside Transportation Services Inc.

The award ceremony is scheduled for Oct.20th at the Riverside Golf and Country Club.

Power Lost In A Good Portion Of Uptown Saint John

Power has been re-stored after a wide-spread outage rocked most of the metro area this morning.

It was just after 8:30am that Saint John Energy had a problem with it's power station on Union Street.

President and CEO Eric Marr tells CHSJ News, power was lost after a bus-duct, which connects the transformer to switching gear failed.

Crews quickly isolated the problem, called NB Power and asked them to start sending electricity back through the system.

The outage lasted for less than an hour.

No official word on how many customers were with-out electricity but Marr estimates it was close to eight thousand homes and businesses.

Leadership Tips For High School Students

(Former District 8 Education Rep Elizabeth Murphy now at St. Thomas University)
                       (Photo by Tamara Steele)

It's not a shock that finding new ways to encourage young people to take on leadership roles is an uphill battle.

A former District 8 Education council representative believes it's about resources and overcoming challenges.

Elizabeth Murphy tells CHSJ News it's very important to collaborate well with others and communication in student government is a big challenge.

Murphy was last year's high school representative and is now at student at St. Thomas University. She advises the best resources for high school leaders are people including your principal.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Are We Looking At A Re-Count and Municipal By-Election

It could be the middle of next week before the smoke clears on who is the clear winner of Saint John Harbour is between Conservative candidate Carl Killen and Liberal Ed Doherty.

According to officials with Elections NB, the numbers won't be official until Friday and if a candidate is with-in 25 votes of the winner, they can apply for a re-count with-in four days.

If it is less than 25 votes, which it stands at nine in favor of Killen right now, then the re-count is automatic and will happen with-in four days of the numbers being made official.

If Killen is declared the winner, he will have to resign his council seat and a by-election won't happen until May.

Elections NB Happy With The Process

No complaints from the Elections NB Office on how everything played out during last night's vote.
A number of objectives were trying to be reached with new procedures being tested.

Chief Electoral Officer Michael Quinn tells CHSJ News, election officials from around the country were impressed with what they saw and expects they will adopt the set-up.

Quinn says some of the numbers do get hung up as workers at Returning Offices sometimes forget to phone in the results after counting the ballots by hand.

Jack Keir Looks Back On What Was Lost

(Liberal Candidate Fundy River Valley Jack Keir)
                 (File Photo)

Fall-out from the failed NB Power-Hydro Quebec deal along with on-going delays at Point Lepreau appeared to be too much for one man to over-come.

Liberal Jack Keir says he wishes Conservative MLA-Elect Jim Parrot nothing but success.

Keir adds while he is disappointed he has no regrets.

A Look Back At The Race In Saint John East

Not suprised by the final numbers and pleased with how the campaign was run, Saint John East Liberal candidate Kevin McCarville is looking back on how things played out over the past 32 days.
He tells CHSJ News, he isn't sure what his political future holds.
McCarville believes a combination of hatred for the failed NB Power-Hydro Quebec deal and Shawn Graham sealed the party's fate.

Victoria Clarke Plans To Run Again

With a good response at the door, Rothesay Liberal candidate Victoria Clarke is suprised by the final out-come.
As for her political future, Clarke tells CHSJ News, you can expect to hear from her again.

Clarke says she feels that the Liberal party was voted out more than the Conservatives were voted in.

Outgoing M-L-A Says Saint John Benefitted Under The Graham Government

(Saint John Lancaster Liberal Candidate Abel Leblanc)
                    (File Photo)

Abel Leblanc served for two terms as the M-L-A in Saint John Lancaster before losing last night. Leblanc tells CHSJ News the Graham government was good for Saint John.

As for his own record, Leblanc says he's proud of how much money he managed to bring to the riding which was money never brought before.

Leblanc, being somewhat philosophical, says in politics you live by the sword and you die by the sword

Upset In Quispamsis

(Quispamsis Liberal Candidate Mary Schryer)
                (File Photo)

What went wrong?

