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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Street Hockey Championship Raises Money For MindCare

Athletes as young as 7-years-old will be duking it out at Long Wharf today for the 4th World 3 on 3 Street Hockey Championship.

More than 900 players are fighting for the top spots in their divisions.

100 per cent of the proceeds go to MindCare raising money for community mental health programs and services in the Province.

For the spectators looking to check out the action, food and beverages will be available at the site.

The action begins at 9am today.

Imperial Theatre Celebrates Milestone Performance

The Imperial Theatre will reach an amazing milestone's 2500th performance.

The stage has seen many feet trodding across it in lavish productions, community events, dance companies, childhood favourites, legends and local favourites.

To celebrate, the Imperial Theatre is celebrating with a special ticket price of 2 for $25.

For more info on the offer, you can call 674-4100, toll free at 1-800-323-7469 or visit

Friday, April 29, 2011

City Utility Unlikely To Pay Claims From Power Surge

If you have put a claim in with Saint John Energy asking them to pay for damages to electronics as a result of the west side power surge about two weeks ago then you're out of luck.

The board of directors says they are not responsible for any damages as the surge was caused by stormy weather and was beyond their control.

A fastener caught on fire which caused a live wire to fall into another, causing the power surge.

President Eric Marr tells CHSJ News Saint John Energy's insurance company will now be contacting customers who made claims and he expects the position of the insurance company will be similar to the utility's in denying liability and payment.

He estimates about 65 people have filed claims against the company to the tune of about 45 to 50 thousand dollars.

City Crews Battle North End Blaze

Fire fighters remain on the scene of a major blaze in the North End at this hour.
The blaze started in a 3-storey wood frame home at 148 Victoria Street and threatened a large apartment building next door -- that threat so severe a second alarm was sounded bringing more equipment and fire fighters.

They managed to keep it from spreading to the nearby building.

Everyone was evacuated safely but two cats had to be resuscitated with pet masks.  So far no word on the cause.
The Red Cross being called in for two people who need somewhere to stay at least for tonight.

Point Lepreau Refurbishments Move Forward

Finally some good news for Point Lepreau.  Atomic Energy of Canada Limited has successfully installed 20 per cent of the calandria tubes in the plant's nuclear reactor. 

NB Power President Gaetean Thomas says the next step will be to install pressure tubes that go inside of the calandria tubes.

The newly installed calandria tubes all passed the necessary leak tests and Thomas says AECL is currently on schedule to be done by the fall of 2012.

Glen Falls School Celebrates Arbour Day

Grade One students at Glen Falls Elementary celebrating Arbour Day with help from the Mayor and JDI.

The children receiving seedlings to plant as well as getting an education on the benefits of trees to the environment.

Environmentalist Reverend Llyod Lake tells CHSJ News kids always appreciate the event and are very knowledgeable about trees and the environment.

Three hardwood trees being planted on the school grounds as part of the celebration.

Province Told Not To Steamroll Ahead On Shale Gas

The Provincial Government is being told not to bulldoze ahead on shale gas exploration without having the proper regulations and monitoring in place. That from the Citizens for Responsible Resource Development which is holding rallies around the province at the offices of cabinet ministers.

Its President Bethany Thorne-Dykstra tells CHSJ News there is heightened concern in light of recent reports on possible consequences of how the natural gas is extracted from shale.

She goes on to say the process of fracking involves large amounts of fresh water and chemicals which can include hydrochloric acid, benzine, methane and diesel.

Thorne-Dykstra says they're looking for the province to have proper monitoring and regulations in place so well water is protected from contamination.

