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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Peoples Alliance Rolls Out New Candidates

       (Leader of the Peoples Alliance Kris Austin)
                           (File Photo)

The Peoples Alliance now has three more candidates.
Lisa Cromwell has been nominated in the riding of Saint John Portland, Wendy Coughlin Lancaster and Glen McAllister Saint John Fundy.
14 people showed up for the nomination event last night and Leader Kris Austin tells CHSJ News, with ten candidates now in the stable, the party has met all requirements to maintain it's status.

Austin adds they are reaching out to every riding to find perspective nominees but is realistic in the fact the party probuably won't have a full field of candidates.

Abel LeBlanc Explains Why Man Is Protesting

(Saint John Lancaster MLA Abel Leblanc)
                (File Photo)

The MLA for Saint John Lancaster does know the man who scaled the Ludlow Street Pedway.

Abel Leblanc tells CHSJ News, he first met this man back in 2003 when he was having trouble with the carpenters union but internal problems between the protestor and union kept the man from finding work.

Leblanc says he sent a letter to Washington on his behalf but to no avail, the man was kicked out of the union.
Leblanc adds he also tried to get the man into Public Housing but it never happened.

RCMP Keeping Busy

Plenty of activity to keep RCMP in Greater Saint John busy.

Sussex officers were called to a business on Lower Cove Road and were given a phoney one hundred dollar bill.

The funny money was given to a clerk at the store last Friday.

The bill is missing the metallic bar on the left.

Also, Hampton officers were called to to the Gondola Point Ferry Landing yesterday on the Peninsula side.

The driver of a van not from this area, was approached by another driver who started yelling at him.

He was upset claiming the van cut the line and the man then tore off his side view mirror.

Officers have identified a suspect but still haven't found him.

Meeting To Discuss Pay Equity

Pay equity legislation in the private sector the topic of conversation at a meeting today.

Gail Taylor is Chair of the Regional Committee and tells CHSJ News, this issue is specifically adressing work that has been traditonally done by woman with lower pay.

Taylor says the over-all goal is to get the pay equity legislation in the private sector underway and there is no better time to bring this forward than during a provincial election campaign.

Status Of Women Pleased With Forum

(Chair for the Status of Women (center) Diana Alexander)
                  (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

Chair for the Status of Women Diana Alexander was at the meeting and tells CHSJ News, forum likes this are vital to keep momentum moving forward.

Alexander adds the recent move by the Liberal Government for pay equity with-in the public service is proof that the issue is recognized as something that needs to be adressed.

Hospice and Province Solidify Deal

       (Health Minister Mary Schryer)
                    (File Photo)

The end of the road is near for the first Hospice in Atlantic Canada on the West Side.

A memorandum of understanding has been signed which locks in Provincial funding of just over half a million dollars this year and $730,000 every year following.

Health Minister Mary Schryer tells CHSJ News, this new set-up will not take away the number of palliative care beds at the Regional.

The hospice known as Bobby's House, will offer 24-hour professional medical care in a comfortable, home-like setting.

It is expected up to 150 patients will receive end-of-life care at the 10-bed facility each year which is scheduled to open October.15th.

Total cost of the renovations is two million dollars.

Power Outage In East Saint John

Plenty of homes, businesses and traffic lights in East Saint John are not working.

This after a fuse blew at Saint John Energy's Brookville Power Station just after nine o'clock this morning.

President Eric Marr tells CHSJ News, right now, crews are isolating the transformer so repair work can be carried out.
No word at this time on how long customers will be off the grid.

Man Straps Himself To Pedway

   (Protestor Hangs His Sign On Ludlow Street Over-Pass)
               (Photo Courtesy of a Listener)

An early morning protest has resulted in a charge of public mischief for one man.

It was just after eight o'clock when a man scaled the Ludlow Street West pedway and unrolled a banner which read ""Is the Truth Too Political For You Liberals Abel Leblanc.""

Officers convinced the man to come down just after ten thirty no worse for the wear.

Sargeant Pat Bonner tells CHSJ News, the man is not suicidal but has been out of work since 2004 and is looking to make a statement.

House Fire In East Saint John

A fire in East Saint John causing major fire and smoke damage to a home this morning.

Crews were called to 1765 Old Black River Road just before 5 this morning.

Fire officials tell the fire was concentrated in the basement.

A man and his dog living in the home both got out the home safely.

No word yet on the cause of the fire.

Driscoll Denies Rumours Of A Cull

Quispamsis Mayor Murray Driscoll is denying any rumours that a deer cull may be headed to the Valley.

Driscoll says the regional committee he chairs has only talked about education and working together to solve the problem of a rising deer population.

Quispamsis Council recently passed a by-law making it illegal to feed the deer but is still getting some resistance from the community.

Driscoll says he sympathizes with people who want to feed the deer but says with the threat of lyme disease, health comes first.