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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Maritime Author Releases "Road To The NHL"

Telling the stories of the Maritimes' well-known hockey players.   

Phillip Croucher of Nova Scotia, releasing Road to the NHL.
The book highlights the journey of 25 hockey players including New Brunswick's Willie O'Ree. Croucher says the book is for all ages to relate to. 

He tell CHSJ News, what it was like to interview the hockey players.  "You know Maritimers are known for being easy going and very approachable. [That's] what I was most happy about with these interviews, is just how open they all were with talking to me."

 Road to the NHL is in the top locally sold books in the Maritimes.

How To Be Safe If You're Cycling This Winter

If you're braving the cold on two wheels this winter,
Dean Roberts, of Consolvo Bikes says make sure you have the right equipment.

He tells CHSJ News, "A lot of people that aren't familiar with winter cycling can get in over their head a little bit, if they don't have the right equipment."

Roberts tells us winter cycling is picking up in Saint John. 

He says if you're going to try winter cycling, make sure to have studded tires and warm clothing. If you choose not to, the ice can be very dangerous. He says, it can be very sudden, and you don't see it under the snow.

Salvation Army Kettle Drive Runs Throughout The Holiday Season

You've certainly noticed the volunteers in the malls and on street-corners ringing bells, and asking for a few dollars for Salvation Army kettles.

Salvation Army officer Rodney Bungay, tells CHSJ News, they work hard to provide housing and hot meals to the homeless.

"They love the work that we do. Many people will stop me and just say thank you for the work the Salvation Army is doing, so the support is there," he says.

The kettle drive runs throughout the holiday season.

French Government Honouring Canadian Veterans For D-Day Landings

The French government paying special tribute to Canadian soldiers who fought in the D-Day Landings. The 70th Anniversary of the battle is coming up in 2014.

Larry Lynch is the district commander for the Saint John Royal Canadian Legion. He tells CHSJ News, the branch is looking for members who took part in the battle.

"There are many veterans out there that partook in that battle, that are not legion members. And we would like to make sure, any veteran that partook in that battle, [gets] the opportunity to be honoured." he says.

Veterans will be presented with the highest honour conferred by the French government.

This includes veterans who who served in the army, air, or navy from June 6, 1944, to August 31, 1944. 

France will be honouring the veterans by nominating them for the National Order for the Legion of Honour. For more information, contact Larry Lynch at 635-1733.

Romero House Food Drive Another Success

The 7th Annual Ritchie's Food Drive for Romero House wrapping up today, with lots of donations filling up the 53-foot-trailer.

 The donations will help fill the shelves at the soup kitchen. Evelyn McNulty of Romero House, tells CHSJ News, it was another great success.

"Romero, helps a lot of people. A lot more people, then people will ever be aware of, and everything that was donated today will definitely go to good use," she says. She adds, the food from the fundraiser generally lasts throughout the summer and sometimes into the fall.

Saint John Celebrates The First Uptown Sparkles

Saint John kicked off the very first Uptown Sparkles event last night. The city was getting into the Christmas spirit with carols, choirs,horse-drawn carriage rides, and more. 

Kent MacIntyre is President of the Rotary Club in Saint John. The Boys and Girls Rotary club choir kicked off the group's 100th anniversary at King's Square during the event. 

 MacIntyre says, Uptown Sparkles is an event for everyone in the community to enjoy for years to come. 

He tells CHSJ News, " you can get out outside in the fresh and just have some local entertainment. You can interact with folks. It's absolutely wonderful."