That is the question on the minds of many Liberal candidates around the Province today.

That includes Mary Schryer in Quispamsis who lost the riding to Conservative MLA-Elect Blaine Higgs.
Schryer tells CHSJ News, she leaves the job with no regrets.
Schryer says in speaking with Blaine Higgs, she wished him all the best and encourages him to get to know his constituents better.

Abel Leblanc Speaks About The Loss

(Saint John Lancaster Liberal Candidate Abel Leblanc)
                   (File Photo)

The outgoing M-L-A in Saint John Lancaster, Abel Leblanc tells CHSJ News he's proud of what he accomplished in the riding and what the Graham government did for Saint John.

Leblanc, who served for two terms, says in politics you live by the sword and you die by the sword.

Ed Doherty Looks Back At The Campaign

(Saint John Harbour Liberal Candidate Ed Doherty)
                    (File Photo)

Liberal Ed Doherty will have to wait a while to see if he has indeed lost in Saint John Harbour.

There will be a recount with Doherty trailing Conservative Carl Killen by just nine votes. Doherty has nothing but praise for Liberal leader Shawn Graham.
Doherty concedes he was taken by surprise at the magnitude of the Conservative landslide.

Former Provincial Cabinet Minister Taken By Surprise At Election Result

(Saint John Harbour Liberal Candidate Ed Doherty)
                  (Photo by Brian McLain)

The final result in Saint John Harbour is still up in the air because there will be a recount. Liberal Ed Doherty is trailing Conservative Carl Killen by 9 votes.

Doherty says he is surprised the Liberals lost so badly.

Doherty, who served in the provincial cabinet, praised Liberal leader Shawn Graham for giving him the latitude to do a number of things in the riding.

Student Vote At KVHS

After hosting a debate during the campaign, a student vote was held at Kennebecasis Valley High School yesterday prior to the Provincial Election numbers being rolled out and the results are very similar.

Just over 83% of the student body cast a ballot with Blaine Higgs capturing 38%, 19% for Matt Doherty, 14% for Mary Schryer and 10% for Mark Woolsey.
Just over 1% of the ballots were spoiled and it's interesting to note, all of these students will be eligible to cast a ballot in the next Provincial Election in 2014.

Routine Maintenance For Irving Oil

Home-owners in the Woodlawn subdivision in Red Head have some extra traffic this week.
Irving Oil pipelines are being dug up for routine maintenance and inspection.
The company began the work yesterday and sent a letter to homes in the area, letting them know about the extra noise and what they are doing.
Irving officials expect the work will be finished this week and there is no problem with the pipes, this is just scheduled maintenance.

Common Councillor Wins Saint John Harbour

(Saint John Harbour Conservative M-L-A Elect Carl Killen)
                 (Photo By Jim Hennessy)

The closest race of the night was in Saint John Harbour.

It was just after eleven o'clock that Conservative Carl Killen, a member of Common Council, was declared the winner by only nine votes over Liberal Ed Doherty.

Killen tells CHSJ News, he realizes the numbers mean an automatic recount but tells CHSJ News, this is the most interesting and challenging riding in the province because there are so many people who feel despair and a sense of hopelessness.

Killen says his experience in municipal politics is one of the reasons why he decided to run provincially because he found out civic politicians have very little power to change policy when it comes to the big issues.

Longtime M-L-A Holds On To Rothesay

(Rothesay Conservative M-L-A Elect Margaret Ann Blaney)
                    (Photo By Jim Hennessy)

For a fourth straight term.... Conservative Margaret Ann Blaney is the M-L-A for the riding of Rothesay.

Blaney defeated Liberal Victoria Clarke and says the feeling was good among all the Conservative candidates.

The two issues she kept hearing at the door is the dislike for Shawn Graham and rising property taxes which the party has a plan to combat.

