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Monday, September 7, 2009

Barrack Field Looking for Renovations

A South End field is looking for some renovations. Barrack Field is used by Baptist/King Edward, Saint John High School and many minor organizations for a multitude of activities. Caretakers to the field say the area could be more appealing by transforming it into a green space, and they're looking for a small grant of money to accomplish that transformation. Caretakers for the field hope the renovation will give the kids and families in the south end a nice green space.

The Saint John District Labour Council Looks at First Half of 2009

The Saint John District Labour Council is reflecting on the first half of 2009 with mixed emotions. Pleased to see many trades-people at work but disappointed the second refinery proposal is on the shelf and the future of the rehab center in Grand Bay Westfield is not moving in the direction they would like to see. President Ron Oldfield tells CHSJ News, the look of the building is changing since it wasn't sold privately.
Oldfield adds there are several projects on the horizon to keep trades-people busy including Peel Plaza.

Camping Season Coming to an End

The long weekend will mark the end of setting up tents and trailers for many campgrounds around the Province. The wet weather in June and July no doubt dampened many profit margins. Howard Haines is owner of the Hardings Point Campground and tells CHSJ News, it was a fast finish after a slow start
Haines says he didn't hear alot of complaints about the new passport rule or the price of gas and will keep the camp open until the end of the month.

Peacekeeping Officer Returns Home

The Board of Police Commision honored a recently returned member of the force last week. Officer Mike Young has been working in Port-au-Paix Haiti for the past 9 months on a UN Peacekeeping mission helping the Haiti Police gain stability within the poverty stricken country. Young tells CHSJ News that the expierence, although difficult at times, has helped make him a better officer.
Young says he hopes to see other officers in the future participate in simulair missions.