Health Minister Acknowledges Mental Health Week

The Provincial Health Minister acknowledging the start of Mental Health Week.  Madeline Dube says its meant as an opportunity to show support for and raise awareness of the importance of mental fitness and mental health.  It is also designed to shed light on stigmas that often create barriers for those who face mental health challenges every day.
One in five Canadians will experience a mental illness in his or her lifetime and 8 per cent of adults will experience major depression. Suicide accounts for 24 per cent of all deaths among 15- to 24-year-olds and suicide rates in this province exceed the national average.
Mental Health Week starts Sunday.   For more info on upcoming activites, click here

Traffic Disruptions

You can expect increased traffic over the next week near the Reversing Falls Bridge. Beginning today, hundreds of additional contractors will be working a scheduled maintenance shutdown at the Irving Pulp Mill until May 6th.

City police will be controlling traffic at the main entrance to the mill during the morning commute from 6:30 until 8:00 and during one afternoon between 4 and 6pm on election day.

Recreation Centre Road in Quispamsis is closed due to construction work.

The closure is expected to last approximately two weeks.

Drivers travelling to the Quispamsis Recreation Centre should proceed via the Q-Plex on Randy Jones Way, off Vincent Road.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

UNB President Says The School Could Turn Our Fortunes Around

The president of UNB Dr. Eddy Campbell says universities and post secondary education institutions can be a major player in turning around the fortunes of the province.
He says there are four keys areas that need to be improved upon: access to post-secondary education, capitalizing on innovation, improving access to capital, and fostering regional co-operation.

Campbell tells CHSJ News UNB and the community colleges can play a vital role in boosting the population and strengthening the economy by attracting people to come and study.  He also admits more can be done to connect graduates with employers.

He says we need to do a better job of encouraging innovation rather than relying on our natural resources to power our economy.

Oldfield Calls It A Proud Day For Labour

Ron Oldfield of the Saint John District Labour Council says the unveiling of this monument is a proud moment for labour.
Oldfield says it's just not right to go to work and not come home.

Mayor Ivan Court says employers can cut corners because that may mean someone's name might end up on that list of preventable deaths.
9 workers in the Province lost their lives on the job in 2010.

Hundreds Brave Rain For Unveiling of Monument

Hundreds of people braving the rain to see a new monument at the Lily Lake Pavillion that's a tribute to workers who lost their lives or have been hurt on the job.

Bob Blakely of Canadian Building Trades tells CHSJ News he is proud of the people who made this possible.

He's proud of how important people here think this is but sad that we even need a monument because that means we're being killed at work.

Sussex artists Darren Byers and Fred Harrison designed the monument.

It was cast in bronze in Montana and shipped in pieces to Saint John where it was reassembled.

A Failing Grade For The Lifestyles Of Atlantic Canadians

Atlantic Canadians are at or close to the bottom when it comes to inactivity, smoking and eating an unhealthy diet with not enough fruits and veggies.

That bleak assessment coming from Dr. Micheal Love of the Faculty of Medicine at Dalhousie University who adds another complicating factor is the aging of the population in this part of the country.

Dr. Love estimates between a quarter and a third of teenagers are at an unhealthy weight being overweight or obese and half are not gettng enough physical activity to remain healthy.

Flood Risk Worsens

The New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization releasing another update on the possibility of flooding.

It reports water flows and levels continue to rise as a result of rainfall and above freezing temperatures over the entire province. In general, these flows and levels will continue to rise and it's expected that flood stages may be met or exceeded by the coming weekend at Fredericton and Jemseg if present conditions continue.

River Watch spokesperson Karl Wilmot tells CHSJ News it's best to be prepared for all scenarios as the weather in this province can be unpredictable.

Small business owners and the people who live in high risk flood areas are being advised to begin preparations to protect their properties and belongings from these elevated water levels.

River Watch will be releasing updates throughout the weekend.  For a link to their site, click here.

Construction Will Mean Traffic Delays In Quispamsis

 Recreation Centre Road in Quispamsis will be closed due to construction work beginning today.  The closure is expected to last approximately two weeks.
Drivers travelling to the Quispamsis Recreation Centre should proceed via the Q-Plex on Randy Jones Way, off Vincent Road.

