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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Artists Chosen For Sculpture Saint John

The bigger and better Sculpture Saint John for 2014 includes more communities so in turn requires more artists.

Executive Director Diana Alexander tells CHSJ News says three of the artists coming this summer were here back in 2012.

Jim Boyd is local and his piece will go to Hampton and Jhon Gogaberishvili from the Republic of Georgia is also returning and this time his piece will go to St. Stephen.   His first sculpture went to UNB Saint John.

The Sussex sculpture will be created by Australia's Hew Chee Fong and the peice for Black's Harbour will be created by Bulgarian artist Petre Petrov.

The event runs from August 7th to September 20th.    

For more info, click here

DNR Working On Deer Management Plan For KV

Seeing a few deer in your backyard isn't such a magical experience when it happens on a regular basis. 

Many residents in the Kennebecasis Valley are in that exact situation and are becoming increasingly ticked off by the growing deer problem. However, Quispamsis Mayor Murray Driscoll tells CHSJ News the Department of Natural Resources is now working on a plan to tackle the issue.

Driscoll telling us the town does not have the authority to put any kind of a deer management plan in place to deal with the problem, that has to come through DNR.

Quispamsis Councillor Emil Olsen who also sits on the KV Deer Committee says they're anticipating receiving something from D-N-R shortly, but Driscoll explains "shortly" could be a relative term when you're dealing with such a complex problem.

Parents Say More Than One Washroom Was Closed At KVHS

All the washrooms at Kennebecasis Valley High are open again but the controversy lingers after one of them was vandalised and closed for repairs. 

Blair Surette tells CHSJ News there was a PA announcement telling the boys who attend the school, the only washroom available to them was the one on the main floor of the school. 

Surette says the other washrooms for the boys were locked as well as the one that was vandalised which left just the one washroom to use. He decided to take a first hand look at what state it was in and found there was no soap, no toilet paper and no paper towels. 

Surette plans to file a complaint with the school district over what he calls unhygienic conditions. Another parent tells us there were just two washrooms open for the girls at the same time.

City To Re-Examine Fleet Replacement Policy

The City of Saint John owns a lot of equipment from snow blowers to asphalt spreaders--and some of that machinery periodically needs to be replaced after years of wear and tear.

 Common Councillor Shirley McAlary says there's confusion over the fleet replacement policy, with delays in getting equipment and departments being treated unequally in terms of how quickly their machinery is replaced.

The city is currently looking to buy a new asphalt spreader to the tune of $150,000 dollars.  McAlary is concerned that  if we were in a normal spring season we would have needed the asphalt spreader long before now. McAlary says she's uncomfortable with how the current policy appears to be written, which can be a cause of delays. She's requested through the City Manager that the policy be reviewed.

Police Investigating YMCA

The Fredericton police have confirmed that they are investigating a complaint against the YMCA in the provincial Capital.

A camera was allegedly discovered in a locker room at the facility after they experienced an ongoing problem with theft. There's no word on who installed the camera.

Inspector Gary Forward says they can't say anything more at this point for fear of influencing the investigation.

They'll release more information as it becomes available.

Introhive Is Hiring In Saint John And Fredericton

A Fredericton-based data-analytics company called Introhive will be hiring 60 new people for information and communications technology jobs in Saint John and Fredericton over the next five years.

Their software, used worldwide, analyzes data to improve how companies market, sell and manage their customers.

Funding of up to $480,000 will be provided to the company to create 60 program manager, developer, customer support jobs.

You Can Sign Up Today For Drug Coverage

People can now start signing up for the New Brunswick Drug Plan  on a voluntary basis.
If you're not ensured and have a valid Medicare card, you're eligible to enroll in the plan. Some insured residents will also be able to join if they need a drug that is not covered under their private plan but is covered under the government drug plan, or if their current plan is maxed out.

More information about the drug plan is available by calling 1-855-540-7325 or by going online.

Radio Stations Recognised By United Way

Country 94, 97.3 the Wave, and 98.1 the Tide in St Stephen have been honoured by the United Way for support of the organization's 2013 fund raising campaign.

The stations received the Valued Community Partner Award during a reception yesterday. 

A number of other awards were also presented including one to the former ExxonMobil call centre where employees raised almost half a million dollars over the years the centre was located in the city.

Nature Preserve Suggested As Potential Solution To Deer Problem

Many ideas have been tossed around in the past when it comes to tackling the deer issue in the Kennebecasis Valley, from tranquilizing them and transporting them elsewhere to bow-hunting. 

However, one Quispamsis woman has come up with a suggestion you may not have heard before. Jennifer Loomer tells CHSJ News she would like to see a nature preserve built for the deer because she says there's nowhere for them to go at this point but the townships in the valley.

Loomer going to Quispamsis council to get a clearer idea what would make up a deer management plan and to express her concerns. Mayor Murray Driscoll explaining that town council does not have the authority to come up with that plan, it's up to the Department of Natural Resources.