As a former cabinet minister, Blaney was asked if there is a chance she will be asked to take on another portfolio which she says is up to Premier Elect David Alward.

Irving Oil Executive Takes Riding Of Quispamsis

(Quispamsis Conservative M-L-A Elect Blaine Higgs)
                     (File Photo)

Conservative Blaine Higgs is the new M-L-A for the riding of Quispamsis.

In what has to be considered one of the upsets of the night, he defeated Liberal Mary Schryer and tells CHSJ News one of the issues he hopes to tackle is the Province's growing debt.

Higgs says he was greeted with a lot of resentment towards Shawn Graham and the Liberals, while going door to door, including the failed NB Power-Hydro Quebec deal.

Saint John Fundy Goes Conservative With Newcomer Defeating High School Principal

For the first time since M-P Rodney Weston held the riding, Saint John Fundy is flying the Conservative banner again.

Glen Savoie beat Liberal Gary Keating, the principal at Simonds High, and tells CHSJ News, while going door to door, he was hearing a lot of discontent from people who wanted their voices heard.

As a newcomer to the political scene, Savoie says he expects a lot of hard work and wants voters to let him know what they want for the riding.

Renowned Heart Surgeon Defeats Liberal Cabinet Minister In Fundy-River Valley

In one of the biggest upsets of the campaign, A Conservative doctor has defeated an incumbant Liberal cabinet minister.

Dr. Jim Parrott defeated former Energy minister Jack Keir in Fundy- River Valley by a sizeable margin.

Dr. Parrott, a renowned heart surgeon, tells CHSJ News, the support was incredible especially since he was out of commission with a foot injury and couldn't really campaign door to door.
The new M-L-A will recuperating at home for 3-4 weeks after a foot injury.

Two Time Liberal Incumbant Defeated In Saint John Lancaster

(Saint John Lancaster Conservative M-L-A Elect Dorothy Shepherd)
                        (Photo by Brian McLain)

A West side business owner is responsible for another of the city's biggest upsets.

Dorothy Shepherd beat longtime Liberal M-L-A Abel Leblanc, who had won two consecutive terms, to win Saint John Lancaster for the conservatives.

Shepherd tells CHSJ News it's an exciting victory. Shepherd is thrilled with a conservative majority saying she found a lot of voters were undecided at the door with the big concern being property assessments.

One of her priorities is to increase use of the Lorneville Industrial Park.

Former Provincial Cabinet Minister Easily Re-Elected In Saint John Portland

(Saint John Portland Conservative M-L-A Elect Trevor Holder)
                           (File Folder)

The MLA for Saint John Portland is returning to the Legislature but this time he will be on the government side.

Trevor Holder defeating Liberal Dan Joyce to keep the riding for the Conservatives.

Holder tells CHSJ News he is looking forward to being on the government side again having served as a cabinet minister under then Premier Bernard Lord.

Holder goes on to say he feels good because he thinks the win is about building a better community and being on the government side is a better place to accomplish that.

He believes voters want a government that is focused on health care, poverty reduction, education and the provincial debt.

Conservatives Reclaim Saint John East With A Familiar Name

(Saint John East Conservative M-L-A Elect Glen Tait)
                  (File Photo)

A former fire chief and Common Councillor is now a newly elected Conservative M-L-A.

Glen Tait won the seat last night formerly held by Liberal Roly McIntrye.

He tells CHSJ News it will be new for him setting provincial policy.

Tait says going door to door he kept hearing of the desire for change with anger being voiced about Shawn Graham.
 Tait decided to run provincially after coming to the conclusion city councillors really don't have all that much clout when it's all said and done.

Longtime M-L-A Easily Re-Elected In Hampton-Kings

Longtime M-L-A Bev Harrison, described by some as an icon, was the first Conservative elected in last night's election.

Harrison tells CHSJ News this is his biggest win in the riding of Hampton-Kings in six or seven elections.
Harrison adds he thinks David Alward will make an excellent premier because he has a style that is consultative.