Little Movement With Gas Prices

If you have to fill up today, there's not a whole lot of change with gas prices after the weekly setting.

Self serve regular has risen by the tiniest of margins at $1.30.9 a litre around town.

Diesel is down almost a cent in the city at $1.31.5.

Propane has gone up to an even $1.09 and heating oil has dropped a bit to $1.16.4.

Police To Step Up Campaign To Rid Neighbourhoods Of Criminals

City police want to create more awareness of the SCAN legislation that came into effect last year.

The legislation allows SCAN investigators to evict people out of buildings if they engage in illegal activities and is based on confidential tips from the community.

West Side Community Officer Tammy Caswell tells CHSJ News there are people around town who don't know the legislation is at their disposal.

She says there are plans to distribute flyers about the program and to hold information sessions around priority neighbourhoods. Caswell believes once people see the legislation curbing crime in their neighbourhoods, they will be less hesitant to use it.

Day Of Mourning To Be Marked With Unveiling Of Monument

A monument in honour of workers killed or injured on the job will be unveiled in a ceremony later today at the Lily Lake Pavilion.

Today is the Day of Mourning, a day that honors workers who have been killed or seriously hurt while on the job. Flags will also be at half mast at municipal buildings around the city.

Mayor Ivan Court says the monument is a true piece of art.

The last city employee to be killed on the job was a city firefighter back in 2008.

The event gets underway at the Lily Lake Pavilion at 12pm.

New Brunswick Being Held Back By Illiteracy

The NDP candidate for Saint John thinks post-secondary education in this province is vital and a productivity issue.

Rob Moir, an economist at UNB Saint John says this province suffers from high illiteracy which translates into fewer jobs because employers are looking elsewhere for a skilled workforce.

He says his university colleagues think about Saint John's potential and how they can contribute and he says the UNB Saint John Urban Studies Institute is an example of how that is working.

Moir adds many other exciting things are happening at UNB Saint John including Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Saint John MLA Takes Issue With Liberal Candidate's Flyer

Saint John's Liberal candidate is raising the ire of the provincial government with a flyer pointing out few federal investments in the Saint John port.
Stephen Chase releasing this flyer to every city household which notes the higher investments given to the ports of Halifax and Sydney.
Saint John Fundy MLA Glenn Savoie tells CHSJ News the flyer gives the impression the City is only a fall destination for cruise ships.Savoie contends that's not true saying the port in open from spring to fall with millions of passengers and a lot of money into the local economy.
A spokesperson in Stephen Chase's campaign says it seems like Ottawa chose the smallest fundable port project at $4.5 million dollars where Halifax gets $50 million dollar for improvements.

Jack Layton Rally In Saint John On April 25th

NDP Leader Jack Layton hosts a rally on the boardwalk on Monday.

Watch Michael Ignatieff Speak About Cost Overruns At Point Lepreau.

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff speaks on the cost overruns at Point Lepreau.

Weston Fears Poor Voter Turnout With Unwanted Campaign

The Conservative incumbant is hearing a lot on the doorstep from voters angry this election is even happening.

Rodney Weston says it's one of the first things to come up in conservation.

He says his first response is that he's not happy about it either and people are upset considering its the fourth election in seven years at a cost of 300 to 400 million dollars.
Weston says he worries about low voter turnout and low participation because some people are angry about the election.

Get A Custom Bike Rack Uptown

Green Feet, the environment committee of Uptown Saint John is launching a custom bike rack program in the uptown.  The intention is to animate the streets with functional bike racks to raise the profile of cycling and of businesses in the area.

Uptown Saint John is covering 75% of the cost of a custom bike rack with branding for businesses, a building or a block.  Green Feet committee chair Ann McShane tells CHSJ News a coffee shop might want a coffee cup shaped bike rack out front.
All bike rack subjects and locations require approval by Uptown Saint John and the City.
If you want more information or to register your bike rack location, call 633-9797.

