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Friday, December 31, 2010

Red Cross Working To Be More Prepared For Disasters In The New Year

2010 was a significant year for natural disasters, according to the Canadian Red Cross. Bill Lawlor, director of disaster management for Atlantic Canada, tells CHSJ News the Red Cross is working to build its network of disaster volunteers to be better prepared in the new year.
 He says the bottom line is while they increase there preparedness efforts they also encourage individuals to be ready as well.
Lawlor says people can help out by having an emergency supply kit and an emergency plan in case they need to quickly evacuate their home.

MADD Canada Warns Against Drinking And Driving

Remember if you're out celebrating the new year not to drink and drive. Rick McNulty, spokesperson for the Saint John Chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, tells CHSJ News there are always other options.

He says Operation Red Nose is an excellent program and you can use #TAXI on your phone which will connect you to the nearest taxi.

A recent poll by the Canadian Automobile Association shows roughly 25 per cent of the population admits to drinking and driving, even though 98 per cent say driving while drunk is unacceptable.