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Thursday, December 16, 2010

EMO Officials Hope To Get Into The Bonney River Area Tomorrow

Provincial Emergency Measures officials say river levels in the province have crested and are on the decline following flooding from this week's rain and wind storm.
Spokesman Karl Wilmot says while the flood waters have receded in most areas, the St. George and Bonny River areas are still flooded.

He says St. George is still in the impact and response phase and he says over the next day they hope to get people on the ground in there.

EMO Says The Dams Will Hold

Reports from EMO officials say all the dams in the St. Stephen and St. George area are holding.
The high volume of water causing great concern among the locals because of previous flooding.
The province assuring residents that water levels are going down and this includes the Magadavic River, the St. Croix River and the Digdeguash River.Recovery mode starts tomorrow as work crews in St. Stephen will begin going into homes to start inspections.
To report damage and register for the Disaster Financial Assistance Program, call 1-888-298-8555 or click here.

Highway 1 Partially Re-Opened Near St. George

The Department of Transportation informing us that Route 1 is open in the Manor Road area near St. George but, it is reduced to one lane.
Drivers are reminded to use caution because there is still some water on the road.
To avoid delays, commercial traffic heading westbound to the U.S. should take an alternate route to the border crossing at Houlton, Maine if they can.

Homeowners In Province Warned About Dangers Of Radon Gas

Even if you don't smoke, you could be in danger of contracting lung cancer and it has nothing to do with tobacco.

The New Brunswick Lung Association is warning about the buildup of Radon gas in your home which emanates from uranium.

The President and C-E-O of the Lung Association Dr. Barb McKinnon tells CHSJ News you can't smell Radon and as many as 1 in five homes around the province may have it but you're not completely helpless.

Radon is easy to test for. A device the size of a hockey puck is placed at the lowest part of your house where you live and after 3 months is sent away to a lab for testing.

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer.

Ambulance Service In City Criticised

The city has to get after the provincial government to address the inadequate ambulance service we're receiving.

That criticism being voiced by John Campbell who was one of the candidates in last Monday's Ward 3 byelection.

He tells CHSJ News of seeing two ambulances in separate calls having to make U turns and follow the fire trucks that were going to the same calls which tells him the ambulances were going the wrong way.

Campbell says Saint John seems to be unique when it comes to duplicating emergency response and it's costing taxpayers in their pocketbooks. He maintains because Saint John is an industrial city, it's even more critical its ambulance service be top notch as compared to other places with less industry.

RCMP Investigate Summerville Shooting On Sunday Night

Grand Bay-Westfield RCMP investigating a shooting on the Kingston Pennisula.
A 32-year-old man was shot on Sunday night at a home on Route 845 but, police did not find out about it until yesterday.
The victim is already out of hospital.

Police would like to talk a 21-year-old man who is a person of interest.
If you know anything, you are asked to contact RCMP or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

Water Levels Peak In Charlotte County

Water levels have peaked in Charlotte country meaning the situation is stabilizing after severe flooding this week.
Andrew Holland of Emergency Measures tells CHSJ News residents can report any damage to their properties to the province.

Holland says as of last night over 100 people had called Service New Brunswick to register their damage which will trigger the process for health and safety inspections.

The Service New Brunswick toll free line is 1-888-298-8555.
For information on road conditions, phone supports and to report flood damage,
click here.

Hampton Tax Rate For Next Year Determined

The tax rate in Hampton will be the same next year at $1.25 per 100 dollars of assessment. Mayor Ken Chorley tells CHSJ News the town's bottom line was helped by revenue from the gas tax and 4.2 million dollars in new construction.

He expects residential development to copntinue growing with alot of people in the town commuting to jobs in Saint John and Sussex.

One big challenge facing the town in the future, which was mandated by the province, is to find a central water source. The search is ongoing and Chorley jokes the town could use someone with a devining rod to find it.

Flooding Forces Closures

Authorities were forced to close Highway 1 near St. George between Magaguadavic Road and Manor Road because of water on the road.

Rising levels on the St. Croix River prompted the closure of the Milltown Bridge and customs on both sides of the border.

Flood Victims Warned About Their Food And Wells

The Medical Officer Of Health for the Province warning about food and water safety after flooding and power outages.

Dr. Eilish Cleary says people should be careful with drinking water and food while cleaning up during and after flooding.

To avoid food contamination, all perishable goods and anything touched by flood waters should be thrown out.

Cleary adds people should also be wary of consuming frozen or refrigerated foods after going without power for any length of time.

Water supplies should not be used while the wellhead is flooded.

After flood waters recede, the well should be disinfected and water quality should be tested before its used.

Gas Prices Drop A Bit

If you have to fill up today you'll be paying a bit less for gas after the weekly setting. Self serve regular is going for 107.1 a litre in the city. That represents a price drop of over a cent. Diesel is just slightly cheaper at 114.7. No change with heating oil. It remains at a dollar a litre for the second week in a row.

Premier Promises Help For Flood Victims

Premier David Alward says his government will provide financial assistance for people affected by flooding from this week's storm.

Alward flew by helicopter over many of the affected areas in the southwest of the province today. He says talks are already underway with the federal government.

The Premier says they plan to work with the federal government to provide help to the victims of flooding.

Alward says the province is working with businesses and homeowners to ensure drinking water is safe and that structures are safe before power is restored.

For more information on the Disaster Assistance program, call Service New Brunswick at 1-888-298-8555 or go to

M-L-A Tours Area Devastated By Flooding

The M-L-A in Charlotte County seeing first hand the devastation of flooding in the St. George area.

Rick Doucet of Charlotte and the Isles was able to tour the area by boat and help deliver groceries to stranded residents near Bonney River.

Doucet tells CHSJ News the holidays are a terrible time of year to have a flood. He calls it heart wrenching.

Doucet says seeing the damage is absolutely incredible and he's amazed at the good spirits among the people and the spirit of co-operation he witnessed as the flood victims try to get through a crisis but adds the government has to step up the plate with disaster assistance.

Car Destroyed By Fire Along Highway One

A car fire yesterday afternoon along Highway One at Lepreau. The car was fully engulfed in flames when Musquash firefighters arrived to put it out. The fire was reported by an ambulance crew travelling westbound on the highway. No one was injured and the cause has not been determined yet.