NDP Charges Auto Insurance In Province Is Broken

Scathing criticism from the NDP about how insurance rates are regulated in the province in light of revelations that drivers have been overcharged to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars...... More than 500 million dollars by one company alone.

Provincial NDP leader Dominic Cardy tells CHSJ News the Energy and Utilities Board should be given the job of regulating what you pay. The E-U-B already regulates what you pay for gas.

As for getting any rebates from the insurance companies, Cardy cautions you not to hold your breath.

Cardy says the New Brunswick Insurance Board has failed to do its job and should be shut down.

He would eventually like to see the province have a public auto insurance system like the one that operates in Manitoba.

Candidates Debate Post Secondary Education At University

An all-candidates debate being held at UNB Saint John tonight to highlight election issues that deal with post-secondary education. Students have been increasingly concerned about university becoming unaffordable.

Saint John Candidates Rob Moir, Rodney Weston, Sharon Murphy Flatt and Stephen Chase will be in attendence.

Anthony Enman is a member of the University's student council and says he's hoping students will focus on the federal election now that exams are over.

Miriam Jones is V-P of the teachers association and says post-secondary education has been a hot-button issue in the province for years, particularly in Saint John. She was an outspoken opponent of turning UNB Saint John into a polytechnic by the previous provincial government.

The debate kicks off at 6pm in the Whitebone Lounge of the Thomas J. Condon Student Centre.

City Wants To Tear Down Derelict Buildings Faster

While Common Council tries to get more authority from the province in order to deal with derelict buildings in the city, the Buildings and Inspections Department has been keeping busy.

Deputy Commissioner Amy Poffenroth giving council an update on what the city has been able to do with existing legislation since 2007 by tearing down 20 derelict buildings for being unsafe and posing a threat to public safety.

She adds since 2009, there has been 22 charges laid against homeowners for substandard housing conditions which have brought fines totaling almost 40-thousand dollars.

The city is currently appealing to the province to be granted more legislative power to get rid of vacant or boarded up buildings faster.

Councillor Presses For City To Have Its Own Forester

Common Councillor Bill Farren wants the city to hire it's own forester.

He tells CHSJ News the move will have many positive benefits for the city, such as keeping the city's drinking water safe from trees that fall into the water supply, deteriorate and cause contamination.

He says other spin-offs include being able to sell the wood from city trees which would not only bring in extra money to city coffers but pay for the forester position itself.

Upgrades Coming To East Side Park

Upgrades to the Jervis Bay-Ross Memorial Park on the East Side are set to begin as soon as the weather dries up a bit.

The park is currently maintained by the city and Branch 53 of the Royal Canadian Legion. Reverend Lloyd Lake is with the Legion and tells CHSJ News they want to see the neighbourhood using the park.

The upgrades include taking down a barbed wire fence to make the park more aesthetically pleasing and filling in a small pond so children are not in danger of falling in.
 Kevin Watson of Leisure Services is hopeful a community group can be formed to help maintain the park.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Watch The Wedding At Brunswick Square

Royal wedding fever is hitting the Port City and you can celebrate at Brunswick Square.
Bright and early Friday morning you can head to the mall to watch the nuptials of William&Kate.  Brandi Cooper of Fortis Properties tells CHSJ News it gets underway at 7am.
She says the wedding will be broadcast on a big screen and it gives people a chance to be part of history.

Cooper adds Brunswick Square tenants are invited to take part and she hears one of the merchants is selling a lot of hats leading up to the Royal Wedding.  The broadcast runs 7am to 2pm in Level 1 of Brunswick Square this Friday.

Salvation Army Reveals New Community Response Unit

The Salvation Army in Saint John revealing a new Community Response Unit today that can provide mobile meals in the event of a disaster.
Divisional Commander Major Larry Martin tells CHSJ News depending on the need it can provide from 1000 to 3000 meals a day.
He says it will be available to assist first responders at a fire scene or another sitution where it may be needed.
Commissioner William Francis atthending the 1st annual Hope in the City luncheon today  saying this unit will help wherever it is needed. He thinks it will be a new underpinning of the community with many agencies coming together to make it happen not just the Salvation Army. Some funding for the unit came from the Harold Ballard Foundation.

