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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Can I Afford It??

[Mayor Murray Driscoll---File Photo]

Can I afford it? That is one of the questions being asked by many about the new nursing home in the Shannex complex in Quispamsis. Many are under the impression that the privately run companies rates will be too high for them to call home but Mayor Murray Driscoll tells CHSJ News, a partnership between the Province and Shannex has taken that worry out of the equation.
The first resident is expected to arrive at the new nursing home on Millenium Drive on the 21st.

M-L-A Stressing the Importance of Music and Physical Activity in Schools

[M-L-A Bev Harrison---File Photo]
Having music as part of the school curriculum is not a frill and there should be more emphasis on it according to longtime M-L-A and educator Bev Harrison. He tells CHSJ News, in the end, it's good for business as well.

Harrison, who was Principal at Saint John High at one time, maintains we have to educate, not only the mind, but also the soul. He argues, as well, that another area in which we have fallen behind is having enough phys ed in our schools.