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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Group Looks To Help Survivors of Childhood Abuse

It's a tough topic...but one we can't ignore. A group for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse is looking to raise awareness of the topic, and get support for a new program to help prevent future abuse. Elsie McGraw is the co-founder of Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse.

 She tells CHSJ News it's not something you can get over and it effects all areas of one's life. She says abuse is at the core of a lot of the mental health issues we see in our society, as well as the source of people getting cycled through the legal system.

The group is currently trying to get support for a new program called Stewards of Children--but since they don't actively engage in fundraising activities, they're looking for partnerships with existing community groups to help bring their programming to Saint John.

Healthier Living Is Within Your Grasp

A key message from this weekend's Health and Wellness Expo: that better nutrition and fitness are something many Saint Johners need.

Reiki practitioner and intuitive healer Keri Lynn Calp tells CHSJ News often people don't know where to start when it comes to being more healthy--and that's where the help of a professional can be handy, whether it's a nutritionist, a naturopath, or a counsellor.

Calp says if you're not yet comfortable talking to another person about your health, you can't go wrong with simply stepping outside and enjoying nature.

Sculpture Saint John Wraps Up

6 regional locations will soon have a new sculpture to call their own. The huge undertaking that is Sculpture Saint John seeing the completion of 6 new works of arts on the old Coast Guard site.

Organizer Dianna Alexander tells CHSJ the idea came about when St. Andrew's sculptur Ken Waywood suggested it to the City's Community Arts Board in 2008.

She says at the time they were busy with Saint John 225 so the real planning for this event didn't start until last July.
Artist Jo Kley of Germany created a sculpture for Rothesay inspired by the water.
He says the title is "The Ark" and it's a boat inspired by the the town and the Kennebecasis River.

Kley tells us he would love to come back & is already telling friends about working in Saint John.
Installation of the sculptures that will live forever in St. George, UNB Saint John and Grand Bay-Westfield begins today.

Saint John Economy To Get Boost

The local economy is bound to get a boost from the decision by the Mediterranean Shipping Company to shift from bi-weekly to weekly shipping. 

The Port's President and C-E-O Jim Quinn tells CHSJ News this will open up tremendous opportunity for local companies to expand and be more global. 

As for the port's service providers, Quinn says there will be more work to be done which opens up the possibility of more people being hired.

Quinn also telling us growing the global container service is a key component of the port's plan to renew itself.

Saint Johnners Called On To Plant Evergreens

The driving force behind Marigolds on Main, now known as the Marigold Project, is urging Saint Johnners to plant evergreens and the more, the better. 

Barry Ogden tells CHSJ News the more trees there are, the better people seem to behave because greenery is a stress buster and attract songbirds as well as clean the air.

Ogden says there are too many streets in various parts of the city that are devoid of trees which soften the streetscape. 

Ogden choose evergreens because of their hardiness and would enable Saint John to be green year round.