Minister Says Key Generation Plants Will Be Included In Energy Policy

Energy Minister Craig Leonard says the Point Lepreau and Mactaquac generating stations will be factored into the government's 10-year energy plan.

The Liberal Opposition is questioning why there is no mention of either facility in last week's interim report from the provincial energy commission.

Leonard says these are key energy producers in our mix - but - we have to take an overall view of it and policy can't be guided by the assets themselves - it has to be the other way around.

The Minister also says the energy commission's report with its recommendations for a ten year energy plan will be tabled next month.

Risk Of Flooding Rises

The New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organisation has issued a public alert to raise awareness about the possibility of flooding.

 River levels are expected to rise over the next 72 hours thanks, in part, to the rainfall we're expecting over the next few days combined with the snow. That word coming from Karl Wilmot of River Watch who tells CHSJ News some areas could be up to flood stage by the end of the week.

Wilmot says the Woodstock area appears to be vulnerable but there is still some leeway in Fredericton and no danger of any ice jams along the St. John River.

 He adds the flood situation will be dictated largely by how much rain we get over the next 72 hours.

Frustration Poverty Has Been Ignored In Election Campaign

There's a move afoot to establish a branch of the Common Front for Social Justice in Saint John where the poverty rate still exceeds 20 per cent. Jean-Claude Basque co-chairs the Common Front which is based in Moncton.

He tells CHSJ News in 2008, poverty was responsible for adding 189 million dollars to the cost of healthcare in the province. Basque cites a study from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives which estimates poverty costs each New Brunswicker from 15 hundred to 2 thousand dollars a year.

The Common Front is frustrated poverty has barely been mentioned during the current federal election campaign.

NDP Support Could Ensure Conservative Majority

The recent NDP surge in the polls leaving some people wondering whether the increased support will just lead to a Conservative majority.

Don Desserud, a political science professor at UNBSJ, tells CHSJ News something similar happened back in 2003. Desserud says when the Liberals were in power it was partly because the right vote was split between the Progressive Conservatives and the Canadian Alliance.

At a rally on the boardwalk, Jack Layton maintained Canadians are tired of being told they can only choose between one of two parties. He also took a shot at the Liberals saying they continually back the Conservatives in the House of Commons.

City Urged To Approve Mixed Martial Arts Competitions

A mixed martial arts organizer is hoping Common Council will approve a bylaw that will allow M-M-A events in the city.

Mixed martial arts is a combat sport that consists of striking and grappling.

Chris Archer tells CHSJ News he's hoping to start an amateur foundation in the city.

A by-law exists in Moncton that allows M-M-A and Archer says events staged in Saint John at the L-B-R would bring much needed dollars to the city.

He maintains mixed martial arts is actually safer than other contact sports such as hockey, football and even soccer.

The issue will be before the councillors tonight. The regular council session gets underway at 6:30pm.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Ferris Wheel Down For Now

If you were looking forward to going for a spin on the ferris wheel down at Market Square you're going to have to wait a little longer.

Heather Peterson with the Hardman Group says the ride was only put up for testing purposes and will now be taken down. 

City council needs to approve the use of the ride before it can be put up permanently.

If approved, the ride be a part of the vendors' market which is held during the summer.

During the testing period, police had to respond to a few calls of people climbing the structure.

Southwest Conservative Candidate Talks Long Guns And LNG Tankers

The Conservative candidate for New Brunswick Southwest says people can count on the Conservatives to deliver on the economy and the long gun registry.  

John Williamson previously worked as the National Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Association and as a senior advisor to Stephen Harper.  

Williamson tells CHSJ News he gets the most applause for the Conservative's promise to finally eliminate the long gun registry, which he says wastes money.  