Saint John Harbour Goes Down To The Wire

(Saint John Harbour MLA-Elect Carl Killen)
         (Photo By Jim Hennessy)

For the time being, Conservative Carl Killen is the MLA-Elect for Saint John Harbour, beating Liberal Ed Doherty by nine votes.
The margin of victory means there is an automatic re-count. Killen tells CHSJ News, his exposure to municipal politics is one of the reasons for his decision to make the leap provincially realizing you do have very little power to change policy at the municipal level.

Killen says Saint John Harbour is the most interesting, challenging riding in the Province with great candidates and a wide demographic. No word yet from Elections NB as to the process for the re-count.

Saint John Fundy Has A New Face

(Glen Savoie Surrounded By Supporters)
        (Photo By Jim Hennessy)

The Conservative banner is flying again in Saint John Fundy.

Glen Savoie beat Liberal Gary Keating to re-claim the seat which hasn't been blue since Saint John MP Rodney Weston held it.
Savoie tells CHSJ News, as a new-comer to the political scene, he is expecting a lot of hard work.
Savoie says while going door to door, he was hearing a lot of discontent and people that wanted their voices heard.

Blaney Grabs Her Fourth Term

 (MLA-Elect Margaret Ann Blaney)
      (Photo By Jim Hennessy)

The riding of Rothesay has re-elected Conservative Margaret Ann Blaney for a fourth consecutive term.
Blaney defeated Liberal Victoria Clarke and says one of the issues she kept hearing at the door is rising property taxes.

Blaney says there are some good models out there the party will look at and bring the issue of property taxes it into the 21st century.

Upset In Quispamsis

(MLA-Elect Blaine Higgs And Wife Celebrate)
           (Photo By Jim Hennessy)

In what has to be considered one of the upsets from last night, Conservative Blaine Higgs beat Liberal Mary Schryer to take the riding in Quispamsis.
Higgs says he was greeted with a lot of resentment for Shawn Graham and the Liberals while going door to door including the failed NB Power-Hydro Quebec deal.
Giving all of the credit for his win to the campaign team, Higgs says he is ready to hit the ground running and wants to tackle the issue of the Province's rising debt right away.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Strike Lingers On For Armoured Car Workers

(G4S Secur-Cor Cash Solutions On The Picket Line)
               (Photo By Jim Hennessy)

It's day five of strike action by armoured car workers from G4S Secur-Cor Cash Solutions.

Members of the teamsters union hit the picket line last week after contract negotiations broke down. Union spokes-person Phillip Comeau tells CHSJ News, no sign of a deal at this point.

Comeau says he hopes the people working in the banks understand and would like to see both sides get back to the bargaining table tomorrow, at the latest Wednesday.

The union is looking for a three year contract, better wages and there is a 13% wage increase that is still out-standing from the now expired contract.

Workers are also refusing to be forced to take a polygraph test.

Common Council Defends Decision To Move Ahead With Meeting

The show must go on. That from Mayor Ivan Court as Common Council meets tonight for it's regular session depsite the Provincial Election.

Many are wondering why the meeting couldn't be held over with so many important issues on the agenda like the proposed parking garage for Peel Plaza.

Another matter is two council members, running in the Provincial Vote, won't be around the horseshoe.
Mayor Court tells CHSJ News, it's up to council to make decisions. '

Mayor Court adds with the Province putting up millions of dollars for the proposal, to him, this is a no-brainer.

More Discussion On Peel Plaza Parking Garage

Whether the proposed parking lot as part of the Peel Plaza development will go ahead comes up for a vote tonight at Common Council.
The Parking Commission is in favour.
Councillor Chris Titus chairs the Commission and tells CHSJ News he's hoping any of his fellow Council members who might be reluctant can be persuaded otherwise.
Titus also argues the new parking garage will not be a cold grey concrete structure but will have alot of colour and is mean't to better blend into the city's landscape.

