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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bullied Teen Says School Isn't Helping

After being bullied for months via social networking sites, phone, and at school. Brendan Annis is begging the administrators at Leo Hayes High School to do more to help him. It's been so bad that his parents decided to take him out of school--but as soon as he returned, the bullying started again.

The bullying started when Annis broke up with his long term girlfriend, and has been so stressful for the 15 year old that he's been hospitalized due to self injuring behaviour. Dianne Wilkins, the superintendent of school district 18, says that they've hired an external investigator to look at the situation.

Home Invasion on the West Side

A scare for one West side resident, whose home was invaded last night.

At almost 11 o'clock, 4 masked men forced their way into a home on the West side and robbed a man in his 50s. The robbers were interested only in cash. Police weren't able to disclose how much money they made off with.

No injuries happened as a result of the robbery.

CFIB Says NB Business Optimism is Low

Here in the Atlantic Provinces, optimism about small business is at the lowest level in Canada--that from the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses. The Business Barometer Index for the province is at 61.7--which is up two points from December--but that's still well below the national average of 65.2

Policy analyst Richard Dunn of CFIB says it's because everyone is waiting to see what the provincial budget will bring next month. If the government fails to develop a solid plan to deal with its debt, we could see that trickle down into the business market.

Dunn says as businesses get back on their feet to where they were before the recession, CFIB expects the numbers will improve.

Councillor Wants Funding Axed To Enterprise Saint John

Councillor Bruce Court raising concerns over funding Enterprise Saint John in a time when core city services are being slashed to the bone.

Court has been outspoken in the past about the continued funding of the economic development agency.

He is baffled at how the agency can continue to receive money when the city will not be able to afford lifegurards at beaches.

Court lobbied to have all funding cut to Enterprise Saint John last year but council decided against it after consultations with the group.

The group will be receiving 332-thousand dollars this year, 100-thousand dollars less than in 2011.