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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cardy Warns Tories Could Cut Corners on Seniors

As the Conservative government rolls out its five-year, long-term care plan for seniors, some are questioning exactly how it's going to save the province money. The Tories say their plan will create354 extra nursing home beds in the province --that's almost 60 more beds than the Liberals freed up in 2009 plan by the previous Liberal government. The conservatives say their plan will also cost 110-million dollars less

NDP Leader Dominic Cardy tells CHSJ news he doesn't know how all that could be possible, and wonders where the money is coming from.

He says the Alward government claims to be making thee savings in mechanical, electrical, and construction areas--and that worries him. Cardy says those aren't areas in which you should be cutting corners.

AAA Hockey Tournament at the Q-Plex

Lots of triple A hockey action happening at the Q-Plex today.  The KVHS crusaders are hosting the provincial boy's tournament, with the semi-finals happening today at 4 and 7 o'clock.

 Crusaders Head Coach Bruce Smith tells CHSJ News that every contest in the tournament has been an excviting one.

Smith says his team has played well all the way through, managing to defeat Leo Hayes in overtime.  The Crusaders will take on the Louis-J-Robichaud Patriotes of Shediac in the semi-final today. Single-day passes to tomorrow's 2pm final contest are $8.

City Kitties in Trouble

Now that the city's contract with the SPCA has ended, some aren't sure how to deal with injured and abandoned animals in the city. We reported last week on a cat named Emery, who was abandoned in the South End with a broken leg. She got treatment after a not-for-profit called Carma stepped in to help.

But Carma says they're ill-equipped to rescue all the city's injured cats. They recently got a call about a cat that had likely been hit by a car and sustained a broken jaw and other serious wounds. The animal was euthanized, and spokesperson Stephanie Godin says the person that called in told them they had first tried the ARL, SPCA, and the city and been turned away.

Carma says they deal mainly with feral and abandoned animals, and the city needs to get a solution in place as soon as possible.