Another issue specific to Williamson's riding is the opposition to LNG tankers being transported through Canadian waters.  He says Harper is the only party leader who has said the tankers should not come through Canadian waters.

As for the economy, Williamson says the Conservatives will make a modest tax reduction on businesses, but Harper has promised not to cut important programs like health care and education.

Layton Visits Port City

A wave of orange making its way to the port city this morning.  NDP Leader Jack Layton spoke to a packed boardwalk on why people should vote NDP come May 2.

On the subject of the Point Lepreau refurbishment, Layton says the federal government should take responsibility for AECL. 

Layton says Stephen Harper has some explaining to do on why a federal crown corporation has these cost overruns and delays.

Layton says the NDP does not support the public subsidy of new nuclear power generation, but does support funding green and clean energy projects throughout Atlantic Canada.

Program Increases Family Literacy At Centennial School

Centennial school in the North end hosting a family literacy program and seeing a shift in both the kids and their parents.
Community literacy co-ordinator Cheryl Brown says parents are very influential in getting their pre-school kids ready for school and helping with the family's literacy .
She says it's a cultural and social affair and when they have high literacy at home kids can function very well at school.

The program ran for 10 weeks and including one on one time with the student and parents along with group events which included a meal.

Sugar Refinery Property Being Looked At

It's all very hush hush at the moment but we're told a major customer is looking to bring new business to the port at Lower Cove or even the sugar refinery property.

Pat Riley of local 273 of the International Longshoremen's Association tells CHSJ News the specifics have to remain confidential for the time being.

Riley says if the sugar refinery property is used for industrial purposes, you don't have to worry about cleaning up the contamination which he estimates would cost something like 20 million dollars.

 The Port Authority also finds itself under alot of pressure to allow more public access along the waterfront as part of its new land use plan. That concerns the International Longshoremen's Association because, according to Riley, land for port use is at a premium.

Province Warns About Rise In Sexually Transmitted Diseases

The Health Department is alarmed by the increase in sexually transmitted diseases in the province among people in their twenties.

Public Health Officer Dr. Scott Giffen tells CHSJ News you can be treated if you're diagnosed with chlamydia, syphilis or gonnorhea.

According to the Health Department, at least 1 in 20 men and 1 in ten women between the ages of 20 and 24 in the province have contracted chlamydia.

Dr.Giffen says the risk factors include is having unprotected sex, having sex with more than one partner and frequenting prostitutes.

He wonders what role the internet has in contributing to risky sexual behaviour. He also cites poverty and homelessness as being other risk factors.

Fredericton To Mark Royal Wedding On Friday

Two events in Fredericton to honour the wedding of William and Kate will give you the chance to wear that fancy hat and eat scones and bangers.

The Lieutenent Governor is opening Governor House to royal watchers  by reservation only and we're told it's filling up fast.

Barry McKenzie of the province's Monarchist League tells CHSJ News it's the next best thing to being at Westminster Abbey.

He says for those of us who can't make it to London it's a chance to celebrate a common interest in this event.

To make a reservation with the Office of the Lieutentant-Governor call 506-453-2505 or by e-mail

For the Wedding Breakfast Buffet at the Crowne Plaza Hotel call 506-451-1804.

Port Land At A Premium

The port doesn't have enough land and is not in a good position to attract a second container line.

That word coming from Pat Riley of local 273 of the International Longshoremen's Association in a submission to the Port Authority on its land use plan for the future.

 Riley tells CHSJ News the expansion of American Iron and Metal's operation on the lower west side has a cause and effect leaving no land to spare.

 As for the east side of the harbour, Riley says the longshoremen argue Long Wharf will still be needed to handle cargo. He maintains both limestone and salt have been approved for handling at Long Wharf and environmentally are clean cargo.

Layton In Saint John As Polls Show Surge For NDP

On the heels of polls showing his party is surging in popularity, NDP Leader Jack Layton will be making a campaign stop a stop in Saint John this morning.