Voting Day Around The Province

You have until 8:00 tonight to cast your ballot in the provincial election and to make it faster, you're being urged to bring along your voter information cards to the polling station.

Chief Electoral Officer Mike Quinn tells CHSJ News judging by the last provincial election in 2006, this Province has relatively high voter turnout.
Quinn is hoping to have a higher voter participation rate this time with the new measures that were undertaken to make voting easier and more convenient.
CHSJ News will have live coverage when the polls close with Bruce Weaver and Jason Stephen anchoring the desk and reporters all over Greater Saint John bringing you lots of reaction as the numbers start to roll in.

Sussex Health Center Getting Some Work Done

Crews have begun construction work at the Sussex Health Center, so the Horizon Health Network is giving heads up to anyone visiting the facility or is there for medical reasons.

The work is affecting public parking but not interferring with access to the Emergency Department and ambulance entrances.

Warning For Voters In Province From Canadian Taxpayers Federation

Voters in the province should forget about most of the promises they heard during the election campaign according to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

The Federation's Atlantic Director Kevin Lacey tells CHSJ News there's one thing the winning party should do after taking power even though it may be a forlorn hope and that is to cut spending.

Despite denials to the contrary, Lacey says he wouldn't be surprised to see the H-S-T raised. Lacey says without hesitation, the province is broke.

Push To Be Made To Get CFL To Come To Saint John

(Chair of City"s Recreation and Leisure Services Committee Barry Ogden)
                                       (File Photo)

Now that the smoke has cleared from yesterday's CFL game in Moncton, the Chair of the City's Recreation and Leisure Committee wants officials to keep Saint John in mind.

Barry Ogden tells CHSJ News, why couldn't we host a game at the refurbished Canada Games Stadium. Ogden believes the artificial turf the Canada Games Stadium has gives us the advantage to hold all of the celebration in the same spot where Moncton has had to spread things around the hub city

A letter has been sent with the proposal to Mayor and Councillors along with the Destination and Marketing Board.

Regional Hospital Fundraiser Doing Well

It was unveiled back in April and today we get an update on ""The Give"" You might remember it's the Regional Hospital Foundations fund-raising campaign to replace the Rally Of Hope.

Executive Director Tim Cameron tells CHSJ News, the end is in sight. "The Give"" wraps up at the end of next month and Cameron says they are closing in on $600,000 dollars.

Cameron says everyone has really embraced what ""The Give"" is all about and the over-all costs are substantially lower which means more cash can go where it is needed.

The goal is $754,000 dollars to go toward the emergency and trauma departments. Cameron concedes ""The Give"" may not be as high profile as Rally but the overall costs are lower.

Some Close Races Are Expected In Saint John Area

(U-N-B Political Scientist Don Desserud)
                      (File Photo)

The speeches are over, the buses are parked and now it's up to the voters to decide who they want to be in charge of the Province for the next four years.

Political Scientist at UNB Saint John Don Desserud tells CHSJ News, the biggest factor is have voters been engaged over the past month.

Desserud says when he looks back at the campaign, he never saw a real debate on the serious issues and the two front runners, Shawn Graham and David Alward were overly cautious with what they said and did knowing how volatile the voting population is.

Desserud is speculating voter turnout today will be lower than it was four years ago but he expects some tight races in the Saint John area.

Voters In The Province Get Their Say Today

Elections NB is ready for what-ever the day brings as the majority of eligible voters head to the polls to cast their ballots.

Chief Electoral Officer Michael Quinn tells CHSJ News, allowing people to cast their ballots since the writ was dropped last month has proven to be a winner. Over 46,000 people cast a ballot in the advance polls and the overall numbers show there could be a record turnout.

Quinn reminds all voters to bring their information cards with them today as it makes the process go much quicker. The polls open this morning at ten and close tonight at eight o'clock.

CHSJ News will have live coverage when the polls close with Bruce Weaver and Jason Stephen anchoring the desk and reporters all over Greater Saint John bringing you lots of reaction as the numbers start to roll in.