Layton will be holding a rally on the boardwalk outside the Hilton at Market Square. Some polls suggest the New Democrats are picking up strength and have more support nationall than the Liberals as the final week of campaigning starts.

Don Desserud, a political science professor at UNBSJ, says whether or not the gains translate into seats will depend on how spread out the support is. Desserud says it needs to be centered, like it seems to be in urban areas of Quebec, in order to make a difference.

Desserud says what Jack Layton has done well is make the party look like a viable contender for those people looking for an alternative to the Harper Conservatives.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Advanced Polls Open On Time

With the federal election just more than a week away, the advanced polls have been open for the last two days.

Karen Janigan with Elections Canada tells CHSJ News all the advanced polls opened on time and it appears things are going well.

Janigan says Elections Canada opened 4700 advanced polling stations across the country for this election, compared to only 4017 in the last election.

Advanced polls are closed today for Easter Sunday but open again tomorrow from noon until 8pm.

Southwest Candidate Says NDP Fiscally Responsible

Andrew Graham is running for the NDP in New Brunswick Southwest and says he's feeling positive about how people in the province are seeing the party.

Graham tells CHSJ News this his third time running in a federal election, which has allowed him to build a relationship with the people.

Graham says the NDP has the best fiscal management record and won't stand for giving money to wealthy corporations or spending it all on fighter jets.

Graham passion for the election is sustainable development.  He says one of the things that needs to be changed is the country's agriculture industry which is extremely reliant on oil for transportation.

NDP Experiences Surge In Polls

NDP Leader Jack Layton to make a stop in the port city tomorrow. 

Some polls suggest the New Democrats are picking up strength as the final week of the campaign looms. 

Don Desserud, a political science professor at UNBSJ, says whether or not the gains translate into seats will depend on how spread out the support is.

Desserud says the New Democrats still only have about 20 per cent of the vote and need to have at least 30 per cent to be a proper contender. 

Desserud says what Jack Layton has done well is make the party look like a viable option for those people looking for an alternative to the Harper Conservatives.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Medical Officer Warns Against Eating Rotten Easter Eggs

If you're entertaining the kids with some Easter-egg decorating this long weekend, the province's chief medical officer wants to remind you to avoid food poisoning.

Dr. Eilish Cleary issued a reminder that decorated hard-boiled eggs should not be eaten if they've been left at room temperature or if they've been in the fridge for more than a week.

Cleary says it's also best to use a non-toxic colouring dye when decorating Easter eggs.

Southwest Liberal Candidate Concerned With Unemployment

One of the other five candidates running in New Brunswick Southwest is Kelly Wilson, who's representing the Liberals.

Wilson tells CHSJ News people in her riding are concerned about jobs and unemployment, especially amongst youth.  She says unemployment for youth is the highest in the country at 16 per cent, and promises to work to bring new businesses and employers to the area if elected.

Wilson also says her riding would benefit from the Liberal's plan to create affordable child-care spaces for working families.

Candidate Brings New Party To NB For Election

If you've been driving through the riding of New Brunswick Southwest you may have noticed some different election signs out and about. 

Jason Farris is running for the Christian Heritage Party.  He tells CHSJ News its the only pro-life and pro-family party in the country. 

Farris says he wants to see more fiscal responsibility from the government for the sake of his kids.  He says the government needs to be able to say no to more government spending.

Southwest Green Candidate Wants Renewable Energy

With just ten days left before the big vote on May 2, candidates in the riding of New Brunswick Southwest are campaigning hard.
Janice Harvey is running on for the Green Party and tells CHSJ News running a political campaign is both tiring and gratifying.  Harvey says she is most concerned with the issues that aren't being talked about- like climate change.

Harvey says one of the issues specific to the Southwest riding is what will happen with Point Lepreau. She says her position is to decommission the nuclear power plant and move to a form of renewable energy.