Hunter Shot To Death

The moose hunting season finished up on the weekend with a tragic shooting. The R-C-M-P say a hunter died over the weekend about 160 kilometers northwest of Fredericton after he was taken to hospital after being shot by another hunter.

Police says they were called to the Perth-Andover Hospital o investigate what they describe as a ``hunting incident'' near the small community of Beaconsfield.

The Mounties say the unidentified 50-year-old man from Kilburn died in hospital as a result of his injuries.

Corporal Theirry Malenfant says police plan to interview five or six witnesses over the next few days but their initial belief is the shooting was most likely an accident.

Malenfant says two groups of hunters who knew each other had gone into the woods.

They were nearby each other at the time of the incident.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shots Fired At Another Saint John Home

The search is on by City Police for who was driving a Black, 1997, Monte Carlo with Ontario Plates.

It crashed early this morning at the corner of Adelaide and Victoria Streets and the person driving and riding shot-gun fled on foot.

It was just after 1:30am this morning that City Police were called to a drive by shooting on the West Side.

No one was hurt but if anyone has any information they are asked to City Police at 648-3333 or call Crime-Stoppers.

This is the second house that has been shot at in less than a week with bullets hitting an Albert Street North home on Monday night. No one hurt in that incident either.

City Tries Something New On It's Crosswalks

Using paint for crosswalk markings in the city doesn't work very well.

The Deputy Commissioner for Municipal Operations, Kevin Rice says in our climate, the paint begins fading after about four months so the city is now trying out something else.........3-M tape on the crosswalks along Woodward Avenue.

The city will evaluate how long they last and do a cost analysis to determine if this will be better financially for the city instead of having to repaint every spring.

First Nations Festival Is Underway

(Wig-Wam Set Up Near Loyalist Plaza For Festival)
              (Photo By Gary MacDonald)

A dusk to dawn celebration of the First Nations is being held today in the uptown.

It's the final summer of festivals as part of the Saint John 225 party with arts and culture on display with people from across the Province.

The man who organized the event is Allan Polchies who tells CHSJ News, this is all about sharing the First Nations culture.

Dancers, traditional story-tellers and drummers will be performing through-out the day along with walking tours and food along with a 30-foot wig-wam set up at the base of King Street.

Fundy Region Solid Waste Comes To You

Old paint, motor oil or other hazardous waste is being collected at round up events over the next eight days at locations around Greater Saint John.

It's a pilot project being introduced by the Fundy Region Solid Waste Commission to ensure hazardous waste is being disposed of properly.

Spokes-person Brenda MacCallum tells CHSJ News, she hopes people take advantage of the service.

The first round up is today between 11am and 3pm at the Hampton Enviro-Fair at the High School. A complete list of where all the drop-off spots will be over the next eight days is listed below:

Computer and Household Hazardous Waste Round Up Events:
Hampton, Saturday September 25th between 11am to 3pm at the Hampton Enviro Fair, Hampton High School:
St Martins, Tuesday September 28th, 3pm to 7pm at the Four Seasons Complex:
Saint John South, Sunday September 26th between Noon and 4pm at the Carmarthen and King St East Parking Lot:
East Saint John, Wednesday September 29th 3pm to 7pm at the Loch Lomond Fire Station:
North End, Thursday September 30th between 3pm to 7pm at the Millidgeville Fire Station:
The Kingston Peninsula on Friday October 1st between 3pm to 7pm at the Kingston Farmers Market:
Rothesay and Quispamsis is Saturday October 2nd between 9am to 1pm at the KV Staples Parking Lot:
Some of the typical items that can be dropped off:

Computer system, includes monitor, CPU, key board, printer, mouse, & speakers – (Recycling fee of $5/system)

HHW typical items (no charge):
Paint, stains & varnishes, motor oil, fluorescent & compact fluorescent bulbs, pesticides, batteries, gasoline, antifreeze & driveway sealant: